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    I'm, Christian, liberal, and super-nerdy. Outside of Lego, I enjoy video games, reading, music, playing the piano, juggling, and imitating political figures.

    I truly enjoy too many games to mention, but a few of them that pop into my mind are: Age of Empires, Supreme Commander, various sports titles (especially Madden), Lego Star Wars, Sid Meier's games (doesn't matter which one, Civ1 and Col, all the way up through CivIV, he's a genius), Splinter Cell, Elder Scrolls games, and various other games that I cannot mention for the sake of time and space. Right now I'm playing: League of Legends

    My favorite books are: the Harry Potter series by J.k. Rowling, The Hitchhiker's Trilogy (Consisting of five books) by Douglas Adams, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, the Bionicle books by GregF (obviously), Dune by Frank Herbert, Paranoia by Joseph Finder (or anything else by Joseph Finder, but Paranoia was his best work), The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, Curve Ball by Jim Albert and Jay Bennet (which is non-fiction and super nerdy) and Moneyball by Michael Lewis (also non-fiction and fairly nerdy). I've actually read a bunch more, but those are the ones that I read over and over again and still love them (except after I wake up the next morning). Right now I'm reading: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, The Hunger Games by Suzette Collins (just finished)

    I love sports of all kinds, and I mean all kinds. I would watch more Rugby and Cricket if only they showed them more on the American side of the Atlantic. My favorite teams are

    -Atlanta Braves (baseball)
    -Tennessee Titans (american football)
    -Detriot Red Wings (ice hockey)
    -Kentucky Wildcats (college basketball, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!)
    -Murray State Racers (in everything; they're my hometown team)
    -AC Milan (football/soccer)

    My least favorite teams are:

    -Philadelphia Phillies (baseball)
    -New York Yankees (baseball)
    -New England Patriots (american football)
    -Indianapolis Colts (american football)
    -Pittsburg Steelers (american football)
    -Chicago Blackhawks (ice hockey)
    -Philadelphia Flyers (ice hockey)
    -Tennessee Vols (college basketball)Like every real sports fan, I hate more teams than I love :-P. Right now I'm rooting for: The Atlanta Braves in the MLB

    I listen to comedy or nerd-core music such as Weird Al or Jonathan Coultan in addition to rock/pop from artists such as Kansas, Iron Maiden, Maroon 5, and Melody Club (a wonderfully weird Swedish syth-rock group that you should totally check out). Right now I'm listening to: OneRepublic, the Fray, Maroon 5

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  1. This has needed to happen for some time.
  2. I throwing money at my screen in a vain attempt to purchase it. -don't touch my pocket protector
  3. I'm really excited about the League of Legends Lego project. I'm a super LoL fan and I hope it passes review.
  4. And so an era ends. I'm assuming that all the games/serials/videos etc. will be saved somewhere else, correct?
  5. This is some of the best news ever. This game brings back so many old memories, and it was what really got me into Bionicle to begin with. -don't touch my pocket protector
  6. Hapori Tohu Lego sets at last! -don't touch my pocket protector
  7. I'm not entirely sure where to put this, but I just noticed that it seems like the archive isn't working for me anymore. Does anybody else have the same problem? -don't touch my pocket protector
  8. You know it had to happen. -don't touch my pocket protector
  9. I love it. He's too cool for the second pole . -don't touch my pocket protector
  10. This is why Lego has to watch out for trying to sell things that aren't Lego, because inevitably you could just build it out of Legos . Anyway, I'd really like to see a picture of it because it sounds really neat. -don't touch my pocket protector
  11. Bionicle was my childhood. Almost every afternoon I would build with my brother or keep up with the story either through bionicle.com or the many Bionicle books I owned. I didn't find BZPower until relatively late in Bionicle's lifetime, but I instantly connected with it. Now, every time I have to dust off my Bionicle shelf, all those memories come back -don't touch my pocket protector
  12. I always thought I was like Matau. Fun loving, and never taking myself to seriously. If I was transformed into a superhero overnight, I think I'd act just like Matau.
  13. Perhaps it was before Mata-Nui was built by the Great Beings. -don't touch my pocket protector
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