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    I have many interests. If you must know, yes this is going to be another one of those long lists. <br /><br />Favorite BZP Artwork III Comics:<br />Dark709's Comics<br />Nuparurock's Comics<br />Gavla's Comics<br />Live, Learn, and Lawsuits (now 3(L)squared)<br />IIMT - Tapika's Comic Emporium<br />Darcsyde's Comics 2.0<br />The few true comics of The One True Terton<br />Bluh Bluh Huge Emporium (Shadonix's Comics)<br />Any of my own work<br />Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics 2.0<br />TOG's Comics<br />Worlds Beyond the Horizon of the Mind<br />The Lazy Life of A Comic Maker 2.0<br />The Asylum<br />Tinr's Comics<br />Jalla's Comics<br />Supernova Comics<br />Imagenatory<br />Civil War<br />More later...<br /><br />Music (bands):<br />(in no particular order)<br />Franz Ferdinand<br />The White Stripes<br />Three Days Grace<br />Raconteurs<br />Our Lady Peace<br />Matthew Good<br />Linkin Park<br />The Beatles<br />AC-DC<br />All American Rejects<br />April Wine<br />Blue Oyster Cult<br />Boston<br />BTO<br />Cheap Trick<br />Def Leppard<br />Disturbed<br />Europe<br />Foo Fighters<br />Foreigner<br />Golden Earing<br />Green Day<br />The Guess Who<br />Jimi Hendrix<br />Led Zeppelin<br />Neil Young<br />Paul McCartney & Wings<br />Pink Floyd<br />Queen<br />Red Hot Chili Peppers<br />Rush<br />Supertramp<br />The Trews<br />Tom Petty<br />Trooper<br />U2<br />Weezer<br />The Who<br />Oasis<br />Beady Eye<br /><br />Books:<br />TLotR<br />The Hobbit<br />Silmarillion<br />The Children of Hurin<br />Unfinished Tales<br />Redwall (the whole series)<br />The Sight<br />Star Trek Q&A<br />A Long Way Gone<br />The Tortilla Curtain<br />Star Trek Mirror Universe: Glass Empire<br />Garfield comics<br />Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice<br /><br />Movies:<br />Avatar (best movie ever)<br />All the Star Wars<br />All the Star Treks<br />Both Transformers movies<br />Titan AE<br />TLotR<br />Men Who Stare at Goats<br />District 9<br />Cloverfield<br />Badboys 1 and 2<br />Rambo 1,2,3<br />Alien 1,2,3,4<br />Predator<br />AVP<br />Serenity<br />The Alamo<br />Master and Commander<br />Master of Disguise<br />Space Balls<br />Monty Python and the Holy Grail<br />Austin Powers 1,2,3<br />The DaVinci Code<br />Angels and Demons<br />Attack of the Killer Tomatoes<br />the first 3 Bionicle movies (haven`t seen the new one yet)<br />Inception<br />The A-Team<br />Scott Pilgrim vs. The World<br />Kick-A**<br />and many more...<br /><br />Games:<br />Star Wars Battlefront II<br />Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen<br />Battlestar Galactica<br />Super Smash Bros. Brawl<br />Beatles Rockband<br />Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II<br />Call of Duty: Black Ops<br />Uncharted II: Among Thieves<br />The New Super Mario Bros.<br />Borderlands<br />LittleBigPlanet<br />Battlefield: Bad Company<br />Battlefield: Bad Comapny 2<br />Medal of Honour<br />more later...<br /><br />I`m out of stuff for now. More later.

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  1. Sooooooo...... My music has vastly improved since I last posted 4 years ago. Released an album recently:
  2. Wow! What a throwback! I didn't think this would still be on the second page of the forum! Sorry I never got around to finishing this... But, as you can probably guess, life took over. I've been so busy these last 4 years! I graduated university in 2017, been working on making EDM and writing my novel, and I got a job! It's always fun looking at these from time to time though, and if I find the time, I'd love to finish the story arc I started all those years ago! Until then, please, read and comment! I'd love to see what you guys have to say
  3. Woah hey, we have the same birthday. Happy b-day, my dude.

    1. Kazi the Matoran

      Kazi the Matoran

      Oh hey, lol Nice! Happy very-belated birthday! I haven't been on here in over a year :P

  4. Heh... Still busy with school. Thank goodness I'm graduating this year! Possibility of comics coming back a bit over the summer.

  5. lol, thanks man Likely won't be any new comics until at least the Christmas/Holiday break. Super busy with school at the moment
  6. Sorry about the lack of content lately. I started and lost all my work on the character sheet and school has started up, so I've been busy with stuff.

  7. Mmmmm, oil! Yummy! *barfsimmediately* Never mind, lol XD
  8. I love how hilariously problematic these robot suite malfunctions are XD
  9. And yet another good one! Never stop, man. You're too good! I need to step up production on my comics
  10. From this past winter, my own unique brand of glitch hop! https://soundcloud.com/t-mg9/infinite Enjoy!
  11. 2.5/5 Becoming more and more familiar with you, seeing you around a lot.
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