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  1. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Central Plaza Knichou's head snapped around in surprise to give a glare at the massive skakdi that just announced his presence. Knichou didn't like being snuck up on, but that, the stress of the battle, and the news he just received weren't the only things that made his temper flare up. 'Your' Turaga? Was this a dissident? A native marauder? A Leaguer? Or just someone looking for trouble? "I would say that you look alright for someone who's popping in uninvited to disrespect our fallen leader and war hero, but first of all, you don't look too alright to begin with, and second of all, you'll be looking decidedly less alright if you don't stop trying to make small talk and start minding your own business real quick."
  2. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, A Dead Man's Former Office Knichou eyes solemnly rotated back to face Vulimai as Triage responded. "Sans... didn't make it..." In an attempt to keep things productive and to not dwell on the old man's death too much himself, Knichou continued to speak. "Well... Nale should know more. Let's find her... wherever she is..." Knichou finally began to transmit to the Taku again after a long bout of silence on the airwaves. "Nale's 'around' where exactly?"
  3. Hahahahah, you had me worried for a split second there
  4. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Formerly Sans's Formerly-A-Hut Knichou cursed and turned on his armor's radio, beginning to broadcast over the Taku's frequency "Come in, Taku. Change of plans; we're here early. Where's Sans? Where's Nale?"
  5. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Western Gate Knichou stretched until he felt a somehow satisfying pop, then started slowly moving towards the gate. "Yeah... I think... I think I'll walk the rest of the way." After entering the village, Knichou was happy to see the Taku still, as far as he could tell, in one piece. It was hovering low to the ground near the center of the village, which was near where Sans's hut was, if the engineer remembered correctly. The trio walked towards the central plaza through streets in various states of disrepair, Knichou straining to find the hut of the village leader. It should be around here somewhere, right? "Is... this the right place? I'm not exactly familiar with the streets here yet."
  6. IC: Knichou, Western Zakaz With Tekmo and Vulimai strapped in, Knichou took a moment to steady his breathing and began walking, pushing the rickshaw along. His pace quickened and soon he was jogging. A few seconds later, running. His speed increased even further, beyond conventional limits, as his Kakama propelled the group forwards at a frightening pace for such a makeshift vehicle that lacked suspension. The rickshaw rattled against the occasional bump in the dunes or rock in their path, and the passengers began desperately wishing for seatbelts or a windshield. It wasn't hard to navigate to Metru-Koro; the skies were clear, the horizon mostly flat, and a few faint plumes of smoke could still be seen. Within a few minutes, the motley crew had reached the western gates of the village, where an exhausted Knichou lowered the handles of the rickshaw to the ground and took several moments to recover. "Time to... see what... Sans thinks ," The Toa of Iron wheezed as the passengers disembarked. "Lets... go to... his hut..."
  7. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast Why didn't I think of that? They both know about it, there's no point in not using it out of secrecy. And Vulimai will get to her post quicker. And it will be quicker for me to reunite with- "That's... a great idea. I need to learn how to use this properly and there's no better place or time than now to do so. Zero risk of collateral damage, and no risk of revealing it to others..." The commander took a moment to plan what he wanted to build, then quickly swapped his kanohi. A tingle went down his spine as the power of a kanohi flowed through him after the brief moment of weakness without a kanohi. The nanites of his adaptive armor flowed onto the mask to form the heads up display of Knichou's adaptive armor, which began listing an array of errors on one side. He'd have to figure out what was causing these compatibility quirks later, he had a vehicle to build. The ex-Ghost still wasn't quite sure how this mask worked - he knew it created, but how? Clearly the resources didn't matter, but there had to be some limits here. Or maybe not? It was the legendary kanohi of a secretive, benevolent demigod after all - for all Knichou knew it had unlimited power. Knichou had done enough repairs on the Taku while modifying it and after the collapse, surely he could recreate one of the ship's levitation engines? He could use it to carry Tekmo and Vulimai without needing to actually carry them. The Taku's compartmentalization of it's levitation kanoka was a brilliant design choice, allowing for easy repairs than older airship models that had Kanoka equally distributed throughout the hull. Compared to a more conventional engine, these were laughable simple - slots for levitation and weight increase kanoha, with mechanical systems to strike them against the engine's casing, which were tied to basic electrical inputs so they could be triggered based on calculations by the airship's computer. For Knichou's purposes now, none of those complex automation features were needed - he could fine tune the levitation amount himself for only one engine. "Well, time for an experiment..." Knichou closed his eyes and focu - wait does closing my eyes actually make a difference here? Knichou opened his eyes and looked at an open space of sand in front of him. He thought of the engine and it's components and willed it into being. To his delight, the engine block began to shimmer into existence in front of him. Those nearby could hardly see the parts of the engine as they formed from nothing, and the fact that they both were and weren't confused Vulimai and Tekmo. While visually the engine was difficult to distinguish from the true reality, Knichou could feel it coming together as he went over the assembly in his mind. As a final touch, when the levitation engine was complete, Knichou also formed a wooden platform screwed atop the engine, with two seats. Attached to each side of the engine were long steel bars that stretched several meters out in front of the vehicle, which were connected by a steel rod at the very end. The contraption plopped on the sand unceremoniously, but Knichou was ecstatic inside. That was remarkably intuitive - he still didn't know how the kanohi truly worked, but the experience of using it felt like he was designing with the best lab assistant in the universe - no physical work, no waiting around for chemical processes to finish, just pure creation as the object manifested itself under Knichou's design with the guiding hand of his secret weapon realizing the 'how' of actually building it. Oh, what he could do with this... Now just to power the levitation engine - for this design, Knichou only needed one levitation and weight increase disk each. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation and began willing them into being. The actual physical structure was easy - everyone knew what kanoka looked like. But when it came to the inside, Knichou immediately realized how little he knew about how the protodermis purification and smelting process actually changed the microscopic internal structure of each kanoka. Surely those were the details the Kanohi could work out, so he pressed on. Two disks formed on the beach, one engraved with a code of levitation and the other with that of weight increase. Knichou slotted them into the engine and manually cranked the levitation disk controls. As the Toa cranked, the levitation disk began striking the engine block. After the kanoka struck the engine block several times, Knichou tried to lift the entire structure. It was just as heavy as it was before. "Huh... these disks aren't working..." Knichou took the disks out of the levitation engine and tossed them aside. He began looking at the strange contraption he had made and brainstormed a solution, taking great care to make sure he didn't accidentally start creating something new as he tossed through various solutions to their mobility conundrum. After half a minute or so, a simple solution revealed itself. "Aha! We'll need to go old school for this.." The engineer used his powers over iron to lift the vehicle in the air as he worked. A long steel axle materialized, attached with a mounting that manifested on the bottom of the useless engine. On both ends of the axle, massive, many-spoked wooden wheels formed, as tall as a Toa. When it was built, Knichou carefully lowered the vehicle onto the sands of the beach. "All aboard," Knichou said as he swapped back to his Kakama and positioned himself between the bars in front of the rickshaw, lifting them to balance out the platform. "And hold on. It might be be a bumpy ride."
  8. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast The trio was silent for a few moments, each member undoubtedly thinking about what they were going to do when they got back to the village. After some period of time, Knichou spoke up. "Well, while we're all alone here, now's probably the best time to explain... well... this..." Knichou reached into his backpack and pulled out the mask of creation. "Artakha's mask of creation. Sans gave it to me just before the battle. He said to keep it a secret... but I had to use it to try to save both of you, even if I wasn't sure how. If this falls into the wrong hands, everything is doomed. I'm not sure just yet how I'm going to use this, but for now, I'm pretty sure only the three of us and Toa Nale know I have this, and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. If word gets out, well, I'll be quite the target, and it will be bad for everyone if this is stolen. Understood?"
  9. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast Knichou's face contorted in thought as Vulimai got real serious, real fast. He was uncharacteristically silent while Tekmo gave his input, only beginning to speak several seconds after Tekmo's comment. "When I... when I met him before the battle, Sans asked me to take charge of the defenses, and without the power he gave me, neither of you would be alive right now..." When he tried to think back to the last time he saw Sans, images crossed Knichou's mind of Sans's mutilated corpse, and Sans using the mask of creation to build a home for the Matoran. The city burning. The village rising. The stench of death. The fertile soil. "I... hoped the war would be over, but feared it's continuation was inevitable. From what I've heard, it's undeniable that Sans's... rash... diplomatic style accelerated the timeline of the attack. Even if we somehow were victorious, many undoubtedly died, and we're lucky that Metru-Koro still exists. Sans didn't prevent the attack, and his planning didn't lead to our victory. We planned for and fought the battle, not him. Whatever Pridak is planning next, we'll need leaders like us who have the experience to lead the Matoran to victory over Pridak..." Knichou nervously rubbed his hands together. He had seen the destruction he now had the power to create, and knew that prosperity would only be achieved through creation, not destruction. Like how Sans used the power, before he lost his way... "No, to survival... hmm...." Knichou sighed at the thought of this tense political situation, and was weary with the potential of disastrous results from the unclear future. "I do not know who is best to lead the survivors, but I'll do my best to uphold the will of the Matoran, whether that means Sans should or should not be in power. We aren't the slave-driving Barraki - the Matoran will choose their path, not have it chosen for them by elders like Dume or Sans."
  10. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast "Well, I was hoping to rest a bit here, but if you're walking... I could always run ahead," Knichou replied, tapping his Kakama. "Unless you really want me to stay here as an escort, that is. I could probably carry you the way actually, but I doubt I could lift Tekmo and run all the way there too..." Knichou turned to Tekmo as he continued to speak. "... and I wouldn't want to leave you stranded out here. Again."
  11. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coastline Other airship? Who else is out here? Is the League negotiating? Knichou wanted to know more, but knew that the sooner Triage got off the radio, the sooner he'd get to see Nale and hear what she's learned from whoever this fourth captain is. "Alright, we'll be waiting over here. When you get close we'll flag you down. If anything comes up, you can contact me on this frequency." Knichou stopped transmitting over his radio and turned back to Tekmo and Vulimai. "Battle's over, we won. The Taku is going to fly by soon and pick us up, unless you really want to walk."
  12. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast Woah, everyone made it? This plan turned out to be the exact opposite of a suicide missio- ohnonononoshethoughti- Wait, she's the captain now? Vulimai is gonna love this... Knichou shook his head and snapped back to focus - he'll have plenty of time to talk to Nale in a bit. Right now, Triage wanted to know where he was. That's a good question. He looked around for any distinguishing landmarks on the beach. "Tekmo, Vulimai, and I are at the beach of the giant lake or moat or whatever in between the head and Metru-Koro. Can't discern much more about our location than that. Is the Taku in shape for picking us up, or should we start walking? Oh, and can I talk to captain Nale?"
  13. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Coast Knichou heard Triage's distinctive nervousness even through the radio's distortion. "Ah, Triage, glad you're there," Knichou said, stalling for time while trying to find a way to explain what had happened overnight. "My squad was able to neutralize our target, but it took a while and we had to go dark for... I don't know how long. Long story. You're alive, and Metru Koro looks to be less on fire from out here, so I guess everyone else was successful? Is everyone on the crew ok?"
  14. IC: Knichou, Protodermis Moat, Eastern Shore Knichou put on his Kakama while Vulimai scolded him for his stupid question. As annoyingly assertive as this military matoran was, she was right about one thing; Knichou did have a radio in his armor. "Name's Knichou. Captain Knichou," He said with a lighthearted grin that momentarily overpowered the stress of the past day. "In fact, since it's been causing such confusion whenever we're in the same room, I think I'll clear this up once and for all by giving myself a promotion real quick after planning and leading my remarkably successful defense of Metru-koro." The Toa if iron put his hand on his chin, feigning deep thought. "Let's see... 'commodore' is a bit antiquated... and I don't want to jump the gun by making myself 'admiral' just yet. 'Colonel' has some charm... but 'commander' has a nice ring to it..." Knichou's smile widened as he arrived at the punch line of his playful taunting "Commander Knichou, at your service," the ex-Ghost announced. "Now if you two will excuse me for a moment, I have a call to make." The newly self-described commander turned around and took a few steps away from the other two so as not to interrupt their conversation (Or more likely, so that they wouldn't interrupt his). He stretched his arms and looked at the giant head in the distance while he activated his radio "Taku, this is commander Knichou, come in, over." ~~~ By now, Berys was far too awake to go back to sleeping in the captain's chair - he had finally gotten out of the seat and joined Arnex in continuing to ensure the lower deck was in ship shape for the new voyage that 'Captain' Nale insisted they prepare for. Knichou's chatter played over the radio in the bridge for any who were there to hear it. "Taku, this is commander Knichou, do you read me, over?" OOC: @Tarn
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