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  1. Axe? Were u back on recently? Please come back, people like u here it doesn't matter if u don't like Bionicle sets, it's about the people and the friends u made. Sure we're online friends, but it still counts.

  2. WWWHHHAAATTT??? Axe, your back?! I wanna give you a hug man! :P

  3. Hi Axe! Wanna check out my Skrall Recolors and Ghost Rider MOCs?

  4. Hi Axe! The next chapter of Those Crazy Sets is up!

  5. it only need a tiny bit of work, for the most part its good

  6. Thanks! :) But how come you voted for a different creation in the poles? You traitor! :P Anyway I'm trying to redo it a bit because some people think it needs a bit of work.

  7. i have now its pretty cool

  8. Have you seen my MOC of Mata Nui?

  9. I just put my Rock Steed recolor in my new topic.

  10. awesome stuff congrats on the hot topic

  11. I just uploaded an MOC. Feel free to check it out.

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