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  1. I have been writing a fanfic series of my own character, it's been going on for the last five or so years, I think its similar to what Greg has going on, he's got other things happening, I mean I have found time to write, but when you're trying to work, and add other things to life, Greg having a kid, and my weekend life, things get hectic, I for one believe that there will be more updates, but like when I do write, it might just be small ideas every few days that will have to be fleshed out when he has the time.
  2. Met Stuart Sayger at baltimore comic con , and then checked bioniclestory everyday since the last serial...
  3. airtitan

    Mata Nui Revealed

    Two Questions » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «Is the great cataclysm just knocking the body over and would a toa nui be able to do that? I love flying!
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