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    Lava Reef Zone/Ponyville
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    Name: Lucas (insert my last name here)

    Gender: ROBOT

    Aliases: Other than Longcat, I'm known as Blitzkitteh in my TF2 server

    Birthday: July 26th, 1996 (I accept gifts :D)

    Occupation: Nothing.

    Status: Taken! Yay! And she's the greatest person ever!

    Yes, I am a Brony. Brohoofs to all fellow Bronies! I also like TF2 and Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm one of the biggest Sonic fans you'll ever meet. Obligatory favorites list is as follows:

    Color: Orange
    Food: Burritos
    Class: Pyro
    Element: Hydrogen
    Bionicle Set: Vakama Hordika (Haters gonna hate)
    Author: Erin Hunter
    Book: Warriors Into the Wild
    Villian: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
    Music: Anything really
    Song: City Escape classic remix
    Pokemon Game: Ruby Version
    Pokemon: Luxray & Blaziken
    Precious Stone: Chaos Emeralds
    Sonic Game: 3&K/SA2/Generations
    Non-Sonic Game: TF2/HL2/Portal/L4D
    Animal: Kittehs
    Time of Day: Night
    Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Pony: Fluttershy
    Movie: Jimmy Neutron
    List of Random Things: This one

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  1. i realy liked your stars combiner. im just wondering if youll let me make a ####### video about it?

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