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  1. Who knows? Maybe even unknown users from the early years, with comically low post counts, will re-emerge. ...wait
  2. Yeeeeah, it took me until 2008 to figure this out. Kinda slow. Also: HI I haven't been active for over a year and no one knows me, yay! I'm just here to see what my spinny is now. (inb4 banned for off-topic)
  3. Late reply again. I really need to check my comments more often..

  4. CHAOS! 8D Long time no see! How ya been my buddy? 83

  5. ######, you make being diabetic look fun. I@m actually slightly jealous. Still, your world domination plan is nothing compared to mine. I have PIE. (Yeah, an old random joke. My bad.)

  6. hahaha. Low huh? welcome to the club.

    and put it this way, at least your lame in a different way.

    you never the same lame twice, after all.

  7. Yeeah, you seem to have VERY late reactions too. I said that in March and you replied in September. Waaaow, that means you're even slower than ME!

    Well done.

    Have a virtual cookie!

  8. Aaaah! So this is how I got your MSN address!

  9. Mmmmm let me think....erm....Sure.

  10. Oh yes. You may have earbited me but you have just been FACE MELTED.

    I love that phrase...

  11. Would you like to be friends?

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