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  1. A hack-and-slash game like MGR that goes through all of the G1 bionicle story line would be pretty fun.
  2. I remember hearing how Bandai re-releases old power rangers toys and LEGO did the same with Star Wars, as stated above by Blastcage. I would be up for this in all honesty, but there would have to be something accompanying this to make it happen. For example, power rangers had the new movie not too long ago which, I assume is why they re-released old toys, LEGO would have to do something along those lines to have a purpose and get enough sales obviously. A new Bionicle movie? TV series that re-tells gen 1 from the ground-up? I would enjoy that a lot, though I don't know if they would go the PG-13 route, maybe keep it PG
  3. I enjoyed 2006 a whole lot. There was tons interesting story twists in the main storyline (havn't followed the side-stories tbh), but the sets were really cool as well. The Zamor spheres were fun to play with. Story-wise, an island overun by piraka disguised as toa and matoran barely surviving. It was very fun stuff, especially when the Toa Inika came along and really put up a fight. At least in the comics it was very cool, and I think I had almost every single set that year. Even that gold piraka-combination or whatever. That's just my perspective.
  4. Ah, well that's that I guess. Had good memories with that site as it evolved, but hopefully something of it will return one day.
  5. Very nice art! Quite a lot of details, and I can't say anything bad about it really. Mostly since I'm not such a good artist myself haha. The details are nice, along with your other drawings, a very nice art style of mechanical and organic things. I really like it!
  6. So...has anyone ever watched/read this series, possibly the ova? Personally, I love this series and I just watched it. It may be a bit cliche, and not have the best character development, but it sure does has some really great action and a very good story to it(again, not the most original but nothing it original these days). To me, everything about this series was just done in the right way, characters action, plot, just everything was done to my taste and made me love this series.How about you, what do you think of this series?
  7. Has anyone ever watched the anime or read the manga of Gantz? Personally I love it and it on my top favorite anime series. I've only seen the anime, and really should read the manga since it continues/ is better than the anime. It's a pretty violent story but you'd probably know that, 18+ and stuff.What are your thoughts about Gantz, the manga or anime? Like it? Hate it?
  8. I have pretty much all my bionicle's on my shelves, their pretty much surrounding my room lol. Over 100 is quite alot. Also, i have video games, books, and a TV in my room as well. That's pretty much it.
  9. Wow, that's a really awesome looking Tahu Mistika! Looks better than the original. I'm not sure what to say, but I do kind of agree with TNG Prime, his waist kinda looks small and a bit femaleness, but overall pretty amazing!
  10. This is pretty awesome! It definitely looks like Pohatu Nuva, and the blurriness really adds to the portrait of it trying to be a sandstorm as you said! But only thing that seems off it him standing with the background, it kind of looks like he's floating. I don't know, it might be my eyes, but still awsome portrait overall! Oh I see it now, thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for your CC, I'll definitely try and improve, yeah I think I should have worked harder on the background, kinda just halved it to be honest, but whats done is done now, I'll try and give more attention to the background, and overall piece like Gali's lower torso as well, I didn't notice before but now that you mentioned it, it does seem a bit big for her body. Yeah, I do draw from life as well, from watches and electronics, even animals sometimes from photographs, so on. So I should improve as time goes on, but still thanks for the advice.Also sorry for another update on the picture, I did update the colored picture a small bit. It's not much, I gave Gali some shading, and the shadows are a bit different and darker, also a couple of shines on Gali, but I though I'd let you know. I'm not really sure how shading with color pallets work well yet, but I tried. Here's the updated image: http://fc05.devianta...195-d55s90p.jpg
  12. Wow, you sure when through alot of edits to make a pretty amazing protait. How exactly did you turn the drawing on paper to this amazing artwork?
  13. Thanks! Yes, I draw them from scratch. However, I use Transformers as the base for the design. I simply translate it. Just like tossing a Transformer into a machine, and having it come out the other end as a Bionicle.Oh I see, I'm personally not familiar with individual bionicle parts if I tried this it would most likely turn out sloppy lol. I also don't MOC or combine my sets now, since I like my sets as their originals, but you seem to MOC alot so that's probably why your more experienced with individual parts.Edit 1: Oh I see, well still it's pretty amazing drawing MOC's from scratch though.
  14. I like it! I must wonder how hard it is draw these from scratch, or do you Moc them first and use the MOC as the key when drawing? Anyways, a great drawing overall, but a little shading would give it more realism, and a different stance, would be better, but that was already discussed on the previous fourm so I'm sure you know already. But still a pretty successful portait!
  15. More of as movie-style, organic-ish on the inside mostly yet still looking mechanical and not to human-ish. Or when I draw them it's a more set-form with slightly more organic parts. That's kinda how try to think of them. Otherwise, half the time I think of them in set-form, but animated like in MNOG.
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