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    ...Updating AGAIN. XD

    Ah well. I'll just keep it short and simple.

    I'm 18, happily taken (For those Internet predictors out there. =P ) and in college.

    What can I say? I fangirl cats, and I love to write. Runnings a side-hobby of mines, and I love it. ^_^ I take random assorted jobs, mostly babysitting and am currently in a very slow process of helping one of my mothers elderly friends in moving out.

    I have four cats, one of which is officially mine when I move out, and I love her. ^_^

    I vastly enjoy reading ANY book that is thrown at me! And am not really a movie fanatic...

    But I do play games when I want! I'm a gamer, but it isn't really encouraged due to lack of money. I just don't really like racing/sport games. XP So BORING.

    Anything else?

    Ah yes! I'm rather friendly, and will quite literally talk to anyone who wants to talk to me. I have a short term memory though! So if you met me a while ago, then... Well. Don't expect me to remember ya. XD

    Well. That short and simple really WAS short and simple! See ya'll later! =D

    Updated: 11/15/11
  1. The hat actually exists. I made it based off of the design of a crocheting book written by a woman, and also posed by a woman. It's why I chose the hat, as a prank for LJ to wear into public and become embarrassed as a pedestrian pointed out his cross-dressing ways. Here's a photo of what the hat looks like: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/lewajohnson/Pics/img_3910.jpg Btw, awesome comic! I hate how you always portray me as the villain for some reason though. )=
  2. Hey, thought I'd let you know that I'll be back for a while :)

  3. Lets not forget what Potu and I did to you a few days ago too. ;D
  4. BEST. COMIC. EVER.Not.JKing.JKing to that.JKing about THAT. =D *Pattern repeats endlessly*BUT... Other than that... Very adorable. ^^ I loved it how you put your character into a pink 1800's dress/wig. Is that a new idea or were you building it off of something?
  5. That lil' mangos gonna die by this time next year. =)Until that time, happy birthday LJ!I shall send that mystery gift by the end of the week. *Don't worry, you don't have to wear heavy plastic gloves, it's totally not poisoned or covered in acid that melts the human skin on touch. ;3 *
  6. Oh hey I finally got skype.

  7. Hated the whole thing. :PNaw, I'm kidding! The whole thing was pretty cute actually, and like a lot of people said, the graphics were really good too! ^^
  8. Name: Alena Paprika HyperSpecies: Enmalian Runt (Half-Human, Half Enmalian)Gender: FemaleFaction:Appearance: Sporting a human-like body, what sets her aside is her seemingly mutated appearance of being a mixture of a tiger, and the feline features she has. She typically runs around shoeless, due to her slightly-large cat-like claws, and usually wearing special gloves that have an opening that just barely opens up to let her finger claws through. She has black whiskers, and cat-like slits in her eyes, which is a deep orange-gold color. Her skin is slightly discolored, almost a mixture of black and orange, although at first glance she has the regular skin-color of a human. When she opens her mouth to roar, you can see a pair of fierce canine-teeth, ready to shred anything that she bites through. Typically, she runs around in clothes that suit her movements, which are usually a blue and green color.While she doesn't look it, due to her heritage she is heavier than the average human, sporting somewhere around a good 250 pounds on her body, which is less than half the weight of a full-fledged Tiger Enmalian. Although, while a human who is 250 pounds has an obvious weight issue, her weight is extremely condensed, giving her a very slim appearance.Weapons: Her claws can cut through almost anything, and the likelyness of them being able to break is highly unlikely. Because of this, and her familiarity with them, she can become almost deadly with them. On her hands, another unlikely weapon is her gloves. They contain two completely separate layers, both of these are durable, and can hold up their own against other weapons. Mentally, she can will the gloves to change their tempurature, changing the outer layer to an impossibly high tempurature, while the inner layer can become extremely cold, so that the outer layer doesn't damage her hands in the process, the combating tempuratures practically unaffecting her hand. While she can't affect the area around them, because of the gloves intense heat/cold, you can easily feel it coming from at least a foot away.Mask: None.Power: Physically, she is quite strong and able, and due to her feline heritage, can be unnaturally flexible. Alena can also see in the dark, once again because of her feline heritage, but not as strongly as one might think. Her eyes need even a pin-prick of light, and her eyes can magnify that, not to the point that she can see daylight, but so that at least the outer edges of the room are lit up. The stronger the light, though, the brighter her eyes can see. She has sensitive hearing, and can step lightly, without making noise.Weakness: Her mind is slow to thinking, and her sense of smell is horrible. Despite her ability to see in the dark, she requires at least a pinprick of light, or else she will be unable to see. Her hearing can also be of a disadvantage to her at times, because if the sounds are at a high enough note, she will be on the ground, clutching her cat-like ears in pain.Personality: Loud and rambuctious. She can pass off loud and hyper at one second, and be silent and shy the other. Her moods are constantly swinging, and little can affect her, although various topics CAN have a bad effect on her. Willing to eat anything that smells tasty, she turns her nose up at anything that doesn't smell or look good to her, but rarely will she pass up an opportunity for meat. She can be crafty though, and has been known to switch sides over small things, such as the opportunity for anything sugar-like, but will immediately switch back once her goal has been accomplished.Biography: Her past is slightly clouded, and she tends to be a bit mysterious about parts of it at times, and then open about other events that had happened in her past. Very few truly know what Enmalians are, and because of this, can be put off by her appearance. Sometimes she switches her stories around, and can be tricky about her past, such as purposely saying that her father was Enmalian, and her mother the human, and then completely switching it around with the next person. She will sometimes say that she has siblings, and other times completely deny that she does have siblings. Because of her constant switching, few can tell what she is actually saying, and will doubt much of what she says. Regardless of her constant switching of her past life, she will tell the honest truth about her activities on the island... If she trusts you.
  9. YAY!Another Potu-birthday!Hope you have a GREAT day my bestest online FEMALE friend! ^^
  10. Son of a flying Makuta fish!Why didn't you show LJ in that dress? T.T I'll flay you alive for that! DX*Politely laughs at comic*
  11. *Intense grin in LJ's direction*Let's see you beat my ACTUAL real life record of the 19th level in there now!And nice latest comic. XD I look forward to seeing what happens to the red and black dude.*Politely laughs at your comic*
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