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  1. Oh my goodness I am so tired. It feels like my mind is moving in 60fps but my body is going in 15 x.x

  2. Bambi


    Mmmmmaybe. Bulbasaur isn't my favorite, but they do look pretty spooky. :>
  3. Happy birthday fellow September baby! Hope it's a good one. ^^
  4. Bambi


    Oof, yeah I've heard something about that before...
  5. I just discovered there's a Lego store a few hours from me. :O Might be worth checking out sometime.

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Awesome! I remember the struggle of no local LEGO store, I’m sorry. :(

  6. It is really cool, but a expensive. Buuut Super Mario 64 is one of my favorite games of all time. ;_; It'd be so cool if they did minifig-scale sets from the game.
  7. Bambi


    Looks like it's finally time to break out the spooks. :3 I've set up some more, but it's not really picture worthy. But I do like my Pika pumpkin mug. c: I'm also looking forward to doing some more fruit carving this year.
  8. Oooh, I really like this one. Might actually buy it. While we're making Fender, how about a bass to go with it?
  9. The genesis of Bambi: Around 2007 when the Michael Bay Transformers movie came out, I got a Brawl figure and my brother got Megatron. We thought it was funny how when Megatron was transformed into vehicle mode, it looked like he had a beak. Fast forward to 2008, after years of lurking I wanted to create an account here, so I asked my brother for a username suggestion. He said Brawl and Megatrons Beak, and for some reason we thought it was hilarious and I stuck with it lol. Nobody wants to type all that when referring to me, so it got shortened to Bamb, and then Bambi. Not sure if I'd have gone with that nowadays, but it was funny thirteen years ago.
  10. Reminds me of a terminator. Little too much chrome for my liking.
  11. Definitely the Mata head. I remember when I found the tutorial here explaining how to take them apart I went and started popping everyone's eyes out.
  12. Thank you both for the kind birthday wishes! ;-; That drawing is amazing; it looks like something official. May the BZP posting and pumpkin farming continue on for many years! ^^
  13. Geez, I haven't heard that term in ages.
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