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    Hmm... hanging out with my friends, browsing the internet, watching movies in theatres and at home, following the Bionicle storyline, and playing video games... especially Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts.
  1. Note: Knowledge of Kingdom Hearts helps Clavis is a mysterious Toa that arrived in Okoto soon after Tahu and his team. His origins are unknown, but he controls the element of lightning, wields a Keyblade, and wears a mysterious mask that is able to change shape and powers at will. He tends to keep to himself, however, Gali stumbled upon him one day... and he seemed to be having a conversation with his mask... His armor also seems to adapt to any new environment. Current Version: 1.5 Armor Composition: Adaptive Protosteel Operating System: Mata Nui ---------------------------------------------------------- Toa Element: Lightning Default Mask: Kanohi Ignika (shaped as glowing, golden Mask of Stone) Weaponry: Skull Shocker Keyblade v1.5, Electro Shield v1.5, Shoulder Cannon (formerly), Dual Electric Blades/Hoverboard Armor v1.0 (Adapted for Skull Spiders) Unequipped v1.0 Clavis Equipped v1.0 Clavis Skull Shocker Keyblade v1.0 Electro Shield v1.0 Dual Electric Blades/Hoverboard Upon entering the graveyard in Okoto, Clavis was infected by Kulta's evil energy. The Ignika ejected itself and Mata Nui fought with an infected Clavis. Infected Clavis with evil energy mask Armor v1.5 (Adapted for Skeleton Opponents) Equipped v1.5 Clavis
  2. The Skull Scorpio has gotten some flack for lack of posability, abnormally large tail, etc., so I decided to start designing a new scorpion creature... thanks to some spare parts and a "certain" Star Wars set I purchased today. It's color scheme should bring back some nostalgia for Generation 1 fans. So here is the newest creature to be cataloged from Okoto... The Okotian Demon Scorpion! Named for its gigantic horns, this large creature roams tunnels and caves in the Region of Stone. During the day, they come out to feed by burying themselves beneath the desert sand and striking with their tail and large hairy forearms. Their typical prey are Skull Scorpios. Thanks to their massive mandibles, they are able to crush bones and absorb the calcium from them. They are very aggressive and territorial and will often attack any villager that stumbles into their way. Although rare, they are known to prey on villagers, but only when starving. When attacking larger prey like villagers, the demon scorpion can lift its upper body and attack in a centaur-type fashion. Even a Toa would find this creature a challenge. The poison from its tail causes its victim's body to heat up which causes dehydration from lots of sweating. Villagers of Fire have some resistance and take longer to dehydrate, but the venom seems to affect their biology as well.
  3. Well, being in the contest was fun while it lasted... but all is not lost! I have renamed my entry to "Clavis." (aptly named eh?) Click here for the renamed MOC's topic.
  4. Click here if you would like to vote for my version of Certavus!
  5. Since voting is about to begin soon, I figured I'd advertise my MOC for the last time so those of you who haven't seen my entry can before voting begins. Click the banner for the topic!
  6. ...and I am so excited! That means that voting will soon begin! Best of luck to everyone else that entered!
  7. Alright, so for those of you who are like me and ancient... I've brought back an old series that got quite a bit of attention back in 2002 and 2003... If you joined BZPower after those years, you are still invited to enjoy my edited Bionicle comics! Click here to go to the topic: Messed-up Comix Here's a preview of the 16-page MUC #20 coming soon that will celebrate the series' return after 6 long years of hiatus...
  8. I was finally able to get my hands on a digital camera, so now I'm replacing most of my cell phone photos with new ones! Check them all out in my entry's topic! Feel free to comment!
  9. Clavis

    84/2 Days

    The series is so addicting! Am I right? lol!
  10. Okay, so I finally got my comic in the mail today... Even though I knew actually what happened thanks to BS01. lol. My Take: Is it wrong to want to be a Keyblader, show up at the Arena, and kick the Skrall's arrogant butts? I'm reminded of the 1000 Heartless battle from Kingdom Hearts II.
  11. Clavis

    84/2 Days

    Well, the official release date for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days in Japan has been revealed as May 30, 2009. That's 84 days from now. Still no idea when it will come out in the US... but when it does, if I keep my trend going as I have with the rest of the games in the series, it will only take 2 days for me to beat it since I am so addicted. I hope the US release date is well before August though...
  12. Clavis

    Key To Atero?

    Well, the person said that they kept seeing it pop up and saw it on several MOCs... So I'm assuming that it's not only been that one person. I haven't done any research as it isn't really that important of a situation, but if what he is saying is true, it may unfortunately be more than just him thinking that it is canon.
  13. Clavis

    Key To Atero?

    Okay, so I was just browsing the Bs01 Contest #2: Certavus topic as I have been the past week as I have entered the contest myself. Well, I just came upon a shocker. Apparently, people are beginning to think my MOC's weapon, the Key to Atero, is actually canon. This is quite odd as I clearly state in my MOC's topic that it is part of my model and NONE of my description is canon. Other than the contest itself, my sig banners, and my topic, I never mention my entry. Where did this bizarre assumption come from??? Oh well, I guess this is a good sign! I can't wait to see how the contest goes!
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