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  1. Seems to me the Twitch option is the winning vote for now. Alot of the online-cons do it. TronCon and such. Dont fix something if it isnt broken, I suppose.
  2. Vezons ability to travel dimensions can be turned on and off, much like other powers, by the Great Beings. He was forced into rescuing the Cursed GB and his power switched on to save the Toa Lewa Gang only to have it switched off.
  3. Spherus Magna is unbelievably larger than Earth considering its Rocky nature. The Mata Nui robot is said to be around 12'000km tall (the diameter of the Earth) and it essentially sank in the oceans of Aqua Magna. As it is a Moon of Bara Magna, the moon is already bigger than Earth and by extention Spherus Magna.
  4. This Pliss sucks bro, See you LA-ter! Bad Snake Plissken Puns.
  5. Can you tell by my avatar that I approve of this? Are you planning on writing a story to accompany the images? Because I would not be opposed to being a consultant haha. I look forward to seeing more!
  6. See, personally, I don't think these plots are anything small that you can resolve quickly. Took them 3 movies to kill Darth Vader. Shadowed One and the Fusion are still out there. Lesovikk coulda had a nervous break down. Red Star is floating around shooting lightning at stuff. And Velika. That dude is a great being who can turn toa powers off. We all remember the last time the Toa lost their powers. Didnt think you could make a Le-Koronan depressed. He sounds like the next Teridax to me. Wouldnt surprise me if Velika wanted Teridax to take over the universe so he would be stopped, rebind the Solus Magna and land somewhere so Velika could get out and take over the other Great Beings. If the story kept going, it could be like a whole new Arc.
  7. Awooooo, is this the Krusty Krab Desu? No! This is Patarick-San!
  8. Tarakava tracks making a mess on your nice clean Po-Wahi Stone imported floors? Got some muddy Onu-Koro Miner shaped footprints all over your freshly cleaned, yet suspiciously Brotherhood of Makuta crested rug? Finding those pesky Toa walking around your universe, dirtying it up with their do-gooding? Try the Staff of Erasing, and forget all of those problems! Remember, Teridax says "Buy more Makut-o's" I think I made mine into a commercial.
  9. Give me the meltdown - Rob Thomas"Dont forget to feed your monkey"see... thats why i dont like using Lyrics as Song associations
  10. //Grid_Entry Active... Topic entered-- hmm maby it would be wired to have lewa be oxewa or Aewa le best fits his name and tuyet was not the first toa it was helyx she said that in a book but anyway le just best fit them. Levitate//Grid_Entry Active... Topic entered--To both of those, I say He was named after the Maori word for Air. not because Le- fits him better. Im saying the Element prefix could have been Ae- or Ox--His name was never ever ever going to be Oxewa of Aewa.- nor was it going to be based off of the word Levitate.--I thought you two should know that--//End of Line.Encom International ©
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