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  1. My thoughts so far... Chronicles: Yeeeaah, they don't hold up quite as well as I remembered (especially the Mask of Light novel). They're a little on the boring side, which is forgivable considering the age range they're intended for. Adventures: These have always been my favorite, even if I don't care for the Hordika storyline. Time Trap still remains my favorite book. Legends: Currently I'm only on Dark Destiny. I almost forgot how edgy they tried to be during this period lol. Not sure how I feel about it.
  2. Interesting, I never knew that. So kind of like Voyage of Fear/Maze of Shadows with the Inika. I know younger me would have loved that lol. I'd have to agree about being the most disappointed about the serials not being finished, as I was really getting into those.
  3. Bambi

    The Red Star

    Still gives me chills to this day.
  4. I'm looking forward to getting it, but I had no idea it comes out tomorrow night lol.
  5. Bambi


    A couple of things: First, anyone here play Temtem? I've heard mostly good things about it and was thinking of getting it, maybe if it goes on sale or something. Though now does seem to be as good a time as any, if I'm going to end up being stuck home due to recent events... Also, I'm super stoked that a bunch of Mario games are coming to Switch, especially the SM64 remake. Though to be honest, I kind of wish they'd port the DS version instead lol. But I'll take what I can get. And I think Super Mario World is coming as well? That'll be fun too. SM64/SMW are two of my favorite games of all time. One final thing, does anyone know what size the header image needs to be for blogs?
  6. Two things that while I don't spend as much time doing as I used to, are still able to get me down. The past can be hard to let go of, but I can't stay in it forever. I'm happy for all the memories the good old days bring me. ^^ It's crazy to think about how in just under two months I'll have had this account for twelve years. But anyways, moving on...
  7. Bambi

    Primitive Droid

    The final episode should be coming out within the next few weeks. Apparently it's going to be an hour long lol.
  8. Bambi

    Primitive Droid

    Last week I was watching Lego Rewind by Nick on Planet Ripple and it had me feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to head over to Bricklink and pick up one of the first Lego sets I ever got, a technic R2D2. Quite an interesting little guy. I still find pieces of my old one in my collection to this day. The only big function he has is that his little arm flips out lol. I wonder what a set like this would look like nowadays?
  9. Bambi

    I'm Sorry

    I need to apologize for the many terrible things I've said and done in the past. I'm sorry to everyone I hurt with my stupidity. If you ever want to talk something over please PM me.
  10. You could say the same thing about Minecraft when it first debuted (and in fact, many people did). And yet it went on to be a highly successful theme that has lasted over five years. Modern video games tend to be a very different beast than movies when it comes to licensing, with the biggest success stories not always that predictable prior to release but often having a long "tail" (the persistence of a game's popularity after release), ESPECIALLY for games like Minecraft and Overwatch with both a robust multiplayer scene and a steady stream of new content and updates. As such, it's probably a safer strategy for a company like Lego to wait and see which games can maintain their popularity in the long term before jumping into a major licensing partnership. I wasn't saying they aren't going to sell well, just that there's not as much hype for them.
  11. Missed the hype by like two years, but they actually look pretty nice. Might get some of them.
  12. 3.5 Collectible minifigs that come in Loot Boxes?
  13. Cool, might pick up a few if they look good and the prices are decent.
  14. Bambi


    What it do?
  15. Wonderful, been wanting this since I heard about all those years ago. Wonder how they got it? *disappears*
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