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  1. Bambi

    Music Questionaire

    I. What will I dream about tonight? "Dawn Patrol" by Megadeth. Okay? II. What song best describes my love life? "The Long Road" by Overkill. lol III. What is my life’s ambition? “Where Owls Know My Name" by Rivers of Nihil. IV. Who is my greatest hero? “Colony" by In Flames. V. What do I want right now? “Lucretia" by Megadeth. VI. What is my dream job? “Stalfegel" by Soilwork. VII. Where does my future best friend live? “Sangreal" by Septicflesh. VIII. What song fits me the best? “Crusher Destroyer" by Mastodon. Interesting. IX. What is the real answer to life, the universe, and everything? “Bullet to the Brain" by Megadeth. I have no words. X. What should I definitely not eat? "Powershifter" by Fear Factory. XI. How will I die? “Dark Art" by Septicflesh. Seems accurate. XII. What will people say at my funeral? “The Scorpion" by Megadeth. XIII. How will my grandchildren feel about me? “Time" by Anthrax. XIV. Who loves me right now? “Black Serenade" by Slayer. XV. What is my true identity? “High Road" by Mastodon. XVI. Who or what is my greatest foe? “War Pigs/Luke's Wall" by Black Sabbath. Fitting I guess lol. XVII. Aliens just teleported me out of my computer chair in a swirl of blue sparkles what happens next!? “The Doctor is Calling" by Megadeth. That probably would end up being what happens. XVIII. Any last words? “Born Dead Buried Alive" by Hypocrisy. Favorites: 8 and 9.
  2. Bambi

    Christmas Tree 2020

    All it's missing is some tinsel to add a little pizzazz. But this is our tree for 2020.
  3. Bambi

    Christmas is Cancelled

    I'll come visit your profile Christmas morning. It'll be like you're really here with my family and I. One could say, you'll be there in spirit.
  4. Apex Legends. Decided to try the game out since it's free to play and finally on Steam, and I've been having fun so far.
  5. Like my Christmas signature? 

  6. I know it's not a console game, but Maze of Shadows for the GBA used turn-based combat like Pokemon. Also, I feel like not a whole lot of people know about this, so I'll just leave it here:
  7. That the Stars would be a good series of sets to end Bionicle with.
  8. They're completely different games gameplay wise. The DS version is basically Metroid Prime: Bionicle.
  9. I had fun with the 03 game, despite being a little disappointed that they skipped over so much of the story. I hated some of the levels like the Kopaka one and the part of the Lewa one where you have to glide behind the bird. I know the game isn't really good, but at the time I enjoyed it. Though I'll have to say Heroes is the better game by far. Sure, it's really repetitive and easy, but younger me still enjoyed seeing all the Bionicle characters, even though I knew it was all out of place. I enjoyed playing as the Inika (sort of) and the funny cutscenes with the Piraka. Plus the soundtrack is good. The DS version is better though lol.
  10. "The Day I Tried to Live" by Soundgarden.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving. ^^

  12. Bambi


    I didn't know they did either.
  13. Bambi


    Honestly, I've never really been a fan of any rendition of the Grinch, even by TSO. My favorite Christmas song is pretty much any version of O Holy Night. Though this might be my favorite TSO song.
  14. Bambi


    Very soon...
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