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    i like : Bionicle<br /> LEGO Bricks<br /> videogames<br /> TV<br /> candy<br /> and, last, but not least,<br /> Cheese!!!!!!!!!!<br />Cheese is there nothing you cant do!<br />You cheer me up when im sad. <br />Fill my belly when its gurgly. <br />And, when im full, i can roll you up into a ball and play with you.<br /><br />(Dad) What are you the spokesman of Wisconsin!

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  1. Hi Toa Rynn. :) I just wanted to say that once you have 10 posts, you'll be able to use the PM system. In the meantime, you may want to post your Nektann request to Mihunai's profile Comments.

  2. Hey, welcome to BZP! I just started too, but it was like a week ago.

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