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  1. Earlier today, while watching the second and third Bionicle films, I've noticed that some of the ambient sound effects in the background were borrowed from the Carnivores games. It seems that whoever was in charge of sound effects in these movies was really fond of the games, because quite a few of these sounds were used.In the scene depicted above, in the beginning of Web of Shadows, as the Toa Metru looked in terror at their ruined, Rahi-infested city, a lot of animal noises were heard, among which were the Moschops croak and distant T-Rex call from the first Carnivores game, and the distant Parasaurolophus trumpet from Carnivores 2. I could not help but associate these sounds with these animals, so I went ahead and added them to the picture.I guess Whenua wasn't joking when he said they had "everything" in the Archives...
  2. and still you use characters from the first set of stories. but you´ve improved

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