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  1. IC: Jitters ~Refectory Jitters studied his pile of un-food that vibrated slightly in a manner most offputing. He hadn't eaten since he arrived at the school, although he now couldn't bring himself to swallow the rest of his meal. His eyes wandered to meet those of his turtle, who was peering at him with those greedy black eyes that demanded more slop. Jitters slid the tray under the table and watched him brutally annihilate the rest. Doubt's words turned over and over again in his mind. "Why would Rahkshi of our calibre attack each other here?" he thought. "Aren't we to represent the beginnings of a new evolution for our kind? Fighting amoung ourselves is degrading, and counterintuitive to our purpose here. Rahkshi here are better than that, right?" Jitters thoughts left him with an empty feeling, and now he wished for food to fill himself again.
  2. IC: Jitters -Refectory Jitters lowed himself onto one of the long benches that ran the length of the dining hall. The course wood gave way to his weight with a loud creak that made him grimace and search the room for stares. Destraz, eager for more food, took his place underneath the table and nudged at Jitters' legs. Jitters prepared another spoonful and delivered it to Destraz's eager mouth. "You speak much about this library," Jitters said to Tesla, as he absentmindedly took a bite of food from the spoon he had just fed Destraz with. "Do you perform some sort of research there, or is it only personal interest?"
  3. IC: Jitters -Refectory "Don't worry -it's not all for me." Jitters looked to the floor. He had been leaving a trail of goopy dollops of "food" at his feet for Destraz to clean up, much to the chagrin of the other Rahkshi in line. "He was a 'gift' from my master. Rahkshi of Rahi Control are given a rahi to serve as a sort of 'familiar' to practice on."
  4. IC: Jitters -Refectory Jitters nodded as he picked up a tray. He had hoped that his new-arrival awkwardness wasn't THAT apparent, but this Tesla seemed to be a perceptive one. Jitters happily shoved a mountain of grey sludge onto his tray. "Yes, I'm new," he said as they moved down the line. "I only arrived this morning. How long have the two of you been here -at the school, I mean?"
  5. You like Metroid. Yes. 4/5 (it would be 5/5 if you played Prime but i don't know that)
  6. RESULT: Good thing you smuggled all that vodka in your prosthetic legs. You bribe the Russians into making you Bear King of the Frozen North. Praise be thy name. WWID: Team up with them and pull the greatest chip-related heist of the 21st century. SCENARIO: Your mom is going to marry a hologram of Jerome Bettis, and remove your name from the will. The cat gets everything.
  7. IC: Jitters -Hallways Jitters immediately grew excited. What luck! Less than a day had passed and he had already met two other students. He was equal parts excited and staggeringly nervous, and hoped he could meet their expectations (whatever those were...) He grinned at his turtle, who appeared to be winning a staring contest with the stone wall of the hallway. "I can't speak for Doubt, but I would be honored to accompany you." "How bad could it be?"
  8. IC: Jitters -Hallways Jitters flashed a scowl at Destraz. "My name is Jitters, pleased to make your acquaintance," he said politely.
  9. IC: Jitters -Hallways Despite himself, Jitters allowed his thoroughly confused expression to dominate his face. He had never expected his little friend to be such a hit! Literally! Jitters smiled sheepishly at Tesla, who's glasses came awkwardly close to his face. He quickly gestured to Destraz . "He's a Shore Turtle, specifically," Jitters said, ignoring Doubt's jibe. Noticing Tesla's interest, Jitters crouched and began to gently stroke Destraz's glossy orange shell. "You can pet him if you like." Destraz, still suspicious of Tesla, began to slowly back away from her. Not wanting to offend Tesla, Jitters quickly waved his hand. Destraz reversed his backward motion and slowly approached her.
  10. You have no idea (yes). TPBM likes anime baka san-chan
  11. Mask of Strength that you can only use when breathing under Water
  12. Granted. Here's your freaking bagle. I spelled bagel wrong, though. I wish I could play any video game a year before it came out
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