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  1. I only knew about the Ninjago one. Apparently, a copy of it was sent to the team that made The LEGO Ninjago Movie, but there were doubts that the book was even cracked. I haven't seen the movie, but I played the game that uses footage from the movie, and what I have seen had gone off in an entirely different direction from the mainstream story. I get that it was for the sake of freshness, but I'm sure a lot of cool stuff from the story bible could have made it into the movie if its team decided to peruse it. Doesn't surprise me that ideas from the Hero Factory and Chima ones went unused. I watched the shows/specials for both and I feel like the stories could have been richer.
  2. Sybre


    New comic at last! Sorry that took so long; I've been doing alright and I hope to have a slightly more consistent schedule this year. Hopefully a comic or two per month, and that's just to start. Anyway, the new comic. I understand it could be mildly confusing, but I promise that it's relevant to what I have planned for this series. Just be patient and see if the signs I placed are obvious or not. If not, I need to up my game. Hey, man! I remember you! Yeah, I've been looking around the comics forum for quite some time before starting this up. I was so desperate for anything new around here, that I decided to take matters into my own hands and help out. I remember how much you loved my comics back in the day; reading SybreNetX in an entire night and becoming a part of it yourself. It's great to hear from you again and to take a nice look into the good ol' days. I thought about doing six-shade Chimoru again just to really take that extra step in the SybreNetX throwbacks, but ultimately, I decided I missed the classic bi-shade too much to just ignore it. That, and I wanted to see if I could draw an audience in before kicking things up a notch. I'm doing a horrible job at that. Vance has always been one of my favorite classic characters, despite his under-utilization in Snax. I'm glad you like him too, because you'll be seeing a lot more of him. I feel like this series is going to be about not just Sybre, but Vance as well. "Tsundere," huh? Never thought of him like that, but I don't hate the thought. Potential character arc? Thanks for stopping by and commenting, man! See you next time!
  3. Sybre

    Ok, comics forum...

    Hey, fancy seeing you here! Anyway, I recognize three of these. I remember the furniture store, the Noobicorn, and the kids from Gavla's Comics. Matau's furniture store, though; man, that was a throwback. I think the author was VakamaTK (now Tavakai) or BladeTitan974. Was probably the former. Now, we both know majhost is done for, so I looked in the old VakamaTK Brickshelf, but my efforts were fruitless. If you can spot the original comic, that's awesome. I might keep looking in the next day or so. As for the other two jokes I know, that'll require some further digging, and I'm willing to help. It's great to have another comic maker that's still here, and I'm gonna do what I can for you.
  4. Sybre


    insert banner here in the future When I was about thirteen, I tried my hand at comic-making. My comics were pretty well-received and I made a lot of them, but I look back upon them with scorn. My sense of humor has drastically changed over the years and I figured I'd succumb to the pull and get back on GIMP. Here's my newest attempt at comics. Serious Intro Stay Mad I understand that having access to my previous work is going to be necessary in order to understand everything, so I'm gonna go ahead and link you to my old Brickshelf. They're pretty bad and have the "lol so rAnDoM" style of humor, but they're there if you want to see them. Thank you for visiting and have fun. Credits Dark709 for the Chimoru sprites Tavakai for the McToran sprites Reznas for the helpful GIMP tutorials
  5. Sybre

    Oko's Comics :)

    Yes, I called you out specifically. Where's your next comic at?
  6. Sturdier pieces is the first thing that comes to mind. The duration links up with LEGO's vision of quality... Aaaand that's all I can think to say on the matter. I don't really have anything unique to say outside of that, but I like Downfall's point about the HF villains being more interesting than the swarm villains. Personalities aside, the HF villains all had very distinct designs and gimmicks that set them all apart. They don't hold a candle to the non-swarm villains of BIONICLE in my opinion. The Brotherhood of Makuta, the Dark Hunters, Metus, etc. are all more exciting and compelling villains.
  7. Sybre

    Oko's Comics :)

    I've read both parts of the pilot and man, are you onto something here. A former comic maker struggling to move on and resist the pull of his former passion sounds like a hopeful premise. It goes to show that sometimes, you don't necessarily have to move on from the things you love. If you love doing those things, maybe give them another chance. Also, I gotta comment on the art direction. Razor is a charming little throwback kit and one of my personal favorites, so I was glad to see it here. I also liked that you made use of the character angle rotations, such as the side view of the head. Razor's always felt a little stiff without those, so I stand by your kit choice even more with that. The backgrounds are great, too! It doesn't look like it's made in GIMP, but rather if you spent some quality time in MSPaint, which I consider a good thing. The simple, yet upgraded visuals are a great callback to the classic comics of old, like early Dark709, VakamaTK, Blade Titan, etc. You have shadows, lighting, and shading that give your settings a noticeable sense of depth. And do you have any idea how relatable those two comics were? I mean, tough job hunting aside (I'm thankfully employed), I definitely sit and wonder where the time's gone. I first got into comic making right before the first big forum reconstruction, so near the tail-end of the comic era. The few years I spent making comics were so much fun, even if my comics weren't good. It was still cool to make friends and read their comics and check up on the big-shots every once in while. I still wish that one day, the Comics Forum would gain new life in the next generation of comic makers; aspiring content creators of varying skills coming together in one place to have fun and appreciate the medium. I'll be honest, I've been wanting to go back to comic making. I kept telling myself that I'd be wasting my time, that nobody would even see the comics, and that the age of BZPower comics had come and gone and I enjoyed it while it lasted. However, I also told myself that there was nothing stopping me. I have all my old sprites, I have GIMP, and I have time. I starting laying down the groundwork for a new series; gathering resources, coloring sprites, relearning GIMP. I left my work alone for over a week, but now that you've come along, I feel inspired to go back in and make a comic. As for you, I'll be following your new project and seeing where it goes. Best of luck to you!
  8. I randomly came in the Comics forum for a reason that escapes me and found something brand new. Needless to say, I was excited, but also mildly convinced I was dreaming. Now, onto my thoughts. Welcome to BZPower! I like that you decided to go the MOC comic route. Those are always special; yours in particular. I've never seen a MOC comic show the characters Photoshopped onto a background like that. I've seen characters have their colors Shopped when the creator didn't have the right pieces (I happened to be one of those characters) and I mostly see the characters parading around the creator's house or couch, but never anything like what you did. I was pleasantly surprised by that and I can't wait to see what other places you will take your characters. Also, your lighting on the MOCs is pretty decent. Granted, the colors on the figures are too vibrant, but I'm willing to overlook that because of the camera lighting and quality you had. It looks like you have a great camera. The main character looks cool, at least from what I can see. I love his brick-built head and hands; really open up your options for the character's design and you took advantage of it. In the way of seeing him, I almost wish I saw a full-body shot of him before reading the preview as I thought him and caped figure at the start/with the wanted poster were two different people. Maybe they are and I'm just off my rocker today, but I keep finding myself scrolling back up to make sure. As for the Zyglak, I was happy to see that you incorporated CCBS into their design, resulting in a more modern look that stays faithful to their original model. They look freakishly threatening and I wouldn't mind a full body shot of one of them, either. I only have two concerns about what you put together. I promise I'm not bullying you when I say these concerns; I like what you're doing here and I wanted to bring them to your attention to help you as a content creator. The first and most obvious thing is that you broke a BZPower rule. It was just the foul language rule, so that should hopefully be an easy fix. My other concern is how short the preview was. I get that this is a preview and that there's more on the way, but I could not tell what the plot was supposed to be. The guy gets chased, there's a wanted poster, and the chase ends? Judging from the title and the setting, I can tell that there's a big mystery or a few. Just by looking at the panels of the comic, I can tell that the setting is extremely dangerous and that there are wanted fugitives on the loose, but that's all I could gather. I don't know why the Zyglaks were huddled together, I don't know if that cape was grabbing the wanted poster, and I don't know the significance behind the titular City of Secrets. All that being said, I really hope I didn't deter you from continuing your project. I want to see you keep going so I can learn the secrets of the city and learn more about the guy getting chased by the swarm of Zyglaks. Does he make it out okay? What did the criminals do to warrant a price on their deaths? The Comics forum is basically dead, but if you keep posting comics, I'll keep coming back and reading them. Good luck, thank you for reading this reply, and again: welcome to BZPower!
  9. I've thought about joining an RPG or two back in high school (at least three years ago), but I felt intimidated by it. All the different topics representing locations, the rules, etc. made it feel like too much to get into. I figured I was better off running nearly-everything-goes PM-only RPs with a close group of friends on this forum. But now that you're here answering my question, I feel inclined to go back and really read those RPG topics and see if it's something I want to do. If you guys really will have me, I'll stick to it the best I can.
  10. What I thought G2 was missing all along was the heart and ambition. G1 was a key player in saving LEGO from financial disaster back in the day, so LEGO had no choice but to take it seriously and put everything they had into BIONICLE back in 2001. Comic books, collectible masks, promotions, dozens of sets with action features, Mata Nui Online Game, a (scrapped) video game, and whatever else I missed. BIONICLE was out there competing with whatever was taking the kids away from LEGO during that time. Fast forward to G2 and all we get in the first year are 13 sets, shallow lore, and meme-worthy online animations with only one voice actor. Hardly my idea of my childhood's triumphant return. Therefore, I think what G3 needs to succeed is the same spirit that G1 had. I would personally prefer a soft reboot for the sake of familiarity. The premise of G1 was good enough for me, really. The lore needs a mysterious island setting with equally mysterious and interesting protagonists plopped down into it. Hit us with some cool masks to collect. Tell us a cool story with comics and something to watch like online animations or a TV show. Fans of G3 need content; something interesting to follow and tie in with the cool figures popping up in the toy aisles. For characters, I would be in the "consistent main cast" camp. As much as I loved the Metru/Hordika and the Inika/Mahri, there are people out there who would have loved to see the Mata/Nuva remain in the spotlight throughout. In fact, the Mata would be my first choice for a G3 cast. If the writers can keep the Mata interesting for an entire reboot of BIONICLE, I won't make a complaint. However, it's necessary to have a side casto flesh out the universe and provide foil to help the Toa grow as characters. That, and I'd love to see my favorites like Vakama and Nuparu return. And another thing; I haven't been following Ninjago since 2013, but I'm pretty sure they kept the core five ninja with some additions to the heroic lineup. That concept would keep G3 fresh. The return of Takanuva/Ekimu would be an ideal choice, but there's more potential out there. For example, maybe Nuparu can play a big role in the story again by building new weapons and armor for the Toa while throwing in a vehicle every once in a while. As for villains, I liked the Bohrok, Vahki, Visorak, Skakdi, Barraki, and Makuta, so I'd love to see 2020-something rehashes of them. I'd love to keep adding on to my answer, but I want to think about it a little more. I think I'll come back later and continue my part of the discussion then.
  11. I'm not judging anyone at all; I'm just curious. Why are you still logging onto BZPower after all this time? What do you do around here? I'd love to hear your answers and see what cool things I can still do and talk about on this site. The reason I still log on from time to time is mostly due to nostalgia. It's nice to look around a little bit, see my old posts, and wonder how everyone's doing nowadays. I also hope we get another surge of activity that breathes some more life into the forums, but a man can dream.
  12. I seriously have no idea what's going on. They're probably trying to tease a game or something, but what kinda game? Couldn't be a console game because we have Skywalker Saga in the works (and I'm very hyped for that game). I'm a little more sure it could be a VR-type mobile game considering LEGO has tons of apps/games available for mobile, but the life-sized accessories seem a little excessive for a tie-in. Looking at the accessories and Mia from Friends, maybe it's a costuming/cosplay venture, but it's the realistic lion heads that get me. And then why is there a life-sized yellow inflatable raft flying in the sky?! If this means it's another MMO or something, I have my doubts about how that will turn out. I'm tellin' you, this is gonna be one of those videos where I don't get it at all and once LEGO finally explains it with the big reveal, it's gonna be super obvious and I'll feel like a chump for missing it.
  13. Sounds like they patched that up nice and quick; my Lesovikk came complete.
  14. Best I could find so far were two products on the official LEGO website. Each of the products are at least ten years old, so that warrants a pat on the back. I mean, no recalled products since 2009. Astounding! I was honestly surprised to find such a link at all, considering LEGO's reputation of quality. Sure, they're a notorious choking hazard and a lot of their projectile launchers could injure an eye, but that's about it.
  15. Both Columbine shooters have IMDb pages. They've even been credited on the IMDb page of Zero Hour's Columbine Massacre documentary for their appearances in archived footage. There's at least one website dedicated to misheard lyrics that were submitted by people. Forgot the site's name. The live-action adaptation of the anime Rurouni Kenshin is considered to be the only good (or at least the best) live-action anime adaptation.
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