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    -Music [I've been playing cello for 10 years, and I'm taking AP Music Theory. I like classical, and a variety of different kinds of music. Nickel Creek, anyone?]<br>-MOCing [So I'm not a huge MOCer, but still...] <br>-Science fiction [Star Wars, X-Men (movies), Matrix...]<br>-Fantasy [Lord o' the Rings...]<br>-Homestar Runner [THE CHEAT]<br>-Napolean Dyamite [The biggest fad/cult ever, but an awesome movie!]<br>-Monty Python [Ni! I'm not dead yet!]<br><br>I'm quite the interesting guy. <br><br>And since the max limit of characters is 50000, I might as well keep typing (to the annoyance of all.)<br><br>I'm thinking of changing my name to: UltimateMasterSoruToaNuvaMetruHordikaXofFireLightingLaserSnowIceTorandoesHuricanesandcheese<br><br>And, um, yeah. I'm done.

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  1. So, I was randomly looking up how much old LEGO sets were going for these days, and I typed in bzpower into my browser on a nostalgic whim. To my surprise, not only was the site still here and looking familiar, but my account username is too! So, engage old man voice: I was here at the beginning... When it was just 6 Toa. The first Toa. I still remember seeing the original 6 Toa in LEGO magazine for the first time, and ordering Kopaka on the phone. And yes, I still have my entire Bionicle collection in my parent's basement. I plan on keeping them for my future kids, and telling them how much fun I had with them. I've already had the fun of showing them to my nephew! Looking back at my old brickshelf account, it brought back happy memories. Memories of jumping into a fantastic world every day after school. Spending long hours reading the comics, making my own comics, playing MNOLG 1 and 2 (Mata Nui Online Game), and making my own creations from the sets (do you guys still call the "MOCs"?). Looking back at this account, I was also reminded of forming this other, imaginary identity, "Soru," who never had much storyline, but was essentially myself in the Bionicle universe. At such a crucial time in growing as a kid, this character - my online and imaginary Bionicle self - was perhaps actually somewhat important to developing aspects of my personality and imagination. I remember feeling really at home in this online community of kids excited about the sets and storyline. Excited about fantasy and imagination. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post and say hello from a Bionicle oldster. And I won't even mention how ridiculous the last few years of Bionicle sets look. (They don't make 'em like they used to...) Here's to Bionicle, here's to LEGO, and here's to fun, imagination, and creation.
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