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  1. iVahi


    How often do the readers and fans get to talk with an author? After meeting you in person, I can officially say you are one of the nicest people I have met. Being a great author in and out of BIONICLE has noting to do with this, its your ability to answer even the silliest of questions, and be sincere about it. Thanks for being a part of BZP Greg. Who knows, if LEGO cancels the line one year, you alone may be the person to continue the story, and where better than here? ~iVahi
  2. I hope you're back for good, a google result that directed to one of your topics is how I found BZP :)

  3. Merry Christmas Greg!

  4. Sure, I made that one in 3 seconds on AppleWorks painting (amazingly its worse than paint!)

  5. If you'd like, I could make a much better looking version of your personal pic for you. :P No offense or anything. ;)

  6. I like your personal photo. It is an amazing edit.

  7. iVahi


    YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!! Best symbol ever!! Give the graphic designer a pat on the back from me, will you? ~iVahi
  8. He's always in CT XD I have no clue, hopefully when he comes to a library again, he is more on the right side of the state. . .

  9. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  10. Just if you can remember off the top of your head, did mine get through? (I asked about how the sets were designed, what the biggest challenges were for them, what their inspiration was, and how much was dictated) ~iVahi
  11. It's possible So you have a late 1990's computer?? That's not as hard as the Mac or Mac plus.... I suggest that you take the question to a vintage mac forum, where the people that post do stuff like this for a living. ~iVahi
  12. 100% sure. And 50% sherbet Anyways, about the old Mac, what is?? I'm a mac geek, but I'd have too know how old it is. I can usually figure out how to worm away problems, but I don't have much knowledge on the really old macs... ~iVahi
  13. What really disturbs me is that there's so much gore in a book about kids... >_

  14. iVahi

    Unfortunate News

    Wow, I just never knew how much an editor could mean. If not for her, BIONICLE would be missing its greatest aspect, the book series. I really hope that the new editor can do as good of a job as Fiona did. Hopefully the movie will raise the sales, and all of Fiona's efforts will have paid off. If not for her, BIONICLE would be stuck passing out the story in a comic, not letting the true potential shine through. ~iVahi
  15. Interesting stuff this week BTW, I love this blog feature , so ~iVahi
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