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  1. Hahli Husky


    this is us
  2. Izaak I'm nervous for when and if you're gonna reblog the rest of those Sirfetch'd posts I made today
  3. LOL mini muaka❤️ The one on the left is Hoagie, the one on the right is his sister Yaya! They're nearly identical twins aside from their eye colours, and they're two years old :3
  4. no worries once i realized it was a blog entry from you i was very pleased
  5. I just got an email notification for this entry and nearly had a heart attack
  6. this is the best thing i've ever read
  7. what if the girls were the bionicles we built along the way
  8. Scott I feel bad liking this post so please know it is a "You are my friend and I think you're neat and am sure a Bionicle lady would think so too" like and not a "I agree" like
  9. A true classic. Gali was my first big Bionicle crush as a teenager and I added her to my "List Of Ladies I Admire" in my journal, which was in retrospect just a list of fictional girls I wanted to smooch. Also @ Florescent Flowers, 10/10 kudos on a huge powermove, honestly I love it
  10. My favourite memory is probably marrying my lifelong forum staff rival Janus, and my other favourite memory is when Janus and I asked Makaru if he wanted to be our boyfriend and he said yes
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