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    Hello, I'm the Unknown. I pretty much like music and strategies and such as what the soilder uses on the battlefield. <br /><br />I especially like rifles such as,<br />The M1 Garand( The Combat Rifle the GI used during WWII)<br />The 1903 Springfield ( The Combat Rifle the GI used during the Spanish-American War and contiued to be used as a sniper rifle until the Mid-1950's)<br />The Lee Enfield SMLE ( The Combat Rifle the United Kingdom used until the 1960's, they began using it during the early 1900's. It was the first Bolt-Action rifle and a soilder could do what was called the "Mad Minute." This was when the soilder shot 200 meters down range, and pulled off 30 rounds in a minute.)<br /><br />I am also intrested in Star Wars. I especially like the second movie when it introduces the clone wars. If you like Star Wars, please PM me.<br /><br />I of course am interested bionicles. I personally like the Toa Marhi part of bionicle, it just seemed so real.<br /><br />If you like any of these, Please PM me.<br /><br />Thank you.

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  1. Dang, I can't believe this is still going on, too bad I missed the first part. But I will definately be joining on the next one!-Missing In Action.
  2. I recently re-read my old songfic and decided to write another. As I reached the end of this one, i decided to make them a kind of series. So this one is about three years newer lol.I close both locks below the windowI close both blinds and turn awaySometimes solutions aren't so simpleSometimes goodbye's the only way Hewkii walked around his hut to make sure he’d grabbed the most important objects for survival. I’ve already given away most of my possessions, now I just have to worry about what to carry with me.A knock came at the door, “Hello??” asked a familiar voice. The voice sounded haste and confused.Hewkii already knew in his mind what this visit was about, and was anticipating some trouble in the coming conversation.As the door opened, a familiar shadow shone across the ground, one Hewkii had come to know and love over the times…it was Toa Pohatu.“Hewkii! I heard that you are leaving, but for where?? Please don’t tell me that you are feeling guilty for Mackus’ death, it wasn’t your fault,” the toa said while still gasping for breath. He walked in and shut the door behind him. His usual tall and strong posture had escaped him in the current situation.“She was killed by a quick and stupid decision by the Turagas, I want to learn more about Jala’s death and I can’t do that when everyone around here just wants to put it in the past,” Hewkii vented as he went around closing all the windows.“Nobody cares anymore,” he mumbled as he bumped Pohatu’s shoulder on the way out the door. Pohatu turned around to watch him go…Hewkii’s figure grew smaller with every second as he walked off into the dim sunset. And the sun will set for youThe sun will set for youAnd the shadow of the dayWill embrace the world in greyAnd the sun will set for youHewkii walked down to the edge of Po-Nui, where the large canyon of stone came to an end. As the sun shone off the cliffs, it gave the valley a very empty feeling to it. I just want out of here now, he thought to himself.“Hello! Who goes there?” boomed the guard at the gate. He was still a long way off, but could see the ever growing shadow of the matoran approaching him.Hewkii waited another couple of minutes to reply rather than wasting his voice over the dry barren ground. “It’s me, Hewkii.”“I had heard you were coming this way, I just wasn’t sure why.”“Well…” Hewkii started as the previous events played back in his mind. A tear rolled down his face and hit the ground. The desert below him seemed to swallow up the liquid, almost not sure what it was…Pink cards and flowers on your windowYour friends all plead for you to staySometimes beginnings aren't so simpleSometimes goodbye's the only way“Excuse me?” asked the guard inquisitively. He just watched as the matoran seemed to be deep in thought, almost as when someone pondered life.“Yeah, sorry about that. The uh…sun was just in my eyes, well, have a good day.” Hewkii mumbled, choking on his own tears. He started to shuffle through the gate when he looked ahead and saw Takua and Puku running torwards him.“We rushed over from Ta-Nui as soon as we heard you were leaving!” shouted the still distant Ta-matoran. He and Hewkii had been close up until Jalas’ death, then the friendship just seemed to fade.“Just please leave me alone, I only wish to go on without a hassle.”Takau waved his hand backwards to the goodbye party hiding behind a boulder about 50 meters away to stay put. “But all of your friends are here, leaving won’t change anything about Mackus’ death Hewkii, you must realize that.”“What I realize is that someone forced Macku to take the fall for them, threatening her with my life. I also realize the matoran and Turagas are too scared to find out who and the toa can’t do anything unless the Turaga permit. I’m leaving, there’s no point in trying to stop me.”And the sun will set for youThe sun will set for youAnd the shadow of the dayWill embrace the world in greyAnd the sun will set for youThe matoran turn to watch Hewkii go. Some are pleading him to stay, “Please Hewkii!! Don’t go! He’s out there!”Hewkii just turned his head to where he could barely see them out of the corner of his eyes “I know…”And the shadow of the dayWill embrace the world in greyAnd the sun will set for youAs he rounded the bend, he could no longer hear the screams of his fellow matoran. The pathway leading down the canyon was darkened by the shadow set forth by the setting sun. Hewkii could see the many shadows of rahi he and his fellow matoran had spent their whole lives trying to avoid.“What have I done?” his soft voice came out softly. “I’m looking for Macku’s killer, that is a noble cause and nothing anyone or anything does can stop me,” the voice came again, this time booming with confidence.As soon as Hewkii said this, a chill went down his back and a sinister voice creeped into his mind. Are you so sure about that Hewkii? Do you remember what your fellow matoran said just before you came out here? Who is waiting for you? Well I still am…I still am…And the shadow of the dayWill embrace the world in greyAnd the sun will set for you
  3. Wrote this a few years ago. First songifc in a series. Leave Out All The Rest I dreamed I was missing, you were so scaredBut no one would listen, 'cause no one else caredAfter my dreaming, I woke with this fearWhat am I leaving when I'm done here?"Anyone?" Screamed Macku. She ran from the shadowy figures stalking the through the trees."Macku?" Screamed Hewkii. "Guys, we have to go search for her. Come on." Hewkii said to the pack of Le-Matoran."No way." The Le-Matoran said in unison. "We don't like water, and she loves it. No way.""You guys are cold." Hewkii shot back as he ran in search of Macku."Don't let me die, don't let me die." Macku mumbled under a tree as it started pouring.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"What happened?" Macku asked herself as she slowly got out of bed. "Where would I have gone if that wasn't a dream?"So if you're asking me, I want you to knowWhen my time comes, forget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind some reasons to be missedDon't resent me, and when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memory, leave out all the restMacku walked through the streets in search of Hewkii's house. She found it and knocked on the door as this thought coursed through her mind. What do I do if I die?Hewkii answered the door. Surprised to see Macku there, he asked "Why did you come all this way?""I just wanted to tell you..." Macku managed to get out as she started crying. "That I need your help to do something that you will remember ."Hewkii now felt some different feeling coming from Macku that he never knew existed. "Why?" He asked with remorse."I just......didn't want you to.....hate me......when I......die!" Macku could barely make out as she collapsed to the ground while balling.Leave out all the rest, don't be afraidI've taken my beating, I've shared what I madeI'm strong on the surface, not all the way throughI've never been perfect, but neither have you"What are you talking about?" Hewkii demanded."I'm the one who killed Jala!" Macku stated while trying to hold herself mentally together.Hewkii didn't hesitate for a moment. He swept her of her feet and threw her out the door. He then chucked a rock at her and hit her square in the face."Hewkii?" Macku screamed.So if you're asking me, I want you to knowWhen my time comes, forget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind some reasons to be missedDon't resent me, and when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memory, leave out all the restLeave out all the rest"Please Hewkii, I didn't mean to do it!" Macku shouted as loud as she could while being dragged off by some other Po-Matoran."Hewkii!" Macku yelled.Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so wellPretending someone else can come and save me from myselfI can't be who you areHewkii stormed through his house tearing down anything Macku had given him. "I can't believe she would do that." Hewkii spat.Hewkii tore down a slab of stone Macku had given him. He saw a flash of something on the back as it fell to the floor. He picked it up and saw a little chip in it. He picked away at it in frustration, then saw a little square tab of stone fall out from in a little compartment. Hewkii started reading..."Hewkii. I'm sorry to put you through that. If I did not take the blame for Jala's death then....they would have killed you. I took it because I didn't want you to die.I'm sorry Hewkii...."Hewkii dropped the stone and ran for the volcano trying to stop what was bound to happen...When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind some reasons to be missedDon't resent me, and when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memory, leave out all the restLeave out all the restHewkii saw a 3 stone beams, 2 up, and 1 across on top of them. He saw a piece of vine with the dangling figure he made out to be Macku. He ran up the path screaming for them to stop......He was to late. He heard the terrified screams of Macku as she entered the lava."You lunatic," Hewkii screamed in Turaga Vakama's face. "Why did you do that?" He demanded."She killed Jala." The turaga simply stated. "That is what happens to people who kill.""Well read this!" Hewkii spat out in a terrifying rage.The turaga casually toke the tablet and read. He then dropped the stone with resentment written all over his face.Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so wellPretending someone else can come and save me from myselfI can't be who you are"My fellow villagers, we have made a grave mistake." The turaga began. "Macku was innocent in killing Jala. I'm sorry to bring about this horrible news.""Let us remember Macku without any resentment. For she saved a very noble villager. Let us remember Macku with great pride." The turaga said in a very remorseful voice.I can't be who you are
  4. I WANNA BE THE JESTER! :oI missed defending myself???And I thought you guys liked me... (thank you Lloyd, for believing in me =))-Missing In Action is just fooling with you guys.
  5. I was thinking of making a bzp clan on the war real time turn based strategy game battledawn. Its basically like chess, with alot more to think about. including nukes, spys, and so on. It's a turn based game. So it make take your unit three turns to attack a guy, or twenty. There are different servers, 5 earths, 4 mars, and 6 fantasy. Each has roughly 1000-1500 players. They reset each time an allience(group of players banding together) wins. There are different tick rates for each server. One tick is one turn. Some are on tick/hour, some are 6 ticks/hour. This is a somewhat slow game, so only for people who can wait it out. There's alot of different factors to winning a battle, your squads can have three different chasis of unit, such as infantry, veichle, and tank. Then theres a catagory of each of those designating which unit style you want it to be built to attack. Concussive, beam(vech) and explosive(tank). Plus there are ranges, three of them. 1, 2, 3. Its kinda complex at first, but simple when you get the hang of it. You also have a colony, your 'base'. You can build different structures like radar, metal mines, oil wells and so on. I'd like for this clan to be active. I'd lead it for now, since I've been playing for over two years. If anyone wants to join, please be active, at least once a day. Also be willing to listen. The fastest way to learn. If you still want to, leave a post. -Missing In Action.
  6. Spot 5! Not missing out on this. > -Missing In Action.
  7. No more need to worry about deaths guys. Why you might ask? Watch(read) and see... Night 3:Applebloom walked into his room in the living sector and sat down. Let's watch some Spanish soap operas, my friends will never know that I like the drama as long as nobody finds out. Applebloom was fliping through the various channels of soap operas he had ordered off the cable company, not finding one he particularly liked. However, as he reached the end of his stations, the screen blanked out and then turned back on, but only to get a snowy screen. Guess I'll have to go fix the dish again, he thought. As he climbed up the ladder and pulled himself onto the roof, he noticed a shiny object that reflected light from the street lamps. He crawled closer, as not to slide off the steep roof, and found it to be a knife. Now thinking that someone had cut his cables, he looked up to confirm his suspicion. It was true. Every single wire was neatly cut through. Just as Applebloom had thoughts of getting away from his house, he saw a dark figure from behind the dish... Lhikevikk moved to behind the dish, knowing Applebloom had seen him. It was apart of the plan of course, try to make it look like an accident. Then when all was taken care of, weld the wires back together and put the cover back on the box so no one suspected anything. He watched as Applebloom became overcome with fear and leapt backwords, lose his footing and fall 10 feet to the ground. Lhikevikk climbed down the ladder and went just to make sure Applebloom was dead, however found he had a pulse. Time to end this, Lhikevikk thought with growing frusteration. He picked up a hand size rock from the yard and put it under Applebloom's head. I'll just make it seem like he landed on this rock. However as he went to pick up Applebloom's head, he felt a searing pain come from his foot. He found it covered in blood and a bionicle standing over him. The bionicle picked him up threw him to the ground away from Applebloom. "Why did you want kill my friend?" The bodyguard asked. "An apple that goes boom..." was the reply. The bodyguard took his pistol and finished the job. Last mafian dead. Good job guys, you win! And I was really surprised when I got the messages about who was going after who. I kinda wanted a longer game. -Missing In Action calls spot 5 on the next game.
  8. MoC1: Too bad. (I didn't bother counting seeing as like 10 people voted yes) The end...Toarobot18 was led to the stage. The noose was put around his neck and double checked just to make sure nothing went wrong. The govenor asked, "Any last words?" There was none as Toarobot18 shoved and pushed trying to break free. Nothing happened. "Alright, then we'll hang you without last words," the govenor said as he gave the leverman a nod. However, just as the lever was being pulled, Toarobot18 cut the rope above his head with a secret blade he had hidden in his sleeve. He pounced forward, grabbed the inspector and began physically assault him, pounding on his head with every bit of ounce he had. This only lasted a few seconds before a massive arrow was sent flying through the air by a large crossbow. The arrow hit Toarobot and flung him to the ground. One of the guards walked over and used his shotgun to finish the job, but not before Toarobot managed to get out, "Long live the mafi...!". Mafian dead. -Missing In Action.
  9. Sorry guys. I was trying to give the roles some time. Anyway. The inspector has decided to put Toarobot18 on trial on charges of being involved with the mafia. Vote to decide wether he dies or not. Voting ends in roughly 12 hours so we can begin the next round. Yes to hang, no to not. Bodyguard, PM me. -Missing In Action.
  10. Ultimate game approached the rope, not willingly anyway. Two big guards were shoving him forward while he was handcuffed and his legs were tied together leaving only enough wiggle room to woddle. The noose was place around his neck and tightened. "you will now be killed with the same noose that you killed fullbringer with. How do plead to these accusations?" asked one of the big guards. "guilty," ultimate said."any last words?" "long live he maf!.." is all ultimate could get out before the lever was pulled and he died. Mafian dead.Roles pm me. -Missing In Action.
  11. Sorry guys, I've been pretty busy. I'm going to pick up my dad from the airport, so I'll edit this post with the hanging when I get back. Plus it adds to the suspension a little. -Missing In Action.
  12. Impulse: 2Ultimate: 4 -Missing In Action having fun watching this.
  13. Impulse: 2Ultimate: 3 And there are three mafians right now. Not two. -Missing In Action.
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