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    -zebra cakes
    -writin' stuff
    -drawin' stuff
    -mura masa
    -ellie goulding
    -leather jackets
    -long walks on the beach

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About Me

"Be excellent to each other... and party on, dudes!" -Lewa (probably)


Yes hello friends and welcome to my about me page hey uhhhh i do not know what to say here!! Let's go with this: I as a normal functioning human being person like and/or enjoy doing one or more of the following this:

1. write

2. draw

3. party

4. bonkles

5. draw

6. write about bonkles

7. snowboard

8. write

9. garlic bread

10. bonkles

nice great job you now know who i am as a normal functioning human being person. I should also say that I'm the author of  'The Herald of Darkness,' which you can find in the epics section of BZP's library. Give it a looksie if you like fanfiction and stuff because it is basically the entire reason I am here on bzpower dot com. it is written much better than this about me section so don't worry. your beautiful wrinkly punctuation-enjoying brain is safe with me. and below is a picture that I made with microsoft paint because I am a true artist and that is my medium of choice. it is also a link to my epic so give it a click and validate my existence with a comment please.



^--------------------CLICKY CLICKY YEAH BOI-------------^


ok farewell fellow citizens i love you.

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