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    Most things computer, PS2, Wii, and XBox 360 related.<br />I also own a Nintendo Game Boy SP (silver) and have Pokemon Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Silver, Crystal, and Red versions. I also play [url=www.runescape.com]RuneScape[/url], and my usernames are Maw Essence, Tiffany559, and Iowntwix54. I am mostly on Maw Essence. Please don't ask me for stuff.<br /><br />On LEGO.com I am known as Ab§olute_Z3R0.

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  1. Hey buddy § is an invalid character for your username.

  2. Hai CRX its Ab-Z

  3. Well thanks, but I've been here for a while. :P

  4. Hello Ab§olute_Z3R0, welcome to BZPower

  5. 50k members... some day (20k memebers more) we will have reached 100k! You are a milestone along the way. Yay!

  6. His user# is the devil day... evil.

  7. Hello, AB_Z, and welcome to your doom, I mean welcome to BZP. :P

  8. Hello 1st member of BZP (or BZC back then I think...), who hasn't been active for over 5 years!

  9. Hey this is Ab-Z. Not Rakoua ;)

  10. Heya Ab_Z :) ... I hope this is Ab-Z... If not... RAKOUA!

  11. Welcome to BZPower!

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