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    So, there's not much to me. I'm a normal kid in college.
    I'll list my interests here as I'm not sure what else to do.
    1. Bionicle
    2. Ben 10
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    5. Doctor Who
    Feel free to message me. I wouldn't mind having some new friends on here. After coming back, most of my old ones are gone. Thanks!

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  1. I never completely got into G2, but after G1 ended, I went even further into the Pokemon and Ben 10 fandom. Since Ben 10 died, that turned into Doctor Who. Also, in grad school now.
  2. Yup, less time. Also, Doctor Who....

  3. I was unaware of this. But in practical terms, as already mentioned, it would have equaled less money for Lego. As for the story, I assume Earth would end up controlling stone as well, and Water encompassing ice. I'm glad they added Kopaka and Pohatu though. Kopaka adds a much need rivalry and competition forTahu, and Pohatu comradery for all.
  4. The first two are actually really amazing. To bad these weren't official or didn't make it into the canon to some degree. Glad we have them now though!
  5. It was around 2003, when my cousin gave me his spare Tahu Mata set, brand new. After that, I quickly got into it, reading all the books and going back and buying all the previous sets. Catching up on the sets did take some time though, as I was only 9 years old I believe.
  6. Kanohi-Garai. I feel gravity control is over powered and wearing this mask practically grants one two elemental powers. Looks-Arthron. Even with the tubes, I still think it's one of the best looking masks thus far.
  7. Hmm, this is a tough one, and I usually find something I like in every set at least...but, I'd have to say Gadunka. It was the last and final 2007 set I needed to complete that collection and I actually got it that Christmas, along with all the Phantoka. I had initially held out because I just didn't like the design, and it wasn't an important character. After building it however, I found out I did indeed like it, and I think it is a unique set.
  8. Well Krekka is the obvious answer to me at least. I'd also say that a lot of characters did many stupid things, but that didn't make them stupid overall. What Mata Nui did was ignorant and stupid, but he wasn't dumb. Now if this was an ignorance contest, Mata Nui, hands down.
  9. Welp, school started...less time on here I imagine.

  10. Well I finally got around to reading it. Without spoilers, I enjoyed it for what it was worth. I think it could have been longer, specifically for each journey with the Toa finding there masks. The ending was also very rushed, as has been stated. Overall it got the job done of fleshing out characters, especially the protectors, which I appreciate. Hopefully they only get better from here. It was very nice being able to buy BIONICLE book. It's been a long time.
  11. That's how I always saw it too. I just figured the Takutanuva using up some of his life force to revive Jaller ended up weakening him to the point where the fusion split. Takanuva shot out in one direction, and Teridax under the door that crushed his armor.
  12. *Tries not to read any comments* Well, I just bought my first BIONICLE book in what, 6 years is it? Looking forward to reading it once I finish my other book.
  13. Really, you think so? Bionicle has always been one of the lowest-priced LEGO series, all things considered, and that hasn't changed a bit with the reboot. Out of over 250 Bionicle sets released to date, only 40 were priced higher than $20, and only ten were priced higher than $50. No Bionicle set has EVER cost more than $90 at retail. Contrast LEGO City, one of the LEGO Group's current top-selling brands, which since its launch in 2005 has had thirty sets priced at $90 or higher, and seven this year alone! Eh, for him, maybe it's expensive. Price is always a subjective topic, and while you have your facts straight, that doesn't make it less expensive to him. To me and you, it might not be so bad. But him, maybe.
  14. Well I guess maybe we don't know for sure that they are uninhibited, but I'd guess they would be uninhabited by matoran if they were so dangerous?
  15. The Codrex, like everybody is saying. I'd also venture to say that possibly the uninhabited islands from the MU's southern areas (Mata Nui's legs). If they were just rocky islands, then there really isn't anything to really destroy, is there?. As for what we know is certainly destroyed, Metru Nui. Metru Nui is beyond a doubt, gone.
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