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    I believe in and love the Lord Jesus Christ; as an Apostolic-Pentecostal, I believe He is God. I also love my family, my friends, and my beloved country America.

    I am a second-year-senior in Professional Meteorology at Mississippi State University, and my big temporal passion in life is severe weather. I love storm chasing, as well as otherwise seeking and photographing all manner of weather, nature, and landscapes, and eventually I hope to photograph the stars. Volcanoes have been a rival passion to meteorology and severe weather as I grew up, and at one time I wanted to be a volcanologist; interestingly, I'm not the person in meteorology with this backstory. I'm also near-obsessively interested in carwashes, and - like weather and volcanoes - have been since I was a little kid. When I'm older, I hope to open a tunnel carwash company.

    It should go without saying that I enjoy Bionicle, at one time to the point of obsession. I first was introduced to it in the fall of 2001, when I was nine; and in my teen years, I spent many hours on the living room floor building MOCs. I highly look forward to resuming this vaguely-organized chaos with the return of Bionicle in 2015.

    I like to write, as well as draw by pencil and compose/arrange music via a MIDI editor known as KB Piano. Most of my creative endeavors involve a couple series of books I am writing: one is a coming-of-age novel series detailing a college student and his friends' adventures as they reach adulthood; and the other series is in a dystopian future United States (the themes akin to those of 1984, Star Wars, and Red Dawn, as well as the Hunger Games).

    For entertainment purposes, I mostly enjoy video games, mainly the core Nintendo franchises: Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, and Kirby. I've played and enjoyed Halo before, though I no longer play it as much as I used to. Out of these, however, Zelda and Pokémon are my favorites. I also consider myself a brony, that is to say, I enjoy the current My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.

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  1. Regitnui - Of course elemental energy is volatile if not property contained. That's how the Bohrok-Kal lost themselves (I'd really hate to be Pahrak-Kal right now).
  2. I've got a list: *Definitely Takua, for sure. If there was ever a single main character of the 2001-2003 Story Arc, it would have to be Takua. *The Turaga and other key Matoran, such as: Jaller, Kapura, Nuhrii / Matoro, Kopeke, Ehrye / Hahli, Macku, Kotu, Vhisola / Hewkii, Hafu, Ahkmou / Nuparu, Onepu, Taipu / Kongu, Tamaru, and Orkahm. *The classic Rahi, the Bohrok, and the Rahkshi. *Skakdi, Visorak, Xians, et cetera. *Makuta, and the Brotherhood. *Order of Mata Nui. *NOT THE GIANT ROBOT. That about sum it up?
  3. ~T1S~: Perhaps I should have used an emoticon; I'm a literalist so I suppose it can be hard for people to not take me literally. I would also quote you directly except I'm having trouble making the site do that for me. The garden analogy makes sense - as I myself help in my Mom's flower and vegetable gardens. Obviously we have earth to plant the flowers and vegetables in, but in the flower gardens we also use rocks to make things look prettier, section off areas, et cetera. I suppose some of my frustration with earth and stone stems from the fact that there aren't many examples of Stone Toa using their elemental power. I'm sure there are others, but the only one I can think of is the Toa battling Makuta in Mata Nui Online Game. As far as plasma, I've known about plasma balls most of my life, and I remember being introduced to plasma as a state-of-matter in junior-high science. It exists between liquid and gas, with fire being a common example thereof (the sun is also an example). This is why you might associate plasma with fire, because many substances you deal with on a daily basis would have to be very hot to reach a plasma state. What if the specific elemental power of Plasma, would be to heat or cool a substance to where the entirety of its affected mass were in a plasma state? And then, this power might be further defined as being able to telekinetically control most substances in a plasma state. This is in comparison to Fire and Ice, which specifically control and govern those elements, and change the temperature with respect to those elements. And I say most substances in a plasma state, because no Bionicle character needs to be able to control the sun, Toa - Bohrok-Kal - Rahkshi - or especially the Makuta. Poor Pahrak-Kal - if his uncontrollable plasma powers are continuing to burn a hole in his surroundings - he must still be falling toward the core of (what is now) the revived Spherus Magna.
  4. Well then, I'm simply not a great fan of Mata Nui being this big, Universal Robot, as well as the fact that they went through with it. I felt the series in general was better before we knew about the MU being Mata Nui itself. Thank you, however, for correcting my misconception.
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong, Bonesii - importance of environment is fundamental to my field-of-study (meteorology). In elemental fantasies such as Bionicle, as well as Legend of Zelda, there is an obvious connection between vegetation and air (besides the processes of photosynthesis). Perhaps it is the idea of being off the ground, but I just have trouble with one replacing the other. It was great when they finally made a Toa of the Green, so as to have both.
  6. I was not a great fan of whenever they decided Mata Nui was a giant robot AND the MU itself, fufufu...so I'll say the 2009-2010 story arc. Don't forget 2010 had the Stars. And that Final Battle between Mata Nui and Makuta...it was all so rushed. It honestly felt like they pulled a Lost and said, "Well, we've overstretched the story by way too much, and now we have to rush an ending." Whatever happened afterward? I guess it all just fizzled out? As Archon~ said above, I can get behind the first half of 2003 being a black sheep. Likewise, I enjoyed the characterization of the Bohrok-Kal - they honestly had great personalities. But you don't know how many times I got onto BZP that half of the year - hoping to see news about the coming sets later that year - only to find news about whoever had most recently gotten a sterling-silver or white-metal Krana-Kal. As such, I was always shaking the canisters at Walmart to see if there was such a Krana-Kal in one of those - but did I ever find one? Of course not.
  7. For me it was Macku, in the 2001 McDonalds Promo when she was called Maku. Bionicle almost immediately became the big new thing for me. I subsequently got Jaller (then called Jala), Kongu, Matoro, Hewkii (then called Huki), another Matoro, and we eventually had to order Onepu off of eBay. I don't know if getting Onepu was before or after I got my first Toa, Pohatu.
  8. -T1S-: You do realize the Pokémon part was meant to be humorous, right? Not that I'm lying about my lament that Jynx is pretty much the only Psychic-Ice pokemon, but that part was meant to be humorous. Back at the farm...I suppose as an aspiring scientist, I have trouble not categorizing things accordingly. I realize that there is a better place for Ice and Water to be separate, but I still find myself unable to see Earth and Stone as separate. I will say I find it tad bit...disturbing...that they straight-up replaced Air with Jungle. It makes sense to have a separate vegetation-based element somewhere, but not to replace a wind-based element. Sheesh, someone just give me new Bionicles to build MOCs with.
  9. I suppose I shall admit it is certainly more colorful to have more elements.
  10. No, Ice and Water. To maintain the existence of the Ko-Matoran, they would simply be given Psionics. Similar to how I theoretically assigned Kinetics to Pohatu... However, to digress, if you know of a good ice and psychic Pokémon besides Jynx, please do let me know.
  11. Earth. Stone. Both are found in the ground, so why are there two separate elements? I scarcely see a difference between the two, other than the density of the materials involved. This is similar with the elemental power of Iron, which I understand is basically just about metal - also found in the ground. My question is, why not combine them all into an overall element of Earth? You might ask what would become of Pohatu, whose elemental power I say would become Kinetics - a merger of elemental powers of physics such as Sonics, Magnetism, Gravity, et cetera - of course inspired by the discussion "Two Thoughts on Elements" thread. Pohatu as a Toa of Kinetics stems largely from his bearing the Kanohi Kakama, as well as wide open desert to play around with and perhaps the Kohlii football. This is similar with Lightning and Light - come on, just make one elemental for the electromagnetic spectrum and call it Light. Or, combine lightning with Kinetics, since like the forces mentioned above, electricity is a fundamental part of physics. I almost want to see Ice merged with Water, and Psionics be granted to Kopaka and the Ko-Matoran, but we all know why males can't be trusted with that. (Thanks a lot, Toa Orde!)
  12. Fanfiction - wait, are there many of us wanting to rewrite the original storyline? Because I'm having serious thoughts of doing so myself. In fact, I literally just opened up Microsoft Word to start laying down notes.
  13. I feel like earth and stone should be one element, and was having similar considerations about the ones you listed. For things like lightning have one big element about the electromagnetic spectrum - under the Toa of Light. Kinetics wouldn't be a bad element either, bringing sonics, magnetism, and gravity into this. Hehehe, you're giving me "epic" ideas...
  14. I don't think so, at least not necessarily. I for one look forward to having new brown pieces to work with once more. However, I will say, the gunmetal/keetorange color scheme was clever and beautiful combination that went well together. Just bear in mind this is for a new generation that mostly were too young to remember the brown/tan color scheme. Regardless, there will be MOCs...
  15. Ah, I am so glad that Bionicle is returning in 2015. It's great to see sets in the classical colors. I admit I'm not the greatest fan of the printing on those chest armor pieces.But um, it's LEGO - that is to say, it's meant to be taken apart and reassembled into MOCs - my favorite part of Bionicle - which I intend to do, in addition to casually writing my own Bionicle fanfic combining the best of the two versions of Bionicle. BIONICLE 2015 FOR THE WIN! There will be masks...
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