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  1. Happy belated birthday!

  2. ...convention. It would be interesting to see some music at one of the events. I most definitely won't try it anytime soon; I've never tried organizing a band before. I do however have a gig coming up at a tea shop here in Sandy. It's my first real gig that isn't just an open mic night, I'm pretty jazzed. If they like what they hear, I might be playing there regularly.

  3. It's either February 28th-March 2nd, or February 27th-March 1st, that is, if it's for only three days. How long did Brickfair go on for? The longest I've seen is four. I was thinking it'd be cool to start an AFOL(TFOL, in my case) band, sort of like Wizard Rock for Harry Potter fans, only for Lego fans. I got the idea from wondering how I could possibly include guitar playing at a

  4. I completely forgot about Brickfest until you told me! I'm definitely gonna try to make it to Brickfest in February, and I have a couple of friends who might want to go with me too. Are you going to Brickcon? I don't think I am, it's kind of far to be staying for all three days, and I don't really need to with Brickfest coming up.

  5. Hey, what's up? Sorry, I've been sinking into the dark abyss called life again... =P

  6. Gosh, I'm sorry, I never do anything here anymore. =P How've you been? Was Brickfair fun? I wish I could've gone, maybe next year...

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. *Wakes up*. Whoa, I guess I've been pretty inactive... sorry =P

  9. Ah, nice avatar, I love Firefly!

  10. Huh, for some reason you weren't on my friend's list...

  11. Lol, a lot of people have been saying things like that... I'll probably change it back soon, or perhaps to something completely different. I'll be untraceable...

  12. I could put them on that forbidden video hosting site, and then you could look up the name. I could also send the files to you through AIM, but if you want to keep your AIM account privet I understand.

  13. Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch. I've started writing my own songs on my guitar and I'm putting together a demo "tape". There's also a small glimmer of possibility that I might be at Brickfair 2010. In a Mata Nui costume

  14. Yep, and sent a reply. :)

  15. Well, I saw the Star Trek movie recently. It was awesome, even if you're not a Star Trek fan you should see it.

  16. Happy Birthday! =D

  17. Aye, I'll go do that. =P

  18. It's ok, I've had my distractions as well. :) I'm really sorry I haven't read more of GiTS yet...

  19. And I as well. *adds* Hmm, I play the guitar too. Do you have an acoustic or electric?

  20. Er, forget that last comment. =P

  21. Did you get my PM?

  22. Awesome, I like Greek mythology too! I've been meaning to read both The Iliad and The Odyssey.

  23. This may be my final serious name, but then again...

  24. Dude, you went premiere! =D

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