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    Until this century, the damage we could do to each other in war was limited. No weapon, we thought, could kill all our enemies. No war could last forever. But advancing technology has put into out hands weapons and means of fighting war which only the gods and heroes of legend have wielded. Like magicians we can alter the chemistries of life. The powers we have acquired continue to do harm even after our wars are over. Some of our weapons are so new and so potent that we don't even have the means to assess the damage they do. And yet we who create them are responsible for every effect they have. On the battlefield. At home. In years to come.

    I don't know but it's been said, we'll rest for ever when we're dead.

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  1. a catdoge The X in your avy keeps making me think it's a window to close out of
  2. how do i change this thing

  3. The point Skar was trying to make is that we should accept everyone regardless of their beliefs or orientations, and that we should be secure enough in ourselves that we aren't destroyed if someone happens to disagree with us.
  4. I think an important thing we should remember is that tolerance and acceptance extends to everyone, both people we agree with and those we don't. I disagree with racists, but I still accept the fact that they will not change their beliefs. In this sense, we should tolerate everyone, regardless of whether or not they show tolerance back.
  5. I don't mind blondes or females, but when they're going "HEY THIS ISN'T RELAVANT TO ANYTHING BUT I'M A BLONDE GIRL BTW LOL DON'T YOU LIKE ME WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M BEING ANNOYING IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME THAT MUST MEAN YOU'RE PREJUDICED AGAINST ALL BLONDE GIRLS" it can be a bit irritating. I don't want to stir anything up, and I'm the biggest supporter of same-sex marriage (as well as polygamous) there is, but I don't like that argument because there are all sorts of nasty things in nature like cannibalism and murder, so just because one thing is there doesn't automatically make it a selling point. We must instead use logic and reason, not talking points to change people's minds and perceptions.
  6. Buttery Biscuit Bass

  7. hey. hey, hey. heeeeeey. hay. hey... heyheyheyheyhey*poke*hey*pokepoke* heyeyeyeyey. mixn. hey.

  8. Hey, how's it going? Finally got the time to devote to invictus, do you have a Skype?

    1. Simulacrum


      Good to see you again! It's going good. Sadly, I do not. Perhaps you could PM me, and we could work something out?

  9. Poking your poke stick

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