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  1. Be glad it doesn't drag well into the next season. Like one wrap-up, in particular, in the past...
  2. Is there a specific BZPRPG discord?
  3. IC: (Mons Shajs, The Great Takea, Ga-Koro) Shajs muttered a gracious "thanks" to the bartender, and turned to Arero. He realized at this point yes, he probably seemed fairly sloshed. But the Skakdi had a high tolerance, his poor begotten liver taking its blows with gratitude. There was enough in his system to give a light, pleasant kind of airiness to his mind, but nowhere near enough for him to lose his senses. It would take at least three more to tip him over, unless this was particularly strong. A small swill kind of confirmed it, so pace yourself, Shajs, you're on duty. Kinda. The Matoran looked at him with a kind of sullen apprehension, light, barely detectable, but there. One thing about the job was that it let him read people, least to a reasonable degree. He'd give the truth, with a degree of bluntness and as little snark as possible. It wasn't a night to be mean, he figured. The kid didn't warrant it. "Ta be frank, it hasn't been a'handled in any coordinated kinda manner,." he stated. "We ain't gotta as many 'o the Ko-Koroans as others, what'o em come get taken in privately, by a couple o' decent citizens. An' an inn or two. I'd suggest ya ask around further, 'an see tha inns ta find refugees in a general sense 'o it." "As fer the individuals ya mention, I know yer bird seller, if secondhand, 'an nothin else," he said calmly. "I'a think she's still round these parts, business, last I saw, still stood there. As fer the others, I'da point ya to one o the stylus pushers round under the Akiri." He mentioned offhand a rough address in town before continuing. "Any'a thing else I can do? I certainly ain't a native, but I'a lived here long enough ta point ya in certain directions, an answer least some questions ya might have." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator.
  4. IC: (Mons Shajs, The Great Takea, Ga-Koro) Slow down, Shajs, these guys aren't the regulars in the Marines. They can't really pierce through the accent... He consciously tried to slow down, clarify himself. "Are ya lookin' fer anyone specifically, citizen? We a'do got Ko-Matoran 'ere from the Koro, to answer one part'o yer question. As fer the other, I don't know many o'em by name, but I could probably direct ya to a few o' em based on general appearance." "Me name's Corporal Mons Shajs, Ga-Koro Marines, by the way."
  5. It's funny to see that my attempt to circumvent the regulations they put in place on orgs has held up so well in the hearts of many. Looking back, it was probably better my 16-year self didn't get the ability to form a NPC-stocked army of zombies. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, and I'd say that Larikon was one of my better characters. What the heck is going on with it, nowadays? Is it just scattered Ak'rei'anist PCs with no clear leadership, or is there an actual, reformed cult under new leadership?
  6. IC: (Mons Shajs, The Great Takea, Ga-Koro) The cigar was about out, but he needed to savor it, just for a little while. The Skakdi Marine had been sitting on the stool for about an hour now, or was it longer? He nursed his watery bula-brandy and seltzer as he finished absorbing his surroundings. It was his off-time, but he'd spent it thus far watching with bemusement some colleagues interviewing and dealing with the usual kinds of drunks who paid for a least of third of the booze there. One of them seemed a tad distracted, as some other Matoran just walked on over and tried to pester him. All of this was only a few feet away, well within 'I'm a Marine, what's your business, citizen?' range. A ping of dutiful conscience washed over him, a desire to give a little help in one of the more mundane parts of the job. Putting out the cigar in a nearby ashtray, he rose and turned towards the Matoran. His head was mostly clear, though his breath probably didn't help his case. Reaching into a pocket in his cloak, he pulled out his badge, an immaculately polished old thing, housed in a ratty, tan leather flip-book. "Eh, you, ya, you, "I'ma Marine, I ken handle yer request" he stated firmly. It came out in a rather jumbled accent, like he'd learned the language as a child, and could only speak it now with a bag of pebbles in his mouth. "Ta state, ya, we gotta lot 'o Ko-Matoran, refugees 'an whatnot. That'a bein' said, they tend ta look alike. Who're ya lookin fer precisely, citizen? Can ya giva' more precise description?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator. Ok, this new pinging system is odd. I hope you don't mind if I inject myself in here.
  7. Before I post anything, am I right to assume that each of the Guard forces are attacking Ko-Koro in a final battle, and as such, it would be right and acceptable to interject my characters in? Also, what exactly is happening in Kini-Nui, Ga-Koro, and Ta-Koro? Looking back by nostalgic impulse, and seeing as the season's wrapping up, I kinda want to resolve the fates of my old characters. Dated though they might be from my mid-teens, I still hold some attachment to them. Don't know if I'll stay for the next season (Life has caught up, invariably), but I want to see the old game through. I'm not going to bother with any Ak'rei'an or Taajar stuff. I have been gone too long to even have the vaguest grasp on what is going on with those children of mine. Thanks to those who kept ideas and characters based on them still kicking after all these years.
  8. I am wondering vaguely how to convincingly drop a Ta-Koroan Guardsman into the middle of Ko-Koro.
  9. IC: (Mons Shajs, The Great Takea, Ga-Koro) The Sergeant had done his rounds and had clocked in for the day. It'd been a rough week, for sure, a raid on a bandit camp there, galley duty another. Walking down the lilly-pad roads of his adoptive home, he passed over the same old fish-mongers and flax-weavers on his way towards the Great Takea. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for the small little group gathered around the entrance. He thought he recognized one of them, a fellow Marine in the company of some other Toa. The others, he didn't know... One seemed to be an out-of-towner. Ta-Matoran, oddly enough. The beat-cop instinct in him kicked a little. Telling him to ask what his Marine compatriot was doing, possibly drunk, with two random enough strangers. "Hey, ya lot," he said, half commanding, half barking. "Me name'a Sarjant Mons Shajs, Ga-Koro Marines. Might I'a 'quire as ta who ya are, an where yer goin' with me fellow Marine." Something seemed vaguely familiar about the others. Vaguely. OOC: Good lord, it's been ages. Sorry for dropping on in and all, but I figure it's as good enough a spot to insert him as any.
  10. I've been ridiculously out of the loop. What is happening in Ta-Koro and Ga-Koro in particular? Where can I jump back in?
  11. My god. This place is still alive. I do not know if I will necessarily rejoin. But looking back in a heady bit of nostalgia, I'll give kudos to those who have stuck around. For keeping the old sparks somewhat warm. It brings back good memories. Perhaps I'll give Shajs one last post.
  12. Allow me to give my apologies to those a left hanging. Life caught up, and I have been spectacularly busy over the past several months. Those on Kenotuku and Ko-Koro (I presume still evil at the second) especially. Taking some time to ruminate, I have decided to leave the BZPRPG. I simply do not have the passion for the game, and for Bionicle, as I once had. While I think I will be open to returning some day, I feel I must leave, and leave upon good terms. Let me thank all I have RPed with, be they here or gone. I started on this site without even knowing how to properly quote, how to properly capitalize. But by learning from the rest of you, over several years, I have gained a love of writing, and I do think a degree of skill in doing it. Let me thank the GMs, who have delivered a grand and compelling story year upon year, and always rather inspired me to write better and play better. For my characters, I ask the GMs take care of Larikon and the BoA, and kill him of with irony, if possible. The Taajars will go EmperorWhenua and the players who made it live. As for my other characters, anyone wishing may take them. Just please, don't kill them. Thank you all, one more time, for years of darn good fun. ~Mr. House.
  13. My apologies for recent inactivity. An infection stormed in after I just recovered from the flu. I will return in several days and return to speed.
  14. I've been busy recently. Replies will go up Sunday.
  15. It's kind of akin to first aid for fishhooks. Attempting to pull it out the way it entered would cause a deal of damage. Instead, one has to make the head exit the skin and cut it off with pliers.
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