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    I am currently away from bzp.

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  1. Alright thanks, you can pgs if you want.

  2. Oh.

    Well, nice to see your comics running again. I'll go post.

  3. I see. It's great to hear from you again!

  4. Been very busy, just got back on the site after a year.

  5. I'm back for a while.

  6. O HAI THAR!

    I'm fine.

    Didn't you where still on BZP.

  7. Hello there! I've been good, going through some stuff and such. What about you?

  8. Hey Gav, Long tome no see hows it going?

  9. Hello Vahi, hows it going?

  10. just been really busy

  11. Well that's really sad. I shtere a certain reason you left?

  12. Did you leave BZP or something?

  13. I love the song in your Personal statement! ^^

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