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  1. Stop screaming at me I'm getting old. Also Mimikyu is still the best pokemons
  2. Kohaku

    I ain't dead yet

    Holy heck you're still alive too! It's been ages!
  3. Kohaku

    I ain't dead yet

    I disappear for a few years and the whole website changes. Why do you do this to me? But in reality life has uhhhh really freaking sucked. Still recovering from freaking hurricane freaking sandy in 2012. We had a contractor steal $60,000 this year. So that messed everything up. Here is a tumblr post from before we had that stolen that sums up everything from 2012 to the start of this year. It's insane. At this point right now we are in an RV park that closes in like two weeks with no where to go so might be homeless unless there is a miracle or we find something. How have you all been? (I can't promise I'll post much but I have wanted to make an I'm alive post for awhile.)
  4. Okay, I always enjoy some good cute romance. I'm known to enjoy some cute characters being cute together. Although I also like a lot of plot and having the romance be a part of it rather than a driving factor. So here is a short list from me: Sarazanmai, fairly new not as much romance in the anime as the prequel manga but has a lot of focus on connections. Love Stage!!, two cuties fall for each other after doing an ad shoot, they originally did it as kids and were requested to do it again. Yuri!!! on Ice, love blooms on the ice between figure skaters. Gravitation, an older one between an aspiring cutie trying to form a signing career and a novelist as they gravitate towards each other. No.6, members of a perfect city-state/utopia find out it isn't as perfect as they thought. Shin Sekai Yori, a bit darker as people with psychic abilities led to the end of the world. No romance until about half way though. There are probably more that I've seen that I am just not remembering right now.
  5. Kohaku

    Cursed Blog Entry

    You cannot escape.
  6. Kohaku


    I posted this on my various social media accounts earlier but I am going to talk about it here too. As many of you know I talked about our cat, Pickles quite a bit. So it is with a heavy heart that I must say that she passed away yesterday morning. RIP Pickles. Love you, Pickles.
  7. I see the conversation going like this: Bionicle fan: "Hey, do you remember Bionicle?" Sayger: "Bionicle? Man, that takes me back. Those things were hard to draw!" I actually chatted with him for a bit 5 years ago (has it really been that long?) at NYCC. He was a pretty awesome guy and had Bionicle comics at his booth for purchase and signing. If you do get a chance I do recommend saying hi!
  8. Kohaku


    Go for it!
  9. Kohaku

    Super Mario Maker

    So at some point I plan to stream some Super Mario Maker. I don't know when just yet... but I want you to send me Super Mario Maker stages here! At some point I will play them on a stream coming up!
  10. Kohaku


    When you will forever be a Nintendo fan.
  11. Kohaku


    Thanks! I would love to have you! It's by no means perfect and I'm still learning but it is a lot of fun. I definitely do want to do view battles and stuff along those lines. Such as both Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. I think having view interaction like that would be a ton of fun I just still have to figure out how I want to plan it out and do it. They would still get uploaded to YouTube as I do like archiving the streams for others namely because Twitch doesn't keep them for long.
  12. Kohaku


    So, this month has been good for me on twitch and I am still planning on doing more as we go forward. I've been doing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I've been archiving them to YouTube here. I will say we do try to keep things PG, but the occasional thing may slip through. So please check it out though! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlESMZrnKEg&list=PL_Sf7EFHuTUjucHSOy7TF1iXwQcKUCK_2 What might interest some of you more though is stuff like multiplayer Smash Bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvZA5XgRs7A I am still planning to do some Bionicle stuff, I will be relaunching the poll on it as I did actually find the missing game that was not on the poll. I do need to test them first and make sure I can stream them as well as make a layout as having a GBA game be full screen would look terrible. The banner at the start of the post was made by me, the art however was drawn by my friend, @Cammiluna. I had commissioned it for a project a long time ago and well that project didn't pan out, so I am happy to reuse it for something productive. She drew the art, but I put the banner together. When I go live though I do post it on my twitter and I have been using my twitter more than I used to. It's @konekokohaku
  13. After all the time I spent with Metroid Prime Hunters I think Federation Force looks fun, I am excited to play co-op with friends. The Prime series is honestly my favorite part of Metroid and this might open the series up to new fans. I think Federation Force will be a lot of fun and could have some good challenge with co-op.
  14. Kohaku

    Twitch Streaming!

    I know that I haven't visited here too much lately, but I would like to change that. I can't make too many promises but hopefully more than a few times a year. One of my plans will help with that, as you will see I've updated and fixed a bunch of broken images. While doing that a few were added, like my Tumblr and my Twitch links. I'm still new to the whole streaming thing, and I'm still working on getting things set up and optimized. However... I have had a plan for a very long time. And that is to stream the Bionicle games. I have a few of them: Lego Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga - GBA - 2001 - (This game is considered canon with the G1 storyline) Bionicle: Matoran Adventures - GBA - 2002 Bionicle: The Game - GCN - 2003 Bionicle: The Game - GBA - 2003 Bionicle Heroes - Wii - 2007 I also have Bionicle: Maze of Shadows which is currently either in Wisconsin or in storage with stuff that survived Hurricane Sandy. In addition, I do have Bionicle Heroes for the DS, but as I do not have a 3DS with a capture card I can't really play that one for all of you. Basically, I want you to choose which game I start with. (If I locate Maze of Shadows it will be added into a future poll.) You can vote right here. The time and date for these streams hasn't been decided yet but I will make a post and let everyone know at least a week in advance.
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