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  1. Akaku: Master of Flight


    How BZP's survived this long is a mystery we may never solve How've you been, Koth? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  2. Bionicle was always just Bionicle to me for most of it's initial run, other then a few small things like missing the cool Rahi designs/mask packs of 2001, or the Toa Metru body designs of 2004. I think 2009 was when I started to really feel nostalgic for the earlier days overall, I wasn't a fan of the vast majority of things concerning Glatorians at the time, although I've learned to appreciate them years later. Several different factors, such as G1 ending, The Dataclysm/mass exodus of users, Hero factory's lack of appeal and getting bullied on BZP for my awful art at the time all kinda led me to loose most (but not all) of my interest in Bionicle for a few years, when I left BZP to go on a massive Transformers binge... It wasn't until a year or so before G2 arrived that I came back to BZP and really started to feel Nostalgic for Bionicle as a whole. after G2 came around my interest in it really bounced back, and I've maintained a fairly consistent love and interest for the series, although at this point I'm Nostalgic about nearly everything from my later childhood/teenage years... Who else misses Bungie-era Halo? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  3. Cool dude is practically my middle name Unfortunately the extra stuff for Blogs is completely gone, as far as we know. You'll just have to make use of the 'about this blog' section as best we can You can do some pretty nifty stuff with pictures now, though. You can make one a banner for your blog that drops down into a full photo when it's clicked on, and give each blog entry it's own banner too, which is nice. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  4. Apparently this week I am a Toa of mucus with the mask of uncontrollable coughing. I can't say I recommend these powers. I'm pretty sure this is how Hewkii felt in MNOG after using those infected Kholii balls. I was planning on participating in Inktober, but this cold kinda put a stop to those plans before they even began... Fern reassures me that nobody will mind if I start late, so maybe I will once I'm feeling better. The temperature has really dropped quickly here in Vancouver. How's it been where you guys are? Everyone staying healthy? I hope nobody else has what I've come down with. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  5. @Valendale I think there's still a few BZPRPG people who still have incredibly high post counts. It does make me sad though, to look at the profiles of some very old content creators that left before the new forums, and see that it now looks like they never did anything @Taka Nuvia I agree. I don't post often, but often I find myself putting a lot of thought into what I'm trying to say when I do. @Edelgard Nice! I really should post more often/be more active in Blogs... I'm trying to be, anyways @xccj Whoa, that really is a lot of Blog activity. I did notice that somehow blogs had survived the dataclysm; it proved useful when at one point I was trying to find sources for BBC contest results missing on the wayback machine. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  6. The ceiling, around a dozen floors of an apartment building, the sky, some satellites, and a few trillion balls of burning gas somewhere beyond all that... ...But other then that, not much --Akaku: Master of Flight
  7. As if millions of posts cried out in terror, and were suddenly discounted... ...Press F to pay respects to all the pre-dataclysm forum posts which were removed from our post counts in the board upgrade Mine used to be around 2750, but has been reduced to a mere 310. How much did your post counts change? Some peoples post counts may actually be higher now, as all content like status updates and blog posts now counts towards it. Silver lining? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  8. I was looking out for this blog-post, not sure how I missed it! It's been a busy week... It's great to see how far you've come! Even in the last few years, I can see significant improvements to your work in many aspects such as proportions and depth The older ones are giving me a lot of nostalgia, I remember seeing them when you posted them on the forum all the way back when. It really doesn't feel like those days were over a decade ago... Remember when you had me as a co-author for one of your comics series? How time flies, indeed Oh, and to tag other users, you type the "@" symbol in, and then put the name of the user afterward. Sometimes a little drop-down menu will show the username as you're typing it, and you can just click that to get it to fill in the rest --Akaku: Master of Flight
  9. @Master Inika Thanks man! I appreciate that I vaguely recall their being a BBC contest many years ago where folks had to MOC Tohu, not sure if there was one for drawing him, though. I mainly pulled colors and elements from the top of BZP's home page for inspiration --Akaku: Master of Flight
  10. @Taka Nuvia You totally should! That would be really cool to see how Taka has evolved over the years @Eyru Thank you! --Akaku: Master of Flight
  11. That's a nice drawing, Taka! Lots of great, strong use of curves in this piece, particularly on the cloth and shoulder pauldrons. The shading on those is really nice as well, I also like the staff and the swept-back look you gave to the spikes on your mask Personally I love seeing people redraw their OC's over the years. not only to see how their character evolves, but to see how far their artwork has come. I myself am rather guilty of drawing my OC way more then I really ought to --Akaku: Master of Flight
  12. @Valendale Thank you! Yeah, that's the idea I was going for. I'm glad it came across well @Taka Nuvia Thanks! I based it off the glowy blue energy around his fist in his Avatar. And good eye noticing the moving gears! I was worried that they didn't really come off as such Many thanks to you guys, and all the kind words on the BZP discord! I really appreciate it! --Akaku: Master of Flight
  13. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that Thief over there.
  14. Hello everyone! I guess I'll be the one to kick off the revival of the General Art forum To celebrate the return of BZPower's forums and show my appreciation for the man at the helm, I've decided to draw something! (It's a thumbnail. Click it for the whole picture!) Thanks Andrew, for keeping Hapori's ol' gears turning all these years. I would've never expected BZP to still be running after all this time, hats off to you and the rest of the staff for keeping things going for so long! (Credit goes to Schizo Kaita for several elements of B6's design, namingly the head, hands, and color palette. Unfortunately I couldn't find the full picture B6 got his avvie from, so I worked with what I had ) Full Resolution of the Image can be found Here. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  15. Informatics? Interesting! I was never bad at math back in high school, but I feel like I probably don't have half the brain to handle anything complex enough for that, especially after years of just using calculators Glad to hear that things are looking up for you I've been doing alright. I'm actually in a similar boat as you, I just got back to being in college full time after years of only doing continuing studies courses here and there. I Enrolled in an extensive year long program entirely dedicated to all aspects of creating Graphic Novels and Comic Books; It's great so far, I'm learning tons and enjoying it a lot! --Akaku: Master of Flight
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