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    The island of Mata Nui
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    My interests include... trying to get active again on BZP.

    Update: Yeah, I'll settle for logging in once a year.
  1. This was my experience as well. Found the OGD in 2007, lurked for a year, joined in 2008. I forget if it was Wikipedia or maybe it lead me to Bionicle Wikia, but I remember I was reading about Ehlek and there were a bunch of oddly specific details I'd never seen in the comics or on the website, and about 20 citations leading to the Official Greg Discussion. I was intrigued, followed the link, blew my mind wide open.
  2. Have you looked through the links here? I tested a few links and while Dropbox ones appear to all be dead, there's at least a few links to other sites that still work. There's one called Visorak Arcade that appears to still be downloadable. The Map of Mata Nui is available from here.
  3. I very much like how you tied in Vakama's background as a mask maker, as well as his shoulder armor. Can't wait to see more of this!
  4. Happy Birthday! :)

  5. ...very much recently. My interest has been wavering recently; hopefully the new movie will change that. And speaking of which, I'm losing a lot of respect for the powerful ruler of a universe that has spawned eight years of Lego sets and three movies. I won't argue that "Click" is a cute name for a Scarabax beetle. But I don't want "cute" and "Mata Nui" connected in my mind. He was such an epic character; now he's running around with a pet beetle named "Click." C'mon, Lego. Please. Ok, rant's over. I'll be checking here in case anybody PMs me, just so you know, I'm not gone yet! Just somewhat detached.
  6. Toa Bors

    Check My Blox.

    Just the MOCing one. I'd really appreciate feedback on my latest. Oh, yeah, and since this isn't S&T... "bionicles"
  7. thanks for the info on bs01, but how do i make mine a aesome as yours?

  8. Just remember, this is not meant to be a full-fledged complaint. The goal of a rebuttal is to give a second and separate review from a different perspective.
  9. Toa Bors

    Brickfest 2009

    Man, that report took a while in coming. Must have been delayed by all the April Fools Day preparations... Still, can't wait for pics!
  10. I know, I was kidding. I have nothing at all against Gatanui, and I know he didn't earn his position for nothing. Now I have a new shocking story: SPIRIT is with the government! His PSAs will brainwash you! Shocking proof! (C'mon, only a government worker would title his comedic animations "Public Service Announcements.")
  11. All new members, listen up: Forum Mentors aren't really friendly, they just have a bunch of reused lines and their finger on the post button! Shocking footage! Don't be fooled by the all the smileys and words; remember, you are not the first person to fall into their trap! That is all.
  12. Celebrate big. For instance, celebrate with a 1 lb. Sugar Daddy. (Pics inside!) So I got my braces off recently (retainers are actually just as annoying for different reasons), and wanted to eat some previously "forbidden" candy to celebrate. And my uncle had gotten us these gigantic Sugar Daddys. (Size comparison w/ Lewa) Although mine was months old, the paper took forever to get off, and the candy was hard as protosteel, it was still edible. -Is- still edible. -Will be- still edible, at that. I'll have to share it with my grandkids. XD This blog entry brought to you by Bfahome's Image Hosting Service. For all the images you can't host, Bfahome is the name to remember.
  13. Toa Bors

    Blog Q&A

    Sure, blog approvals can be as ridiculous as you want, as long as they're not innapropriate, huge, etc.
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