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    Name: Lucas (insert my last name here)

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    Yes, I am a Brony. Brohoofs to all fellow Bronies! I also like TF2 and Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm one of the biggest Sonic fans you'll ever meet. Obligatory favorites list is as follows:

    Color: Orange
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    Bionicle Set: Vakama Hordika (Haters gonna hate)
    Author: Erin Hunter
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    List of Random Things: This one
  1. Hey, BZPers. It's getting close to Christmastime and I'm finding myself in dire need of cash for the holidays, so I figured I would sell a few leftovers from my once sizeable collection. Buyer sends first and pays for shipping, and I would like the money to be USD in cash or check through the mail, as I have no paypal account. Prices are firm, but I'm willing to negotiate on bundle deals. The sets have no instructions or canister/box unless noted. I'm selling: LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley complete with instructions and all parts, no box -$100 Brown Vahki, no disk, -$3 Blue Vahki, with disk -$4 Voltix with instructions, no zamor sphere -$7 Berix -$3 Takanuva 08 with instructions -$15 William Furno HF Wave 1 with canister and instructions -$5 Preston Stormer HF Wave 1 with canister and instructions (Note: The joint on one of his leg pieces is cracked, but still useable.) -$4 Breakout Stringer with instructions (Guitar has been slightly modified, however, all the original parts are present and it can easily be changed back) -$5 Breakout Evo with instructions -$5 Breakout Furno with instructions, no zamor sphere (Slightly worn instructions) -$7 SOLD Breakout Breez with instructions -$8 SOLD Breakout Rocka with instructions (Silver hand replaced with black one) -$8 SOLD Breakout Bulk with instructions -$8 SOLD Breakout Surge with instructions -$5 SOLD Skopio XV-1 with instructions -$30 SOLD Jetrax T6 with instructions -$30 SOLD Breakout Nex with instructions -$5 SOLD If you're interested then reply or shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking!
  2. I'm interested in Gali and Kopaka without their instructions. I'll PM you my zip.
  3. Really sorry for all the delays guys, I'm kinda dealing with a lot right now. Yes I did. Must have forgotten to PM you. Thanks so much! Right then, shouldn't be more than $5 for shipping. So that's $10 total then. PM me if you still want to make the trade. I found four swords, six staffs, and five of the disks that go with the staffs. You'd be looking at around $2 for the lot, plus shipping.-Blitzkitteh
  4. Where do you live? I'd imagine shipping wouldn't be more than five dollars. Okay, So Tahu is available now, would you want him too? My 03 matoran are currently built and not for sale, sorry, but their kohli staffs are.Would you want all of the staffs and swords I have, or just one of each? Sorry, I'd like to keep things within North America. Thanks for your interest, though.-Blitzkitteh
  5. I'm not selling Kanohi right now, sorry. I'm kind of attached to them. I'd rather you bought Tahu with the armor. It would be a hard sell otherwise, incomplete Golden Armor and such. I currently have Skrall, Nektann, and Rahkshi. Tahu and Takanuva are on hold for Jaller, but I'll keep you updated on that.-Blitzkitteh
  6. I have a White Hau Nuva and a Protodermic Pakari Nuva. Do you have any McToran? If not, I'll sell these masks to you for $6.-Blitzkitteh
  7. Would $10 for the black beams and the yellow Bitil wings, Rahkshi leg pieces and (if you have any) Y-sockets be OK? $2 for those parts sounds good.What's the word on bent light bley beams, particularly the larger, 2-angle ones?Right so $10 for the black beams, 7 yellow Bitil wings, 2 yellow rahkshi legs, and 1 (could of sworn I had more) yellow socket then? The previous part's price was $12.70, so that comes out to $22.70. i have five Bley 2 angle beams, so $50 for those, but I also have 6 3x5 bent beams, and four 2x4s with an axle hole at the end. If you want all the bley bent beams together, I can let you have them for $1.30.
  8. Sorry I keep taking so long to reply guys, I have a lot of stuff going on right now, which is actually why I'm looking to sell. I found two of these, Two orange Inika thighs, the Gadunka helmet,the blue GITD spines, the two Mata green Y-sockets, the gold-ish sword, the dark orange tubing, and the bronze-gold metru shoulders. I also took inventory of the black technic beams. I have 28 15s, 18 13s, 39 11s, 8 9s, 18 7s, 14 5s, and 9 3s. The prices you referred to above sound pretty fair to me, and the new parts I added I'd be willing to let go for about $2. I'll let you decide what you want to do about the blacks and newly added parts. I will be shipping from West Virginia. SmoothJazz, I have four Takadox armor pieces that I found, plus his head. I'd be willing to let them all go for a $1.50, plus $2 shipping.-Blitzkitteh
  9. Congrats GaliGee! I've always loved reading your stories, and I'm definitely checking this out!-Blitzkitteh
  10. Hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Here are the pictures of what I found. The technic pieces are all the straight kind, I kinda derped and forgot all about the others. I can find them too, If you want.-Blitzkitteh
  11. Do you have any specific colors in mind? I've found quite a lot of each and will upload photos shortly.
  12. Righto, my last topic didn't go so well, so I'm reworking it a bit. I have separated out all of my parts from this bin here into separate color sections. Need a part? If it's from 2004 and up, chances are I'll have it!Rules:1. No small orders please! I really hate to do something like this, but I'm imposing a 30 part minimum. I don't want to have to be sending out multiple packages as you think of parts you need.2. You ship first unless you are a Trusted Trader, and you provide shipping! Shipping can be anywhere from $2 to $10 or more, depending on the size of your order.3. Prices will be calculated according to several factors. First, I will calculate using the average price-piece ratio (around .10), then adjust it according to piece size and the perceived value of the part (Eg: Kanohi)4. US and Canada only please! I really would like to avoid conversion and shipping overseas.5. I don't have a Paypal, so please make sure you're comfortable with sending cash, check, or money order through the mail before offering.PLEASE READ THE REST OF THE TOPIC BEFORE OFFERING ON A PART! I MAY HAVE ALREADY SOLD IT!PIECES I AM OUT OF-Hordika Necks-Ball Joints-Technic Beams-Yellow Bitil Wings-Other stuff I don't feel like typing right now. Please see the above statement in red.Here are some sample pictures of the categories, but my actual parts library is much bigger. This is just to help you see if there's anything you want.ConnectorsBlueGunmetal/ Light GrayGreenBrown/ Tan/ goldWhiteMata Red/ Orange/ Keetorange/ YellowGrayBlackMetru RedSilver (SO MUCH SILVER! BAGS UPON BAGS! TAKE IT ALL, PLEASE!)Yes, I also have Kanohi. Ask about any mask that tickles your fancy an I'll see if I have it.I also have some sets for sale, if anyone is interested:-Cendox V1 complete with instructions: $15-Takanuva 2008 complete with intructions: $20-Chirox complete: $8-Antroz complete with canister: $10-Takanuva Stars no GA piece: $5-Tahu Stars with full Golden Armor: $10-Skrall Stars no GA piece: $5-Rahkshi Stars no GA piece: $5-Piraka Stars no GA piece: $5-Vezok complete: $10-Berix complete: $5-Meltdown no zamor: $9-William Furno complete with canister and instructions: $8-Preston Stormer complete with canister and instructions, cracked hand and arm joints: $6-Furno 3.0 complete with instructions: $7-Breez 2.0 complete with instructions: $7-Stormer 2.0 complete: $7-Surge 2.0 (missing blue lightsaber piece): $6-Bulk 3.0 complete with instructions and canister: $8-Rocka 3.0 complete with Canister and Instructions: $8-Waspix complete with instructions: $11-Jetbug complete with instructions: $11-Witch Doctor : $20-Blitzkitteh!
  13. Thanks for the comments guys! The thing is, I actually don't have any more red av-toran heads. All broken. As for the turbines, in order to attach the Rotor shin guards the way they're used, I had to use that 3-length axle with a stud on the end, and I didn't like how far they stuck out on the back of his legs. So I just sort of threw the turbines on there. I guess you could think of them as adaptive armor. The only thing I personally am really unhappy with is the shoulders. I dunno, they just seem a little weak. Those gunmetal shin guards from Bulk looked good, but it sort of disrupted the color scheme.-Blitzkitteh
  14. Nothing amazing, but I finally got a hold of some orange cladding and was able to remake my previous Tahu.FrontBackPoseComp. 1 (Thanks to Click for the extra Tahu!)Comp. 2-Blitzkitteh
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