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    Uhh... first bionicle of course xD<br /><br />Videogames<br /><br />relaxing <br /><br />football<br /><br />basketball<br /><br />YU-GI-OH!<br /><br />several animes.....<br /><br />nintendo in general and on and on <br /><br />tennis<br /><br />TV
  1. Motara, Mask of Creation sound great And yeah, I'd love to get a canonized Name for it, it gives me a lil bit hope that Bionicle is still going strong with Projects like this
  2. Thats all? Thought he would reveal more through...
  3. Hi Guys, its been a while can anyone here summarize what happened to Artakha&Co?
  4. Hey guys, it's been a while Is anybody in the possesion of the original script for the 2nd Bionicle movie starring Mata Nui due for 2011? Greg posted it on his blog, but I can't find it anywhere Thanks in advance!
  5. If it had a few weeks or a month and we had been complaining, that'd be one thing. It's been 157 days since the last story update. We're coming up on half a year. I feel that I have a right to complain.Very sadly, I have to agree to this.
  6. So, basically, there's no way in finding out whats happening to the Story
  7. Does anyone know whats happening with the updates? I'm fearing we won't get any until the end of the year
  8. bit come a bit late but.... WOAH!!! Awesome! Congratulations Greg!!!!
  9. Artakha the ruler

    New Name List

    This entry made my day
  10. Artakha the ruler

    Ros 10

    That are great news!
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