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  1. dviddy

    Some news

    Maddison and I got married on October 2nd, 2021 in a very lovely elopement in the same city we live in, at sunset.
  2. Just a warning up front: this will probably be long, and it is going to touch on, though not go into very deeply, some more mature themes such as drug use, and skirt around some sensitive sexual-adjacent content. If these topics are triggers for you, I hold no will will towards you for not reading or pushing through. There is no need to relive your trauma on my behalf. Though some of these topics push (or blow past) the rules here on BZP, I have been specifically asked by the administration to post this after some topics of conversation had elsewhere have recently come up. The rest will be under a spoiler.
  3. Hmm, the yellow one looks weird without the bionicle mocs on display behind it.
  4. True. I was 14 when BIONICLE started and also when I joined BZPower (then BZCommunity), which means I am 31 now.
  5. I spent all of last week in Denmark. Installing a display of my MOCs in the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery. Still a bit in shock.
  6. Well, I guess it's time to head to Freddy's.... Gateway had the next Ninjago lineup all out too, but I'm holding out on set purchases until Brickfair and after. But a quick minifig for a Cedric? That I can do.
  7. Could you list your favs from top to bottom? That would certainly help. 4 > 6 > 7 >5 Places like customink do tie-dye shirts. I made sure to look before offering it even as a joking suggestion.
  8. Can I vote for several?? 4 and 6 are my personal faves. 7 is a close next. I'm fond of 5 but it reminds me too much of the Takanuva one in retrospect.
  9. No more "black on _________" please please please. (Quick and dirty edits I know I missed some spots) TIE-DYE (I know this isn't a real option but hear me out) Orange on Grey White on Orange White on Tealish White on Bright Blue
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