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  1. BIONICLE 2015 looks awesome!

  2. If BIONICLE comes back, my last post in Image Chunks will be really embarrassing.

    1. Voxumo


      *Pats you on the back* I think alot of us would be embarrassed by comments we have made regarding that topic

    2. Fantasia


      It's ironic that right after I make a post like that, rumors of BIONICLE's return start spreading.

    3. Voxumo


      *whispers* conspiracy

  3. Thanks for keeping this topic alive, guys. It's great that there are still people who want to play. Unfortunately, I just lost the motivation to keep this game running. At the time I started this topic, I felt excited and eager to participate in the BZP community again. I had been inactive here for a long while, but I always found myself checking back to see how everyone was doing--BZPower was the first forum I ever joined, after all! I thought running a forum game would be a good way to stay active here. Sadly, I eventually reached a point where updating this topic felt more like a chore than something fun that I wanted to do. This was due to the same reason I was inactive on the forum for so long. After the end of BIONICLE, it was increasingly difficult to find ways for me to enjoy BZPower, and I discovered new interests. I still loved this community, but without BIONICLE I just couldn't remain active. I know I'm not the only member to feel like this, since many members have left BZP permanently since BIONICLE's discontinuation. I may be rambling on way too much here, but I wanted to let you guys know what the situation was. I'm sorry for abandoning this game without warning; that was inconsiderate of me. I am going to report this topic to be closed, because I can no longer justify trying to keep this game running. HOWEVER, if someone would like to take over for me as host, and keep this classic BZP game alive, you are more than welcome to start a new topic. That would be wonderful. Sorry for the long post, but I felt the need to get these feelings off my chest. I will probably never be active on BZP again, and that really hurts. But I will also never be able to forget this wonderful community, and I know I will still be checking in from time to time to relive those incredible nostalgic feelings of when I was 14 years old and BZPower was the coolest thing ever. Thanks for playing, guys. (By the way, the last image was Vakama Hordika.)
  4. It was Mata Nui, so Makuta Luroka gets the point! It was from this image: ROUND 13: SCOREBOARD: Click - 4 -Toa Lhikevikk- - 3 Geardirector - 1 Makuta Luroka - 1 Shadowhawk - 1 Voltex 2 - 1 A Vox in a Box - 1
  5. Nope. Out of all the guesses since my last reply, JAG18's guess is the closest.
  6. No, but those are all good guesses.
  7. Well done! It was Toa Lhikan, so -Toa Lhikevikk- gets the point! It was from this image: ROUND 12: SCOREBOARD: Click - 4 -Toa Lhikevikk- - 3 Geardirector - 1 Shadowhawk - 1 Voltex 2 - 1 A Vox in a Box - 1
  8. Nope. Hint: It's not a Toa of Earth
  9. Nope. Hint: This character is a Toa.
  10. Nope. I might need to give you guys a hint for this one.
  11. It's not any of those characters.
  12. It was Antroz, so Click gets the point! It was from this image: ROUND 11: SCOREBOARD: Click - 4 -Toa Lhikevikk- - 2 Geardirector - 1 Shadowhawk - 1 Voltex 2 - 1 A Vox in a Box - 1
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