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    ...Updating AGAIN. XD

    Ah well. I'll just keep it short and simple.

    I'm 18, happily taken (For those Internet predictors out there. =P ) and in college.

    What can I say? I fangirl cats, and I love to write. Runnings a side-hobby of mines, and I love it. ^_^ I take random assorted jobs, mostly babysitting and am currently in a very slow process of helping one of my mothers elderly friends in moving out.

    I have four cats, one of which is officially mine when I move out, and I love her. ^_^

    I vastly enjoy reading ANY book that is thrown at me! And am not really a movie fanatic...

    But I do play games when I want! I'm a gamer, but it isn't really encouraged due to lack of money. I just don't really like racing/sport games. XP So BORING.

    Anything else?

    Ah yes! I'm rather friendly, and will quite literally talk to anyone who wants to talk to me. I have a short term memory though! So if you met me a while ago, then... Well. Don't expect me to remember ya. XD

    Well. That short and simple really WAS short and simple! See ya'll later! =D

    Updated: 11/15/11
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