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    Blegh, I haven't updated these interest for literally a year, yeesh.<br /><br />Bionicle (No, really!?)<br /><br />LEGO Bricks in general<br /><br />Origami<br /><br />...That's all about it. My life is uninteresting.

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  1. It's awesome that you're taking the initiative on something you care about. My school doesn't have a support group or anything like one, but that's probably just because of how small a town this is. I'm glad you're actually getting stuff done, too. It seems like whenever I try to join a cause, nothing ends up getting done, and the project is more or less abandoned.
  2. Masquerade... Every face a different shade... Masquerade... Look around! There's another mask behind you!
  3. happy birthday, e B)

  4. craftyElemental

    The Treuth

    SMS had a better concept I think, but SMG had way better graphics, music, and environments. All SMS has in that regard is Noki Bay.
  5. Meh, I'll accept a kitteh instead of a siggy.

  6. craftyElemental


    AUGH. I CANNOT BELIEVE I ALMOST LET THIS ENTIRE WEEK GO BY WITHOUT POSTING IN MY BLOG... And I don't have much to say, either. I'm starting high school soon (O_O) and I'm beginning to run out of sticky notes. My Dad is still unemployed. In other news, I tried to talk to AA last night but he brushed me off with his "not now," response, yet again. Way to keep the status quo there. Anyone have ideas on how I can get back into BZP? That extended break last spring really threw me out of things. And I still don't feel like RPing. Why is this. How much longer can I even post in here, anyways?
  7. Watching FLCL is like being on drugs but without the drugs. It's craaaaaaazzy, man.
  8. Ditto. I can fix it for you, if ya want. I can make it of a slightly higher quality, too, if you send me the background (gimp is ♥)
  9. They were actually all part of a single long one, which you can see on a certain video website.
  10. So a while back (even before my looooong BZP break) I made this banner combo for Robo to use for Reality and then his submission for the RPG contest. Seeing now as both of those things don't exist, and thus it would never be shown to the public otherwise, I present this banner in the hopes that it will make everyone love me
  11. Elementoid WON the BATTLE Elementoid gained π exp! Elementoid learned INFINITE GAZE! Robo dropped ONE(1) CAPE OF EGOMANIA
  12. Say, who's that on yer avatar?

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