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  1. Huh, I actually really liked that, especially surprising seeing as melodic death metal is not really my thing (the majority of my library consist of br00tal slamming noodling guturals grinding pigcore, haha, but then again that could be my "truer than thou" subconcious elitist coming through, [ ] as I feel that trying to make death metal melodic fails in most instances, but I digress...). On another note, Human Error are fantastic melodic death metal. Anyway seeing as I am here, I have recently started to get into the Viking themed stuff, and as I cannot be bothered trolling through hundreds of reviews and all video sites seem to throw up are the more well-known names and random one demo bands, does anybody have any good reccommendations for Viking, Pagan, National Socialist etc. themed black/death (more interested in the death metal aspect) bands? Thanks.
  2. I was quite shocked by how solid it is; heavy and technical whilst still retaining a good amount of melody, all of which I enjoy but it is rare to find them working together so well. Gloom is pretty decent too (not as good as Demonocracy, I feel) and even though I have not given both Genesis and Ruination a proper listen yet, what I have heard so far I have found to be pretty tolerable by deathcore standards. Also, have you heard the new Dying Fetus yet? It is pretty amazing.
  3. So I listened to Demonocracy today. I have to say that I was very surprised by how good it was and thoroughly enjoyed the album.
  4. Oh I will.Nah, I am not really feeling "the mosh" in their music.
  5. Actually, I too find Whitechapel enjoyable, with my personal favourite being The Somatic Defilement. (I have not given their new album a listen yet)Oh and The Acacia Strain are terrible.
  6. 1950's dad haircuts do not really do it for me, but whatever floats your boat. I have hair half way down my back but that is it for the stereotypical metalhead look. (I stopped wearing band shirts because of all the comments I got, plus I prefer long sleeves so more formal shirts are my thing)I see what you are saying, but -to me at least- metal is still as good as when it began; the idealogy behind it an whatnot, whereas other genres (especially punk) seem to have lost that. I do not like this style of music because I find it to be boring and generic, but that is my opinion. Like it if you will. The problem I have is the fans who worship these -core bands thinking that they are some underground br00tal trve metalhead because of it, but think that other forms of death, (apart from -core is rubbish) that any form of growling apart from the higher-pitched screams and pig squeals are pointless, and that most of the older bands are has beens. Seriously, I heard about one guy who said that some scene kid told him the UK has never done anything for metal, apart from this one -core band. (I forget the name) They can like what they want, but when they start spouting utter bull about what you like, it is different. You get it in all forms of entertainment: the new guy gets into the more accessible stuff but does understand it fully so never moves on and then acts like he knows everything. You can see why people get ######.Oh well. Most peole here probably view me as an internet metal nerd (I assume that is what "imn" stands for? I am not big on all this "tl;dr" "lmao" stuff) so I am fine with that.
  7. I do not really keep up with all this scene rubbish, so I really have no idea other than the stereotypes and blind hatred. *Looks at picture* Oh Christ. Is that regarded as cool now?True on the slam part, but when you get technical with all the death metal sub and crossover genres you really should know what you are talking about, lest you look stupid -- the same with any interest really.Ponytails? Is that good or bad bad? Beacuse I have one... (although it is that thick it looks ridiculous so I rarely tie it back, but whatever)Oh and while I am here, check out the new(ish) Undergang record: Til Døden Os Skiller.
  8. You have to bear in mind that a lot of the bands that play generic angsty death/metalcore do look that way, so the image gets associated with the music. On the other end of the spectrum, I do not see many slam death bands with emo haircuts who fight invisible ninjas at shows.
  9. This is basically me, and I completely agree with you. :PI too find it strange how sexist metal is, especially considering the idealolgy of it all. But to be fair metal does have an inherently masculine image and that probably puts a lot of women off. Disregarding the obvious names, both Awaiting the Autopsy and Cerebral Bore have female vocalists, and the bass player from Divine Pustulence is also female; those three a pretty brutal slam death bands, not that goth rock rubbish associated with women in metal.You also have to take into account whether girls can actually play metal or not -- particularly with the vocals. Bear in mind that their voices are different to men's, and as such, the majority seem unable to growl effectively. With clean singing a typically higher-pitched voice is going to have more difficulty cutting accros heavier music, no? As for the instrumentation, I personally have not seen many girls on rock bands so that does leave me to wonder as to whether or not they can keep up with the pace, aggresion and often technicality of metal. (I realise that sounds a little sexist but that was not my intention)WIth that said I would like to see more female-fronted bands (paricularly in death and black) as I do enjoy the mixture of clean/harsh vocals, and if they did start to branch out into heavier territiory, they would probably gain more respect.
  10. That is the whole point, you know. To my gathering it appears that the vocals in death metal are supposed to be used in manner much similar to the instruments: that is to say that they blend together to complete the overall sound, as opposed to cutting through. And to be honest, it confuses me when people say that they like growled vocals but not the gurgles and pig squeals because they cannot understand them; like you can make out every word the vocalist says in an old school/melodic death metal band anway? Eh, Demilich are more technical death, and really not that brutal in my opinion.
  11. This years releases? Well the new Cattle Decapitation and Aborted are both amazing, plus I was pretty impressed with the new Abominable Putridity and Cannibal Corpse. In addition, we have Dying Fetus, Nile, Kreator, Candlemass, Whitechapel ,Chelsea Grin, Periphery, Testament, Anaal Nathrakh, Behexen, Destruction, Darkthrone, System Divide, Immolation, Autopsy, Agalloch, Neurosis, Disgorge, Arsis, Carpathian Forest, Ragnarok, Cynic, Slayer, Cryptopsy, Obituary, Azaghal and Dark Funeral all apparantly releasing new records, so the rest of the year looks set to be pretty good too, especially for death metal.
  12. Actually, I really like "Lilith." Chelsea Grin have always been one of the few deathcore bands I can stand, and this just makes me like them even more. I have always loved death with clean vocals. I too have noticed the nu-metal influence in deathcore as of late; Whitechaple's new song (pretty good by the way) has spoken word parts, as do a couple of other generic rubbish bands I do not care for.Also, the new Cattle Decapitation is out: Monolith if Inhumanity. It is pretty much amazing in every way. Oh and Dying Fetus have a new song called "Subjected to a Beating" out now.
  13. Well I was referring to the fact that a lot of deathcore fans consider it to be a legitimate form of metal, and as such, shall defend it.Honestly, say what you want about "elitists" and "posers," but the fact of the matter is that all of tehse stereotypes are based in fact; they are not just made up.
  14. I have very few friends anyway, which does not bother me in the slightest. As a general rule, I despise people. It is nothing against you personally; just the fact that you exist.And you are obviously not going to make friends being an elitist at a Job for a Cowboy show. Go try it at a Putrid Mastication show and the reaction will be different.
  15. no that's me!Yeah, but you like deathcore, which at least draws vaguely on real metal, not "let's downtune and scream! The chicks will love it combined with our emo haircuts and matching sleeves." I could have sworn there was one guy who was into Asking Alexandria, etc...Oh and I like Varg and agree with many of his views, just for the record.
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