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  1. Woodcutting... That's probably the most common one (if not, Firemaking is). After that, how about a legitimate challenge.I dare you to get 99 RC.Pfft! Since when has Runecrafting been a difficult 99? It was until the Runespan...Of course, I ought not to be talking since I don't have any 99's at all.Well I only have maxed melee so... :s
  2. Being burnt to a crisp by dragonbreath would be cooler, imo.
  3. At least Jagex are making a visible effort to get rid of bots, I suppose. :|I remember Bot Nuke day... the number of active players got cut in HALF.I know, it was insane... Now with the botany bay bot banning looks a lot more interactive and effective.
  4. At least Jagex are making a visible effort to get rid of bots, I suppose. :|
  5. Bones to peaches tabs are amazing. ^^
  6. No one ever told me that we had a RuneScape topic up again. I never see anyone in BZPChat anymore. :sMy ingame name is Malakayr too, so re-add me.
  7. Over my Head - Sum 41.Amg, Within Temptation is such a good band! <3
  8. There are almost infinite combinations of discs that can be used to make Kanohi... But I think it's safe to assume your avarage Kanohi can't hold more than one power. However, I think Kanohi fusion is a possible answer to the many powers one mask question.
  9. The chest design is really good! I like the way you substitute big blocky pieces with more intricate combinations of smaller parts.Something every MoCist should aim to do...
  10. The actual design is impressively build, I really like it. The red/white colour scheme is great, but I think the silver armor spoilt it for me.I do appreciate how hard it is to build a MoC with two solid colors though, so well done.
  11. Hmm. I think the clones make sense. Kapura is actually the mystery murderer of The Yesterday Quest and he's part of a Makuta plot to assassinate everyone.And then the world blew up. :DLol, Kapura's speed/teleporting is just one of those beautiful unanswered questions that the BIONICLE team used to leave hanging for fans to pick apart.
  12. I miss the times when the BIONICLE universe was less ordered, less categorized. Before the 'technological revolution' of 2004 and when there was only one Makuta. http://www.bzpower.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/sarcastic.gif
  13. Toa Mata and Nuva should have been done better. Okay, okay, BIONICLE was just starting out. But still.I wasn't a big fan of the Toa Metru design either... Too much movement restriction in my opinion.
  14. Well when you think of it Lava is burnt rock so I believe a toa of fire and stone could both control it together.Somewhat similar to what Hakaan and Avak did on Voya Nui with that magma... golem... thing.
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