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  1. IC: Taku Crew "I don't know, I think maybe -" Arnex said with a confused shrug as she watched Skyra board the airship once again. Behind Skyra, far in the distance, there was the flash of lighting that drew the Onu-Matoran's optics to the gargantuan creature approaching, partially masked by the mist of the clouds it brought with it. The crack of thunder soon followed. Sooner than before. "- that!" Arnex gulped and shivered at the sight. She had heard the stories of what it did to Po-Koro. She... she had to do something, but... but... what could she do? More words scrolled by the communications station's screen. u there?
  2. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hospital There was a buzzing in Knichou's audio receptor as his armor notified him of Vulimai attempting to interrupt his call. He rejected the village leader's call with a gesture from his optics - he didn't need to hear her bickering any more today. Plus, he was already on a call with Arnex, he really wanted to know what he would have to work with later that night. Vulimai would hear a robotic voice give her the proper instructions on how to leave a message after the beep. IC: Taku Crew, Kini-Koro Airdock, The Taku, Bridge Berys, however, whose workday had practically become listening in on any and all unencrypted transmissions, heard some sort of flood warning over the radio. He looked out and saw the dark clouds that were approaching, but behind them, there was... something moving? He leaned closer to the windshield, where a few stray droplets had splashed. A flash of lightning revealed something that made his spirits sink. "Mata Nui..." A few moments later, his voice resounded throughout the airship's intercom. "General quarters, general quarters! All hands man battle stations! Not drill! Not drill!" The Le-matoran warmed up the engines and frantically began to double check his systems while he awaited confirmation of further orders. Arnex, hearing the alert and the Taku's engines revving up, waved for everyone to get back on the ship. The call with Knichou could wait. "If you want in, get in, we're probably going up. Looks like you'll get to open that armory after all..."
  3. IC: Taku Crew, Kini-Koro Airdock, The Taku Arnex's eyes widened at Skyra's remark. The Toa of air could handle this, she decided. "I'll... check with the commander," she said before walking back up the cargo ramp to the nearest communications station. She requested for Berys to route her through a secure line to Knichou, which the pilot promptly did, opening an encrypted call over Knichou's personal frequency. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hospital Knichou half-listened to the conversation that ensued as he heard a ringing inside his Kanohi. A notification on his HUD confirmed that he was being hailed by Berys. The Toa patched Berys in, accepting the call with the press of a button on his forearm. As Arnex spoke, he frantically typed, the fingers of his right hand dancing over buttons that appeared on the surface of his left gauntlet. IC: Taku Crew, Kini-Koro Airdock, The Taku "Commander, there's a Le-Toa here, he says he's a chronicler and wants to join us," the Onu-Matoran quietly transmitted. cnt talk. busy. The words scrolled across the miniature display of the station. "Oh, yes sir, what do you want me to do?" lik a reportr? "No... he's carrying..." Arnex glanced back at the Toa to get a better look. "... Instruments or something." The screen was blank for a few seconds before Knichou's next text finally scrolled across the display. Arnex blinked. "One minute, commander." Arnex turned and shouted down to the newcomer. "Chronicler! The boss wants to know if you know how to play any good songs for uh, date night?"
  4. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hospital Knichou looked Jutori in the eye and gave the Toa a quick nod after being mentioned. He watched the two of them react to Onaku's revelation, but kept in his relaxed pose, mind clearly elsewhere. So much uncertainty, foolishness, and lies... it was good to have Nale by his side again. He wasn't sure what he would do if he didn't have her to rely on, to keep him calm and focused. Something about her millennia of Toa experience was so reassuring to the rookie Toa that Knichou had unexpectedly become nearly a month and a half ago. The engineer had some types of wisdom ("What one Ghost can do in one month, two Ghosts can do in two months" and so on), but not her wisdom, and that kept him wishing for more. Well, that was one factor, at the very least. IC: Taku Crew, Kini-Koro Airdock, The Taku "Maybe we should wait for Knichou to get back before we open the armory again..." Arnex stammered nervously. She walked down the boarding ramp and looked to the elevator as she heard it's soft rumble. "Maybe that's hi- nope..." She waved to the new Toa with a shout "Hey! Who are you?"
  5. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Hospital Knichou silenty nodded to Arkius Onaku, the ex-Ghost's optics shortly darting back to observe his partner as she began to exit the room. To him it felt like she wanted to say more, but was in a rush to get moving. Probably best to continue to deal with Onaku's new name alongside more people - revealing his changes to old friends was undoubtedly something that would feel rather repetitive over the next day or so. The Fe-Toa picked up the two cylinders of zamors and stowed them in his armor's backpack before following Nale down the hallway to another room, thinking of what to say. Knichou assumed Nale wanted to move on from such a serious topic, and to be honest, the Nynran did as well. It wouldn't help much to dwell on his past, after all. The trio entered the room to see a battered Jutori and Katrin, whose armor had a gooey, uneven surface that looked like it was built from chocolate that had been left out in the sun too long. "Good news, you two," Knichou said as he followed Nale inside. He sidestepped to the left after passing through the doorway, gesturing to the Onu-Toa now on his right. "Looks like everyone made it out in mostly one piece," the airship commander stated with a smile as he leaned against the wall adjacent the doorway and crossed his arms. He wasn't the star of the show here, he knew Katrin and Jutori desperately wanted to see that Onaku would be all right. Best to take a breather and observe for a bit.
  6. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro, Airdock Prime Knichou gave Sorilax another nod - he didn't want to be the one to have to teach the being what a handshake was. "Likewise, Sorilax. Safety, prosperity, et cetera to you as well." The commander looked around the room. Seeing Arnex, his eyes locked on to her as he spewed his latest orders. "Get this container to the Armory. I'll be at the hospital, call me if you need me," the ex-Ghost said, tapping the side of his kanohi. He subsequently turned around and walked down the Taku's front ramp. He continued to move forwards, slowly increasing in speed, until he was at a light jog. The Fe-Toa leapt off the side of the landing pad, twisting around mid air to look back at those still on the airship. The smiling Toa gave a casual salute to those watching as his body descended out of their sight. A few seconds later, the sounds of his jetpack could be faintly heard as they softened his descent. The elevator he had built on the building was nice, but sometimes you have to leave in style. The rush of flying was too good to not go downstairs the fast way, and he had a feeling he was already running late anyhow.
  7. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro Knichou turned around as Sorilax addressed him. The ex-Ghost refrained from chuckling at the Aspect using the shield as a chestplate. He hadn't seen the hardlight container of EP before, probably too caught up in his various arguments to take notice. The less EP in the hands of aspects, even those are trustworthy as Sorilax, the better. Knichou formed an iron tank around the hardlight box, so that when Sorilax stopped conjuring it (Has he been doing that this whole time?) it would stay in Knichou's container. "Absolutely," Knichou responded with a nod. "I'll keep it safe for whenever we might need to use it."
  8. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro, Airdock Knichou chuckled - Sorilax was on the same page. It turned out Knichou's attempt at talking his way into Sorilax's good graces instead of telling him the truth of his suspicions was entirely pointless. The forthright nature of this Aspect only further added to the seeds of trust that had been planted in Knichou's mind. "Certainly, I'll keep that in mind, thank you," Knichou said before turning back towards the stairs and descending to the lower deck.
  9. IC: Knichou, Kini-Koro, Knichou's Airdock, The Taku Knichou drank in this knowledge with the utmost seriousness. Caedast. The name was something new. A history unknown, now only known as a lie. That made her dangerous. This had be to explored delicately. Even still, part of Knichou didn't want to believe this shadowy-yet-not being. Stannis warned of the lies of Aspects, their dangers... but perhaps that was a ruse to discount what Aspects would say about hi-her? That either made the inherent deception of shadow true, as Sorilax's documents confirmed, or false, a lie told by Standast and Sorilax to discount other aspects. But that would- Knichou didn't think he could hate paradoxes any more than he did given what he had been through thus far. "Your truths," Knichou began, with some reluctance. If what you have told me is true... "... have earned you my trust," Knichou lied with a grateful nod. You will have gained my trust. Doing his best to keep calm, Knichou walked out from behind Nale's side of the desk, and began to lead Sorilax out of the Taku. "Thank you for you time and knowledge, this will help Kini-Koro make the best decisions going forward. I have a friend to visit now, but if you want me to fly you back to Le-Metru Nuva tomorrow, or need my services for some other reason, well, it shouldn't be that hard to find me." The duo exited the office and was about to descend the staircase to reach the lower deck before Knichou stopped suddenly. "Oh, I almost forgot..." Knichou reached out to the side with his left arm, the ghostlike form of a small shield shimmering into existence as his Kanohi glowed. It had the distinctive rounded triangular shape of a heater shield, however in the center was a circular mechanism for launching Rhotuka. Around this depression in the shield was a golden engraving that depicted blasts of flames and light emanating from the corona of a star, as if the launcher's mechanism itself was eclipsing the sun to provide balance and clarity. Running through the entire depth of the shield in the center of the circular launcher was a crystal, shaped to focus light outwards into tighter beams, something that Knichou figured a light elemental might want to do from time to time. Pulling his arm back towards himself, Knichou used his right hand to remove the shield from his forearm. Tendrils of liquid metal stretched between the Fe-Toa's armor and the back of the shield for a moment before easily snapping back to both objects. It was immediately clear the ex-Ghost's signature technology had been implemented to provide a hassle-free way to attach and detach the shield to and from any part of Sorilax's body, with the nanites reconfiguring into a perfect seal to lock the shield in place as long as the user wished it to. "You'll be needing this."
  10. IC: Knichou & Taku Crew, Kini-Koro, Knichou's Airdock Everyone on the Taku felt the stomachs rise slightly during the descent, and soon afterwards they heard Berys announce their landing over the airship's intercom. The Taku's landing gear deployed and the clanging of Kanoka intensified as both weight increase and levitation Kanoka were used to carefully regulate and restabilize the velocity. The airship gently touched down, with a slight flex in the floor as the suspension in the landing gear legs compressed and rebalanced the airship. With the ship secure on the steel platform, Arnex pulled the lever once again to begin lowering the boarding ramp. The underside of the Taku's bow split in half, with each section rotating out of the way as the ramp angled downwards under the force of large pistons on either side. Sunlight flooded into the cabin, as the ball of fire providing the illumination was at the perfect angle to coat all the passengers with it's heat due to it's own descent after a long day's work. When the aforementioned passengers disembarked, they would find themselves on a large steel landing pad. It was a utilitarian construct, massive steel plates with a web of I-beams underneath providing support, and several pillars descending to the foundation three stories below them. A small railing wrapped around three of the rectangular landing pad's sides, with the fourth side being where the landing pad connects to the roof of a more proper building. Unlike the landing pad, this was not the mere skeleton of a building wearing a hat, but a full-fledged three-floor warehouse and headquarters. Half of the structure's domino-shaped floor was comprised of a square cargo elevator, clearly sized to ferry vehicles and large crates up to the roof. On the other half of the roof was a small many-windowed hut with various large pieces of electronic equipment visible inside, clearly some sort of station for coordinating future air traffic. Across from the building was a mirrored construction of the landing pad the Taku now sat at. ~~~ The landing procedure distracted Sorilax from his lecture to Knichou. The professor was confused by the disembodied voice, and Knichou knew that he had to get back to work. The philosophy could wait, for now. "Don't worry, that's just my pilot, Berys. He's using the microphone. It's like... a scroll for your voice, to copy it elsewhere. Anyways, I'd love to hear more, but it looks like we're here, and I have to visit a friend, so we'll cut this short," Knichou explained, standing up as he did so. "I have just a few questions left for you, though." "Your Life Kraata let you blurt out Stannis's secret nature with such certainty that I now see it was useless to try to convince you otherwise. We're good friends, and yet he only let me know of his Aspect powers earlier today," Knichou half-lied. "So I don't think he's ready for the world to know yet, and that's why he tried to correct you earlier. But since you were one of the old man's companions before I became one, I'm curious..." Knichou looked in the eyeholes of Sorilax's illuminated Calix. "What do you remember about Stannis? Has he changed any from your prior impression? What's the All-Seeker's wish?"
  11. IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui Airspace, The Taku For silence being his power, Sorilax didn't appear inclined to use it. However, Knichou appeared relieved as the Aspect began lecturing the ex-Ghost on his thesis on the nature of morality and consciousness. As biased as this Aspect may be, Knichou knew that he himself was even more biased. Perhaps it took someone who truly wasn't alive to understand life? If Sorilax didn't have the morality of matoran, then he had to derive his morality from something else, and that process intrigued Knichou. It didn't make it right, but it made it worthy of investigation. While the engineer continued to think on his plans given these several revelations, he leaned forwards, ready, eager even, to hear what Sorilax had to say next.
  12. IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui Airspace, The Taku As the Taku approached one of the the raised landing pads Knichou had constructed near the center of the village, the Taku's commander was carefully choosing his next words. To the engineer, that was a much trickier maneuver. He looked back at the scroll. Infected Mask Attunement... As Knichou read through the descriptions of each Taboo Sorilax had written down, his heartlight sank further. He had brought Sorilax here to discuss Stannis but based on how the description of mask infections worked, there was a more urgent matter than the wizard's deceptions. If he was reading this correctly... depending on how many Grand Wish milestones Whisper had completed, all of the matoran who had volunteered for infection, including Vulimai herself, could be possessed at any time by the Aspect. Knichou shivered at the thought of what other horrors could lie in the control over desecrated that further Grand Wish steps would allow for. Did Taja know about this? Did anyone in the town know about this? Was this what Stannis was worried about? The Wanderer must have known, and his secrecy would have let this potential threat simmer until Whisper had consolidated even more power within Matoran leadership. How could Knichou know that Vulimai wasn't being controlled by Whisper at any time? Or her guards? The Toa of iron was relieved that there was a solution to this besides smashing every infected mask in the valley. It was extra reassuring to know that he had ten zamor rounds filled with a solution of that solution. He knew he couldn't let that precious liquid fall into anyone else's hands - it could be the key to preventing an alien takeover of Matoran society. The Fe-Toa was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Sorilax knew of a way to reverse a desecration as well. Maybe this could help Taja, fix what he couldn't prevent from happening? Or... would it kill her? Knichou knew what Whisper's Grand Wish was, but he only had an inkling towards Sorilax's. Maybe this was another Aspect ruse, that he had an angle here to feed on Knichou's paranoia. Yes, that had to be it. "You... said Mata Nui had the opposite of your Grand Wish, but I don't know much more beyond that. Could you tell me more about what yours is?"
  13. IC: Knichou & Taku Crew, Kini-Nui, The Taku With Navu and the Vahki returning to the ship, Arnex used a nearby communications station to tell the Taku's bridge that it was time to go back to the airdock. Berys raised the collective and there was a percussive hum throughout the airship as the twelve levitation engines began to bang levitation kanoka into themselves to provide lift. The main engine flared with a roar as the ship finished the takeoff procedure. After a few moments those inside the vessel felt slightly heavier, and there was an otherworldly sway to the world as their frame of reference was no longer static. Those on the lower deck could see the world drop away outside the open entrance ramp. As the airship raised itself above the treeline, the main engines propelled it forwards. While the skies offered a beautiful view, because the winds picked up and it due it it being common procedure, Arnex pulled a lever at the side of the entrance ramp to raise the ramp and seal the hull. Motors whirred as the automated procedure took effect, and below the passengers there was a similar sound as the landing gear retracted to the crawl space beneath the floor panels. Upstairs in the officers' office, Knichou took his time reading through Sorilax's encyclopedic scroll. The Aspect promised to not lie, but he could certainly dodge the truth in the ways of his siblings. If part of Sorilax's wish was to truly document life, there could be no evasion to the truth in his personal writings. Or so Knichou thought. It was clear that this document had many revisions, one of which being the erasure of images and wording relating to the various Taboos the Aspect had learned. Knichou knew he would have to touch on this later, but elected to read the rest of the document in its entirety before choosing the best place to start his line of questioning. Sorilax didn't seem to mind this silence - in fact, he almost seemed preoccupied with something else happening somewhere else, grateful for a reprieve from Knichou's questioning. Aspects of Makuta Knichou was intrigued by the description of Antidermis. A new state of matter, the antithesis of protodermis. The engineer suppressed his urge to focus on the myriad of experiments he could perform on the substance - if it truly was as similar yet different to protodermis as everything suggested, then being able to reshape it and control it like Knichou had with protodermis was an intriguing prospect. He had hacked into the building blocks of his universe, and so it was only natural to do the same with this other one that Aspects appeared to come from. If their origins in the Far Shore were to be believed, Knichou knew he would have to speak to this 'Nuju' character that had been mentioned earlier. The commander went on to read accounts of the details of the type of bargain Whisper had made with Vulimai - the possession of hosts. The ex-Ghost could still hardly believe the captain had volunteered for such an experience. To trapped in one's body, to lack any control? Truly a nightmare. Sorilax's own notes of his conversion to be a Aspect of Light were certainly interesting. There were many such notes scribbled in the margins with fresher ink, such as how Sorilax's transformation let him use Kanohi, unlike other Aspects. Appendix A: Grand Wishes Sorilax's scroll confirmed the danger of Grand Wishes that Stannis had warned of - reshaping the fabric of reality, that was not a power meant for anyone, let alone the soulless. The further levels of control elder aspects had over their desecrated was abhorrent to the free-spirited and independent Toa. The inner power of each Aspect also growing stronger as they drew closer to their apotheosis meant that stopping Aspects early was vital. The list of variations in Kraata was enormous, any of these powers growing to the level of a full strength Aspect would be deadl- Knichou glanced back to the list of Kraata powers above, having admittedly skimmed it earlier. Most only had descriptions of their powers at stage one and two, yet a few stood out from having more entries on them. Life and silence. Silence was the most mundane of powers, and yet Sorilax was intertwined with it at such a high level. Life was even stranger a power to control, and in more concerning ways. It had more more level of detail above regular Kraata powers, but the implications it had were staggeringly more important than the fourth stage of silence. Stage 2. can sense all life in the area and instinctively know what type it is, regarless of what plane of existence it resides on. Knichou squinted at the parchment, before his head slowly rose to look at Sorilax, who was blissfully unaware of the frantic pace of Knichou's train of thought. The Toa felt his gut sink, and he slowly began to ask his next question, trying his best to hide the quivering inside his bones as he did so. "There are... there are so many Kraata powers listed here. Which ones do you have?"
  14. IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui Lakeside, The Taku, Commander/Captain's Office Knichou narrowly prevented himself from groaning aloud at experiencing a classic Stannis-esque answer. His face showed the frustration instead. The Nynran instead focused in on something the Aspect had said. "Her? Stannis is a he, and he is a Toa."
  15. IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui, The Taku Knichou chuckled at Sorilax's last suggestion. He had doubts that Dume's assassin would be in high standing with the community. At the very least, her testimony was extra meaningless to him, and anyone willing to blindly trust her was clearly an untrustworthy fool in the first place. "Well Viltia gave me some Kanoka for free before running off, so remind me to make you a Rhotuka launcher before you leave as payment," Knichou responded as he began to examine the scroll. First, Knichou began to take pictures of the text with his iStone so he would have an extra copy. "And if you really want a psionic background check, Sidra's useless, but I know just the Toa for you, though. Look for Vashni, she should be somewhere in town, I'm sure if you said Knichou sent her she would be willing to perform such a task." Backup created, the Fe-Toa began to examine the scroll in more detail. He skimmed over the document, with things such as grand wishes and their general treachery aligning with what the engineer had learned from Stannis. Knichou knew he would have to examine this in closer detail later. It was a pleasant surprise to have such a thorough document that he could show Nale and Vulimai, but Knichou was so stubborn on meeting with Sorilax because he had a much more urgent matter at stake than the nature of Aspects. He looked up from the document with a grim expression. The ex-Ghost rested his elbows on the desk, his hands forming an arch in front of his face as he chose his words carefully. "This is very useful, but... it's not the main thing I want to know right now. You're Sorilax, Life Seeker. You called Stannis an Aspect, and he said he was the All Seeker. Why did you call him an Aspect? His eyes may look glazed over sometimes, but he's a Toa of stone, and always has been. You also said you didn't know him, but seconds later you did. All of this has me confused, and I'd like an explanation."
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