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    Rhymes with Italy :D
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    As I wrote above I like drawing. I also enjoy playing video games and reading, even though I don't get to do either as much as I'd like to.
    Note that I mainly read fantasy and YA, don't expect me to be a man of culture!

    I like music, I listen to a little bit of everything. I like epic music from movie trailers :D
    I love both reading and creating stories, although I start lots of projects and don't finish any. Also, my plots turn out kinda lame usually.

    I like fantasy stuff, I love the The Elder Scrolls games and the elves from the Lord of the Rings. I'm a major fan of Morrowind.
    I can use Photoshop and know a little bit of 3D and modding.
    Of course I like BIONICLE a lot, and I'm a fan of Exo-Force too. I also loved LEGO Universe, before it was shut down.

    If there's anything else you want to know just PM ;)

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  1. They're really cute! I really like them, are they available for 3D printing anywhere? The style is intriguing, makes me want to draw the Toa Mata like that
  2. Aww they're so cute! Kopaka is probably my favourite. And I love the little canisters, a really nice touch!
  3. I love the dramatic lighting and the circles around the arms! It's always nice to see other people recreating epic versions of scenes from Bionicle G1. Love the rough style and the green-ish shades in the dark bits, they really add to the overall effect! Amazing!
  4. I really like it! I'm a big Kopaka fan, and this reminds me of the original comics. I love this detailed yet comic-ish style!
  5. Hidron Nuva

    over and done

    Way to go! Congratulations
  6. Hidron Nuva


    How did it go then??
  7. Hidron Nuva


    "Master of Science" sounds really cool, it would fit the G2 canon as well
  8. The new version is interesting. I have do admit I prefer the original one, but this new one is interesting anyway. I remember of the commercials from 2008, I was so hyped This new version might fit a commercial with Gali maybe?
  9. It's interesting how the Toa are somewhat rivals, and how the Tohunga fear them. It also says, for example, that Onua causes earthquakes and that Kopaka protects the Tohunga from Tahu's fire. Each Toa reflects his element, which can be useful or cause trouble. They're unpredictable, and cannot be 100% trusted. I kinda like this version of the story, it would make an interesting alternate universe. Thank you Pereki!
  10. Very alien/insectoid, the close eyes are interesting. LOL the title of the topic Keep posting art! I'd love to see what this Bohrok would look like standing.
  11. I like it! It looks like halfway between a Rahkshi and a Bohrok. The shading looks cool, it almost looks like done with a gray copic marker. I love sketch-y things (it is my opinion that a sketch is way more vibrant and "alive" than a clean lineart). Always glad to see drawings from you! EDIT: Oops, didn't see the date of the topic...
  12. I knew I should have voted. I was away yesterday :\
  13. Voting for RG Also, I'm glad I'm not dead (yet). I thought I got killed in ep1.
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