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  1. Well I mainly just need his legs, from the feet to the hip
  2. Pretty much all the pieces for iniki jaller
  3. Yes. I pm u a list of all the sets I would like to buy from u. U could also check my topic for a quick answear
  4. Do you have any spare parts or parts from toa inika jaller?
  5. Best?Can you just give me a list of wat u have? And PayPal right?
  6. Im hoping to complete my bionicle collection from start to finish so that from 2001 to 2010. I live in the US so I perfer to buy from US only but if you have the set, I'll buy it. If shipping is a issue, I'll pay shipping. Sets can be used too as long as they arent broken. Lets keep prices reasonable please. If an item/set is listed in red that means a trade/deal is in order. If an itemis listed in green that means i have found the item but a deal hasnt been worked out with the other party yet. Black that means i still need it. Heres a list of the sets I need:----------2001----------8541 Turaga Matau8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra8539 Manas1388 Huki1389 Onepu1390 Macku1392 Kongu1393 Matoro----------2002----------8550 Gahlok Va8551 Kohrak Va8552 Lehvak Va8553 Pahrak Va8554 Tahnok Va8555 Nuhvok Va8562 Gahlok8557 Exo-Toa8558 Cahdok and Gahdok----------2004----------8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo8623 Krekka8622 Nidhiki8621 Turaga Dume and Nivawk10202 Ultimate Dume's special edition mask----------2005----------10203 Voporak8757 Visorak Battle Ram8758 Tower of Toa8759 Battle for Metru Nui8769 Visorak's GateThese sets arent nessary, but would like to have----------2006----------8722 Kazi8626 Irnakk8625 Umbra8764 Vezon and Fenrakk10204 Vezon and Kardas (if possible)8892 Piraka Outpost8893 Lava Chamber Gate8894 Piraka Stronghold8624 Race for the Mask of Life----------2007----------8917 Kalmah8924 Maxilos and Spinax8935 Nocturn8939 Lesovikk & Sea Sled8940 Karzahni8910 Kongu8911 Jaller8912 Hewkii8913 Nuparu8914 Hahli8925 Barraki Deepsea Patrol8926 Toa Undersea Attack8927 Toa Terrain CrawlerAgain, playsets arent neccary.----------2008----------8691 Antroz8697 Toa Ignika8952 Mutran and Vican8953 Icarax8942 Jetrax T6 Yellow/Gold one----------2009----------8976 Metus8978 Skrall8998 Toa Mata Nui8984 Stronius8985 Ackar8986 Vastus8988 Gelu8989 Mata Nui8992 Cendox V18993 Kaxium V38994 Baranus V78995 Thornatus V98996 Skopio XV-1----------2010----------7116 Tahu7117 Gresh7136 Skrall7137 Piraka7138 Rahkshi
  7. Hey i was wondering if i could buy the following sets from you- Boxor $30Nui-Rama $35Takua and pewku $30Jaller and Gukko $30Nui-Jaga $35Tarakava $35Cahdok and GahdokTakanuva $35
  8. I was wondering if i could buy from you all the listed sets below-Hydraxon: $15.00 Gadunka: $15.00Fero and Skirmix: $10.00 (Includes instructions) 4 Bionicle Stars: $10.00 (Includes instructions and canisters)All the Mistika Toa: $15.00 (includes instructions)All the Phantoka Toa: $15.00 (includes instructions)Titan Takanuva: $15.00 (Includes instructions)Tuma: $15.00 (includes instructions)
  9. Hey I was wondering if I could buy the entire collection minus the ones you already sold.
  10. Hi N3. :) Only 2 more posts and you'll be out of the New Members group.

  11. hey can uu send me some info about bionicle legends 11?

  12. i dont know do u know me?

  13. Welcome ta BZPower. Nice ta meetcha.

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