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    San Antonio, TX/college
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    I'm not allowed to have any...not after last time ;.;<br /><br /><br />Seriously, though, I mostly enjoy MOCing...and Scrubs, Fullmetal Alchemist, and FLCL (my three most favoritest shows ever :3). Um, I also like laughing, making people laugh, video games, computers, other geeky stuff, learning new things, good music, Psychology, Mythology(my favorites are Norse, Egyptian, and Aztec) Mello Yello, Ramen, Taffy, Castlevania games, Final Fantasy games, Hatin' on the PS3

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  1. Catra

    happy belated birthday you wesome blog staffer you

  2. Kame


    I wish that made sense. Seriously. If those three subjects were more intertwined, well, they'd be one subject.
  3. You!

    Happy birthday. :D

  4. Hooray! A convert! :D

  5. So, I've decided to share playlists via my blog. I'll be updating whenever I feel like. First one up: Percussion Perfection As the name implies, only the best drummers are here. I tried not to repeat artists, cause I never like doing that, but there's always exceptions. 1. Rock and Roll -Led Zeppelin 2. Moby Dick- Led Zeppelin 3. Hot For Teacher- Van Halen 4. In Her Drawer- Rx Bandits 5. The Fallen Interlude- Blink 182 6. Who Are You?- The Who 7. Halo- Bloc Party 8. Knights- Minus the Bear 9. Deadly Rhythm- Refused 10. Toxicity- System of a Down 11. Dry the River- Maylene and the Sons of Disaster 12. Around the World- Red Hot Chili Peppers 13. The Archers Bows Have Broken- Brand New 14. Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)- The Mars Volta 15. Wax Simulacra- The Mars Volta Comments? Criticism? Suggestions?
  6. Thank you -sooooo- much. I had always meant to get some New Pornographers, but always forgot. and Now, I'm in love with them.

  7. Kame

    Pain In The Grass 2009

    Fact: Mudvayne -never- disappoints.
  8. Kame

    Oliver Ii

    This is actually directly related to the previous entry. I need a new iPod, preferably a 160GB. Who's gonna help me out? Who's gonna feed my addiction? Who's gonna give/find me a ridiculously good deal on aforementioned iPod?
  9. Kame

    I'm Craving....

    Eeeee! Thankyourhankyouthankyou. And yeah, you nailed it on the head about modern and old country. And yeah, hard to find something I don't listen to, besides for radio (excepting the college and classical stations, of course).
  10. Kame

    I'm Craving....

    If this disappoints me, I will come to your house, and I will cut you. EDIT: GOOD NEWS! I like them, you won't get cut.
  11. Kame

    I'm Craving....

    If their covers, sure. You're not allowed in my blog anymore...
  12. Kame

    I'm Craving....

    ...some new musics. Start suggestions . . . . . . . . . . NOW!
  13. So, in regards to your post in my blog (that was from ages ago) about whether one of the CDs in the pile was from the band Beat Happenings, it turns out it's actually a CD for a very quirky band called Beatnik Filmstars....I wasn't sure which band it was until I looked at the original picture I took of the CD pile.

    Anyway, random fact of the day.

  14. Out of curiosity, have you listened to Modest Mouse's older stuff? Like the stuff before "Good News For People Who Love Bad News"? If n

  15. Kame


    ...just ate my belly. Discuss.
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