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    ...The new Glatorian Legends, my drawings, my fanfics, my oboe, my everything.<br /><br /><br />TRANSFORMERS FOREVER!!!!!!

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  1. Nice personal pic. =)

  2. Yeah lol.

    Sorry to hear you got banned there. I just got let out 2 days ago. =P

  3. Not much, the spamfest was fail.

  4. Hey, this is Toa Rodimus from Eb, how's it going?

  5. Well, I'm anticipating this with Shrimp Scampi.

  6. Super cool story bro!

  7. Not matter what, I will GET HIM. If by murder, yes.

  8. I really, REALLY want TTMN. Ever since 01, when I heard about him being all uber hax powerful, I've wanted a large set of him.

  9. Oh, I meant TTMN. But 50 dollars... Well, there's goes Devy.

  10. Yeah, TMN is right next to me. What I really want is TTMN.

  11. ;) TMN is near, my friend.
  12. Hey, AOB from TFW2005 here.

  13. Cool. Let's just communicate through these comment things.

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