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  1. Azol

    Why is he never on?

  2. Azol

    More Delays

    Is the new web comic coming then to? Thursday
  3. Please PM the height and length of the Burakku and the Makuta Kaishu to me so i can put it into my set theory topic

  4. You mentioned that you would like to see Newva in the Exo-Armor I made, if you want to see it you can still get to the topic from my profile.

  5. Yep, i thought it would be cool

  6. Is your personal statement on Norwiegon?

  7. Thanks, they're

    Havanese (in case someone were wondering)

  8. hi i like the dog in yer personal photo it's cute

  9. Welcome to BZP :)

  10. Welcome to BZP:)

  11. Please add comments

  12. Azol

    Quick Things

    Should wish you could go to Norway, Greg. But i guess there's not much to do there since (i guess) there aren't many bionicle fans.
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