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  1. That's awesome, I'm impressed! It looks very accurate to the movie.
  2. I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said already but well done. Beautifully done and excellent job of designing Matoro in the miramax style.
  3. Wow this is insanely impressive! Man I wish we got more of those miramax films, I loved the stylization and they had such heart and emotion. I look forward to seeing more from you!
  4. These are incredible, though I think Uxar and Ketar use waaaaay too much system, in fact they are almost entirely system. I especially like the shaping on Akida. Terak looks a tad bit too menacing and I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to represent. I feel like making him into a mole would have made more sense but it's still a great design. Melum doesn't really do it for me though, I'm kind of getting a hamster vibe from him. Ikir looks great, especially the wings and I love the accompanying display.
  5. That's an omega Tahu if I've ever seen one. Insanely awesome job! The overall shaping and armoring looks great and sturdy and the color distribution is good, though The ultimate form with Ikir feels like its missing the wings.
  6. When is it going to release in the US? also, I assume it's compatible with my phone since the last game is, despite google play telling me it isn't compatible with any of my devices.
  7. I saw this somewhere awhile back, extremely impressive work!
  8. I got Lewa today. Onua was my first pick but sadly they only had have of the new wave at my local walmart. I really like the new crystal pieces although I think they did a really lousy job with the dual injecting. There should be a lot more trans apple green in the add ons and I don't really understand why the crystal blades couldn't be transparent. Maybe the softer plastic doesn't' work in a transparent color? The chest piece actually looks a little better than I expected and looks good on Lewa but is pretty useless for anything else. The mask is much thinner and and sharper than I anticipated, but it looks incredible, even topping the beautiful Mask of Jungle from last year. I really like the custom limbs and the shoulder construction isn't as inhibiting as I thought they would be, due in part to the free moving elbow joints. His back is a little empty but not a big deal considering it needs to be so Uxar can hitch a ride. Plus, when I get the creatures and the rest of the Toa, they'll be displayed in their unity forms anyway. His color scheme is perfect for his 'Nuva' form so-to-speak and it's well balanced and his overall shape is lean and lithe which suits Lewa very well. I actually quite like his weapons. As much as I love swords, it's nice to see something new like his new crystal tonfa. I've always found those to be fun weapons that would be well suited to a Toa of Air( or Jungle as it is now).
  9. Master Onua was good but Uniter Onua is vastly superior. The large chest piece on his 2015 form gave him really exaggerated proportions and he looked like he was in pain, also his arms were difficult to pose as a result of T-Rex-itus. Uniter Onua might be a tad bit too skinny but he still looks incredible in every way. His weapon is a great step up, although I very much liked the warhammer he had before, and replacing solid purple with trans purple was a smart move. I like his Uniter form's foot piece a lot better and his mask is really really cool, not too mention makes his head look more in proportion to his body. His 2015 Pakari was a great design but seemed too small which didn't help the wonky proportions. Tahu was far better in his master form, if not a bit too smooth in places. His Uniter form is just too messy and too gold and he doesn't have anything that gives him a unique silhouette like his Master form had. The Uniter mask is an improvement though, it looks very cool. The azure is a nice accent but Tahu has almost no red what-so-ever. I think if trans red was brought back and replaced all the trans orange, my issue with that would be erased entirely. I see no reason why it can't, after all Gali is using dark trans blue more and more. Kopaka was far more cohesive in his Master form while his Uniter form is a bit messy and the color scheme is all over the place. Master Kopaka just seems far more thought out than his Uniter form, although Uniter has a great sword and mask and I like the Metru blue as a secondary, but not as much as the trans light blue.
  10. It's beautiful, I love it! Comics were a big thing missing for me in gen2, now we get graphic novels so I'm happy. I like the art style but the dialogue is terrible and doesn't always seem grammatically correct. Nevertheless, I look forward to getting these.
  11. Yeah the pistons are ridiculous. If it was designed better, the piece would be great, it has a great shape but all those pistons are just slapped on there and serve no logical purpose. It's almost like the designer was fed up with youtube and facebook comments complaining about a lack of detail on the 2015 sets and was like "You want pistons? Oh I'll give you pistons, you ungrateful cretins!" Joking aside, my biggest complaint with the piece is the utter lack of reusibillity with only one measly socket joint. I'm honestly shocked that it made it through the design process without it being rejected for that sole reason. After all, isn't LEGO all about creativity and endless possibilities? I would have thought it would at least have bar attachment points or holes for system bars, anything really. I guess the piece is just supposed to be a one-off and will never be used again in future sets.
  12. I'm so glad you started with my favorite of the Toa. He looks incredible! I will most definitely be displaying all the Toa and creatures in their powered up forms, for one, to save space, for another they just look insanely awesome that way. It still baffles me that the designers chose to give him clear crystal add-ons as opposed to trans purple ones and I have no clue why they gave Onua a grey upper arm piece when that piece exists in trans purple. I totally get why they used that piece though, it gives his arm extra stability to raise the head of the hammer, had they done it the same as the other, the arm might droop after awhile. Maybe their budget on trans purple ran out and that's why they couldn't use it on those pieces, heck I don't know. His mask is easily one of my favorites and it's a WAY better evolution from the 2015 Pakari than the 2002 one was from the 2001 version. I never liked that one even though I've always favored Onua.
  13. I feel like if the designers had given Melum a different piece other than the same Savage Planet paw piece Terak has and pose his arms the exact same way, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Honestly, it would have been much better if they gave Melum wings made from the Chima ultra build feathers to make him look like a snowy Owl, that would've been awesome. It would also make Kopaka's Unity pose not look so ridiculous. Seriously, is he tripping over something or did he jump off a cliff thinking Melum had wings? Or maybe he just wanted to pose like Tahu.
  14. That is simply amazing! By far the best Mata Nui moc I've seen and I like how you even had a scale Mata Nui island mask for him.
  15. Finally, I can talk about the sets! I won't say much now but I love this wave, the whole uniter thing with the creatures, Onua is by far the best, I like the elemental crystal theme and Umarak's mask is GLORIOUS.
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