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  1. It's very good! The detail is just right to give him a little pop. Green and black are some very nice choices and the dark effects really bring out the feeling of "makuta". The anatomy looks right. I LOVE that bow design as well as the take on the armour. The wings however, need a little work, which is understandable, they're very hard to draw. I had trouble drawing wings. However, the bow on his back looks to be in an uncomfortable spot. Sticking things behind a winged character would make it hard for them to fly or otherwise look very uncomfortable, not to mention the sheer size of it.. Also, it doesn't look like he's holding his sword upon closer inspection. If you're having trouble drawing a hand to hold a sword, it's great to look up a reference. I also feel that his eyes shouldn't be pitch black, he seems lifeless without a good red glow in there.All in all, I like it. Keep up the good work! There is always room for improvement.
  2. Glad to finally have a Legoland in the Great White North. =D
  3. It's an interesting concept. It's not my idea. But I'm sure if you read the story it warms up on you. Trust me, it's not exactly what you would think.
  4. "I've been waiting to kill you for a long... LONG time..." - Toa Metro After years of ignoring the shrieks of this character. I finally succumb to the shadow and produced Metro's Infected design. Here's a small profile. Toa Metro (Meh-trow) Age: ??? Allignment: Evil (Formerly Good) Power: Anti-matter (Before transformation is unknown.) Mask Power: Unknown Motives: Unknown Weapon/Tool: Anti-gravity hammer (Summons at will), Morphed antimatter bladearm. Facts: Was once Faybos' Rival. He succumbed to Makuta's influence for ultimate power and is transformed into a Toa of Antimatter. Murdered a Great Being. His body is slowly mutating with effects of Teridax' shadow transformation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bionicle © LEGO, Greg Farshtey Toa Metro © Me Enjoy!
  5. I think I'm getting better with poses. Pyroa was the runner up an old vote poll. Losing to Isis. I saw my old pic of her and almost fell off my chair at how horrible it looked. So I felt I'd revamp it so she'd look awesome. Can you find the Akamai family symbols? I shaped her Hau too look more unique from her brother's so that it would look more feminine and to prevent mask cloning. Backstory: Pyroa's toa canister arrived on shore during a celebration of one of the Toa Nuva's more recent victories. She was immediately spotted by two matoran who were walking along the beach. The toa were alerted and brought to the beach to meet her. She claims to be Toa Tahu's twin sister, Tahu was skeptical at first but later accepted this fact as she further explained that she knew where Tahu came from, who his parents were, and most interestingly, who he was before his mind was wiped. He was also shocked at the fact Pyroa had wings and a tail. Slowly but surely she earns each of the toa's trust through venturing Mata Nui and it's inhabitants. However, one toa was not so certain. Toa Kopaka. Suspicious of this woman who just dropped in out of nowhere, he hated to admit that he was worried for his brethren's safety. Kopaka takes Pyroa out for a tour of Ko-Koro. No sooner do they encounter trouble with a frightened matoran who was being chased by a ravenous Kane-Ra... To hear more, be sure to read Shadow-Lockheed's fanfic, BIONICLE: Tale of the Twins. It is one of the most exciting fanfic's I've read and quite well written to boot. You can find her story on Deviantart. Enjoy! Pyroa © Shadow-Lockheed Her Revamp Design © Me. Bionicle © LEGO
  6. Psyched for the movie! I hope everything works out just fine.I will patiently wait for when that map goes public. Been meaning to give my new Toa Faybos skin a try.
  7. Reminds me of this episode in Rollbots where the lock-up system basically disable important joints in the limbs.Also... I can't stop thinking of Super Mario when I see this. XDAlmost reminds me of the Mc-Toran as well.
  8. Sorry for the late response, I've been quite busy these past few weeks. ^^;Anywho, like with what the previous poster commented, you definitely have potential. You seem to have captured the identity of the MOC with it's drawn counterpart. It's not easy to create human/bionicle hybrids that look pleasing to the eye. But you're getting there. As for anatomy, chibi is when the character is SD or "super deformed" in this case, shorter limbs, torso, and a large head. You may have to shorten the torso/waist as well as the arms to get into that structure. The drawing is very cute and I like the fact you took the time to colour and ink the image. You certainly have potential! Keep striving to improve!
  9. I agree with Saski's legs. I may fix them later along with her weapon. But due to it being drawn in a sketch book, the paper will leave some very terrible marks that could otherwise ruin the sketch. The ball-joint anatomy is reminiscent of the movie-style bionicle as well as the toy form. She's made to be pretty flexible. But I agree that her knees have no excuse. Keep in mind that she's not human. Koku's knees are actually fine. They're not bent so much inward that she would fall over. Deceptive innocence is her character. Thank you for the criticism my friend. I may just look up this balance concept.
  10. Variety is a very important aspect when creating versatile characters.I'd like to take a look at that chibi. It sounds interesting. Indeed it is, it gives each character their own unique style and sense of identity. Otherwise if I say drew a bunch of characters that looked like Lesovikk, then... yeah, now that's silly.Well, I guess I could post her up in the forum sometime in the future. She's more of a "human" chibi however, but with the armor of the MOC I made of her, so she has a mix of Bionicle and Hero Factory elements to her. I'll let you decide if you'd like to see her. I definitely would like to see it. =D
  11. That song would fit. XDYep the Bohrok animations was one of the things that inspired me. Poor Takua indeed.
  12. Thank you. That;s what I was going for. =D
  13. Variety is a very important aspect when creating versatile characters.I'd like to take a look at that chibi. It sounds interesting.
  14. Thanks a bunch! Glad you got the message.
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