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  1. You could say the same thing about Minecraft when it first debuted (and in fact, many people did). And yet it went on to be a highly successful theme that has lasted over five years. Modern video games tend to be a very different beast than movies when it comes to licensing, with the biggest success stories not always that predictable prior to release but often having a long "tail" (the persistence of a game's popularity after release), ESPECIALLY for games like Minecraft and Overwatch with both a robust multiplayer scene and a steady stream of new content and updates. As such, it's probably a safer strategy for a company like Lego to wait and see which games can maintain their popularity in the long term before jumping into a major licensing partnership. I wasn't saying they aren't going to sell well, just that there's not as much hype for them.
  2. Missed the hype by like two years, but they actually look pretty nice. Might get some of them.
  3. 3.5 Collectible minifigs that come in Loot Boxes?
  4. Cool, might pick up a few if they look good and the prices are decent.
  5. Bambi


    What it do?
  6. Wonderful, been wanting this since I heard about all those years ago. Wonder how they got it? *disappears*
  7. Ordered Demonic and Brotherhood of the Snake by Testament, Spreading the Disease, Among the Living, State of Euphoria, and Persistence of Time by Anthrax, and impulse bought Death Magnetic by Metallica.
  8. Bambi

    Nostalgia Bomb!

    Here's another good one:
  9. Ordered The Killing Kind by Overkill, Souls of Black and The Formation of ***nation by Testament, Hardwired... by Metallica, and Streetcleaner by Godflesh.
  10. Ordered Kill 'Em All and Metallica by Metallica, and Low by Testament.
  11. Ordered Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets by Metallica and The Ritual by Testament.
  12. Bambi

    My New Baby

    Your new bookshelf looks pretty nice. Don't think you'll need a stand for it though.
  13. Maybe not every other Overkill album. They're still good at doing what they do though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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