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    I love music, and have written and learned to play a few songs on my guitar. Some of my favorite bands/songwriters include:<br /><br />Crowded house<br />Buddy Holly<br />Elvis Presley<br />Red Hot Chili Peppers<br />The Beatles<br />Paul McCartney<br />John Lennon<br />Tom Petty<br />Jackson Browne<br />Billy Joel<br />Kiss<br />R.E.M.<br />Barenaked Ladies<br />Arctic Monkeys<br />Van Halen<br />Nirvana<br />The Donnas<br />Gwen Stefani(preferably her stuff with No Doubt)<br />Michael Jackson<br />Meat Loaf <br />The Beach Boys<br />Brian Wilson<br />Cryoshell<br />Van Halen<br />Black Sabbath<br />AC/DC<br />Bryan Adams<br />The Sounds<br />The Eagles<br />Sean Lennon<br />Green Day<br />Rod Stewart<br />Chicago<br />Weird Al Yankovic<br />Alanis Morissette <br />The Police<br />Crosby, Stills & Nash<br />Frank Sinatra<br />Joe Jackson<br /><br /><br />Bionicle, of course. I was interested in it the moment I got those two weird robot things on my sixth birthday. Bionicle was actually the first storyline I found myself, before my parents had introduced me to everything. My favorite characters are Mata Nui, Antroz, Jaller, and Tahu.<br /><br />I enjoy reading and writing. I have written one epic here on BZP, but it's not very good by my current standards, so I'd recommended you my short stories instead. *shudder*<br /><br />Some of my favorite books and book series include:<br /><br />Harry Potter<br />The Underland Chronicles<br />Fahrenheit 451<br />Fear<br />Lips Touch<br />The Faeries of Dreamdark<br />Dracula<br />A Wrinkle In Time<br />A Wind In The Door<br />The Hobbit<br />The Lord of The Rings trilogy<br />A Series of Unfortunate Events<br />The Septimus Heap series<br />Around The World In Eighty Days<br /><br />And many other books I can't think of right now, including a few graphic novels.<br /><br />Star Trek and any science fiction really. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars equally. I also enjoy other old science fiction TV shows and movies, like the original The Day The Earth Stood Still, and The Twilight Zone. Quantum Leap is another of my favorite scifi shows.<br /><br />I absolutely love Indiana Jones. My favorite is Last Crusade, and I had nothing against and enjoyed The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. <br />

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