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  1. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace The Toa of iron frowned as his shots went wide when the Wombat suddenly changed course. While this helped Knichou's goal, now that the Wombat was no longer firing on the Taku, it was bad for the main objective of protecting Metru-Koro, as the Wombat began firing on the town again. Shortly after the Wombat began it's dive bombing, Knichou stowed his weapon and flew downwards to catch up to it. Falling faster than the airship wasn't difficult by any means, and soon Knichou was gliding downwards beside the Wombat. Once Knichou was back near the Wombat, he moved in even closer towards the underside of the airship. He grabbed onto the hull behind where the main cannon was mounted, sinking his fingers into the metal exterior that quickly morphed into proper grips once under his command. Knichou used his powers to dig slots for all his limbs in the hull so he would more easily be able to hang onto the underside of the ship during any future maneuvers. Even while holding onto the ship behind the weapon, Knichou could feel the heat from the energy blasts as they formed. As the siege weapon rained terror on the city below, Knichou watched it's operation, looking for ways to disable it. When attempting to disarm an explosive weapon, it was a good idea to make sure you won't blow yourself up in the process, so the former weapons designer continued to hang on for his life and attempt to discover where he could safely cut off power to the fascinating new weapon. ~~~ The crew of the Taku finally had a reprieve as they no longer heard the Taku being hit by shots from either enemy airship. Berys was looking at any screens he could to get a better idea of where the other airships had gone, keeping a close eye on them to know when to begin evasive maneuvers again. In the cargo bay, Exuze and Suhaku shivered in the backseat of the van, wanting it all to be over. Arnex sat at the crane controls, trying to control her breathing and calm down.
  2. As someone who's working on my own project for archiving and organizing some of BZPower's RPGs, I just want to say congratulations on completing your efforts - especially given the amount of pre-2011 content that's often lost to time. While I never played or read the Dino Attack RPG myself, I know it had a passionate community and a long history. I look forward to reading through this and getting a taste of what it was like in the heyday of the Lego RPG forum.
  3. Have you attempted to log in via your web browser as a backup?
  4. IC: Berys, Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Airspace "The Toa-heroes think-talked about it many times earlier, either you're dark-serious or I'm old-bone."
  5. IC: Berys, Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Airspace "Wait - let me deep-think... you're the spirit from the van... and you're wind-riding the Taku? Or are the bullets making me slow-think?"
  6. IC: Taku & Crew, Metru-Koro Airspace With Triage's aid, the screams had mostly transformed into moans and sobs. Suhaku cried as Triage carried her into the back seat of the van. Exuze couldn't manage full sentences, he just shivered and stared with wide eyes at himself, others, anything, while completely unresponsive. Occasionally what could be mistaken for a word slipped between his lips, not that it could be heard over the sound of bullets impacting the ship. Up above in the cargo crane controls, Arnex looked in awe at the proceedings below. She sat at her station, dumbfounded, as Yaushe's voice boomed throughout the ship's intercom. The crane controls sparked for a moment, but all panels instantly went back in the green. Must be some kind of power surge. On the bridge, Berys was extremely worried when the controls became unresponsive and even hostile. Did a shell sever the control wiring? Yaushe's voice both explained and didn't explain what was going on. Berys cursed in frustration as he completely lost control of the ship - every switch he flicked would flip back into position as soon as his hand left it, every stick would fight him. Yet somehow the ship stayed on course and even continued to turn left towards Metru-Koro like Berys was trying to do. "Why do I have to have such dark-luck, what in Karzahni is happening?"
  7. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Atop the Wombat Knichou watched Vulimai and Tekmo climb inside the ruptured panel, and turned around towards the bow of the Wombat.As the Toa of iron began to walk up to the bridge to take a look through the window, he heard a familiar voice crackling over the radio. "-ichou? It's Nale. We've made it to our DZ. About to find a way inside. Will update." Knichou breathed a sigh of relief at Nale's voice. Not that he was extremely worried that his hastily made plan would have quickly lead to her or his other allies deaths, but there was always that possibility on the battlefield. The ex-ghost was about to activate his armor's own radio to respond, but as he walked, his next step landed unexpectedly quickly, as if he had stepped off a staircase expecting there to be another step. Knichou instinctively tried to catch his balance but soon realized it was futile - the entire ship was rotating to throw him off. Unable to stay balanced, Knichou instead did exactly what the Wombat's crew wanted. Knichou compressed himself and then leapt outwards, quickly escaping the tumbling airship. He activated his adaptive armor's thrusters and within a few seconds had re-centered himself in a stable, upright hover a few meters off the side of the Wombat. He quickly glanced below to ensure that the others hadn't fallen out of the hole they had entered the ship with. As he looked around, he heard Nale's voice again. "Knichou, we've linked up with some other Taku crewmembers here, conveniently. Going dark now, I'll contact you again when we've...resolved this." Knichou activated his own radio to quickly respond. "Copy that, all of us are also on target. Stay safe, over." Stay safe? Really, Knichou? We're on a battlefield, kohlii-head! As Knichou finished speaking, he began to fly closer to the Wombat. He reached behind him inside his nanodermis backpack, searching for his weapon. His hand brushed up against the mask of creation, and the engineer shivered for a moment. Knichou searched around and soon grabbed the grip of his custom lightstone rifle and pulled it effortlessly out of the liquid metal blob on his back. It was fully charged, and the crackling lightstones stored in its exposed octagonal cylinder stood out against the night sky around him. Flicking off the safety, Knichou braced the weapon against his right shoulder, using his left arm for course correction with its thruster. He saw the Hagah plasma cannon at the front of the ship begin firing balls of plasma at the Taku. Even if it was unfortunate that the Taku had been detected, at the very least the large cannon on the underside of the ship wasn't firing on Metru-Koro anymore. Instead of moving towards the bridge, Knichou hovered to the left and slightly in front of the Wombat, and began rapidly firing a burst of four electrically charged lightstones towards the externally-mounted plasma cannon itself in an attempt to disable it. Knichou fired the rifle in a sweeping motion in the hopes that it would increase the chance of one of his shots hitting the spinning target - while he had spent a lot of time at the firing range in his time as a weapons manufacturer, shooting with one arm, while flying, against a spinning, also-flying target was a situation where it was less important to aim a precise shot and more important for a pure increase in the volume of fire. ~~~ On the bridge of the Taku, a panicked Berys was trying to manage too many things at once. There were multiple enemy airships engaging, oh-so-many warning lights on the dashboard, no weapons for self-defense, and the constant cracks and impacts of bullets were not helping the Le-Matoran's concentration any. Once crew in the back confirmed that all boarders were away, Berys pulled the lever to close the cargo bay doors, which reduced the Taku's drag and made it leak less light below them. Berys had been flying towards the enemy airships in an attempt to get behind them and out of their cones of fire, but clearly both League ships that were still active had stopped their bombardment of the Koro to instead turn and focus fire on the Taku. Even if Berys managed to keep the Taku out of the sights of one of the ships, the other would undoubtedly have an angle on it. One of these ships was smaller and could almost certainly outrun the Taku as well. Berys would just have to hope they could make it back to Metru-Koro alive, or that the boarding parties were successful, because there was no way the Taku could fight back that wasn't suicidal. Berys continued the Taku's left turn at full speed, attempting to make a U-turn to face Metru-Koro. There was nothing more he could do - the boarding parties were out, so the Taku's mission was complete, and now she only had to hold together long enough to make it back. As the maneuver began, more and more projectiles battered the hull of the airship. The Tranquility's machine guns continued to pepper the underside of the hull with mixed success, but now other threats began to strike. The rapidly rolling Wombat fired from it's forward plasma cannon with a large spread. Several of these projectiles hit the Taku's left side, splattering against the hull, burning through, and exploding, flinging the superheated gas and molten metal from the armor inside the ship. Suhaku was near the front of the cargo bay when one of these bolts hit the wall nearby. Her back was peppered with fragments of molten protosteel, and her screams joined the terrifying soundscape. Exuze was hiding behind a crate closer to the edge of the cargo bay doors, and he looked up at the sound of her pain embolded him to stand up and run over to her aid. As he began to run along the left side of the ship towards her, the wall he was running beside exploded in a flash of blinding light. The energy bolt from the Tranquility's main gun had arced slowly and gracefully through the air towards the Taku, but Berys was already turning left at full speed when he saw it. Even though the pilot tried desparately to turn right to dodge it, it wasn't enough. The projectile hit the left side of the Taku at a glancing angle from behind, and much of the energy flowed lengthwise along the side of the hull, burning bright streaks through the outer layer of armor. Where the blast made contact with the Taku, things weren't as pretty. By the time the flash of superheated gas had dissipated, there was an irregularly shaped hole the diameter of a large matoran burned into the hull. Shrapnel from the wall wasn't the only thing flung around this time - as the hearing of those in the cargo bay began to stop ringing, they could hear the screams of Exuze, who had been thrown against the hull on the opposite side of the airship. The Ta-Lesterin rolled down the curved hull and lay crumped against the floor on the right side of the cargo bay, howling like an animal and clutching where his left arm used to be. The entire left side of Exuze was covered in burns and molten shrapnel, and the Lesterin soon began to convulse in shock.
  8. Most user groups have spinnies visible on their posts, however premier members do not. Premier variations of other user groups (e.g., Premier Outstanding BZPower Citizens) have spinnies on their posts, although I have not verified that every other group has functional spinnies, so a review to ensure no other groups were broken may be prudent.
  9. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace As Knichou fell, his adaptive armor switched into gear. In the heads up display built into the lenses of his kanohi, multiple interface elements appeared to aid in his descent, such as altitude, airspeed, g-force, and an icon indicative of his trajectory. The toa of iron spread his arms out wide to increase his drag as he looked out at the scene below him. From the illumination of each ship's gunfire and the smoldering damage on some ships, Knichou could quickly discern where each ship was. The largest enemy airship was tilting upwards and gaining altitude, with machine guns firing wildly at the underside of the Taku. Assuming Nale followed his orders, that's the ship she and the others would be boarding. The other two vessels were visually similar, though with much different levels of damage. The ship that Katherine's blast had apparently hit was flying at full speed, shedding various parts and even a vahki crew member. As Knichou was deciding which of these two identical ships to board, fate answered for him as that ship suddenly began to dive straight towards the ground. Knowing his target would be the last airship, Knichou moved his limbs so the air rushing past him would flip him over. He saw a wide-eyed Tekmo falling closely behind him, and further above could see the other boarding party beginning their descent. The ex-Ghost slightly activated his adaptive armor's thrusters to slow his fall just enough to catch up to Tekmo. Knichou reached out his arm, which Tekmo grabbed ahold of. Now that both passengers were holding on to him tightly, Knichou tucked his limbs closer together to speed up his descent and used his thrusters to alter his course to ensure they were headed straight for the Wombat. This airship was small, but it's long form made a perfect landing strip for a head-on approach. When the group was getting rather close to the airship, Knichou suddenly used the thruster on his free arm to rotate himself upright again. The jets on his adaptive armor then blasted at full power, straining to fight the inertia of two falling Toa and a Matoran. Vulimai and Tekmo held on for dear life, the latter especially worried that his grip on Knichou's arm would be ripped from him by the sudden jerk. Within a few seconds, the group had slowed to a near-hover a few meters above the hull of the Wombat. Knichou fought hard to stabilize himself upright, given the weight of an entire Toa hanging on one of his arms threw off the entire balance of the group. While Knichou stabilized his hover, the Wombat rushed upwards to meet them. Tekmo finally let go to drop the remaining few feet and land on the top of the Wombat, and then Knichou could finally lower his thrust and land into a crouched position. After Vulimai had disembarked his back, Knichou stood up and assessed the situation. The Wombat was not as heavily damaged as the other airships, but towards the rear of the hull there was a large panel clearly missing - probably due to damage from the previous battle with the traitorous ship. The hole in the hull was clearly visible as it leaked the artificial light from the inside of the ship out into the night sky. Knichou pointed at the glowing opening and shouted over the roaring winds to Tekmo and Vulimai. "GO DOWN THROUGH THERE, I'LL CHECK OUT THE BRIDGE FROM OUT HERE!"
  10. IC: Knichou & Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Airspace Knichou reciprocated a nod to Triage, and turned back to Vulimai. "Let's do this Toa, let's do what we were made for." Knichou tighted his grip on the matoran, and began lifting Vulimai over his shoulders where she could hang on to his back. "You're going to want to hold on as tight as you can, this will be a bumpy ride." As Vulimai began her piggyback ride, Tekmo addressed Knichou. "Excuse me, Captain Knichou, but perhaps I could accompany you and Captain Vulimai? ...You're both captains. Isn't that odd?" "Yeah, now that you mention it, that is a bit strange. Anyways yeah, you can - " ~~~ Berys was nervously keeping the Taku as still as possible, per Knichou's orders, so that the two boarding parties would be able to get as smooth a drop as possible. He glanced nervously at the Aspect behind him. 'All will fear me and rejoice?' Not so happy-cheer a speech... The Le-Matoran pilot's thoughts were interrupted by a cacophany of tiny impacts against the underside of the Taku's bow. Armor was heavy and expensive, which were sacrifices a cargo airship like the Taku could not accept. The vast majority of the Taku's outermost shell was thinner than one might initially expect, and the bullets from the Tranquility's machine guns pierced those thin outer layers with ease. The bullets tumbled through the air after piercing the initial armor and ricocheted throughout the storage room underneath the bridge. The thicker walls and floors of the bridge and the crew quarters was enough to catch any bullets. Those on the bridge could feel the rumbling beneath their feet as a few pockmarks bulged slightly out of the floor. From the angle at which the Tranquility was firing relative to the Taku, most of the bullets were hitting the front bow, but given the inherent spread in sustained machine gun fire over such a distance, many bullets hit the bottom of the Taku. Most of these shots pierced the outer layer of armor but were caught by the thicker structural supports and floor of the cargo bay. A few shots broke through the floor with a frightening crack, with a smaller proportion of those shots still having enough energy left to exit the airship through the thin armor on the upper hull. Those in the cargo bay would see the occasional shower of sparks as lead splattered against the metal interior of the ship. The crew members hid behind whatever thick crates and machinery was nearby, and prayed that they wouldn't be unluckily hit by a stray bullet. Berys had been waiting for the drop, but if he kept the Taku still any longer, there wouldn't be anyone left inside to board. Within a few seconds he was beginning to raise the ship's altitude even further and increase engine thrust to make the Taku a moving target instead of a stationary one. He kept the ship on a straight course for a few seconds to ensure anyone would have probably enough time to drop, and then began turning 30 degrees to the left so that the Taku's course would pass over the formation of League airships as quickly as possible. ~~~ Knichou's train of thought was interrupted by the impacts from the machinegun fire. "####! If you're coming with us, jump, and I'll catch you on the way down," Knichou shouted to Tekmo, before he leapt out of the cargo bay and into the freezing winds of the night, with Vulimai on his back.
  11. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Cargo Bay of the Taku "We'll be dropping any minute now, Vulimai. I should be able to carry you down safely," Knichou replied. When Triage came to a decision shortly afterwards, Knichou gave the medic a solemn nod. "If we... don't make it... get the Taku to Po-Koro. There's a Fe-Matoran there who will know what to do with her. Knowing him, if you get there, he'll find you." He shot a similar worried look at Nale when she turned to address him. "We're as ready as we'll ever be," the Toa of iron said quietly, before turning to walk to the edge of large opening in the floor of the cargo bay. When he reached the edge he stood still and closed his eyes, ignoring his usual senses to focus on his newest one. While the league airships seemed far away on the scale of a Matoran or Toa, they were rapidly approaching below the Taku. Based on the altitude the Taku had over them, and the Taku hovering still while they approached, the jump would have to be timed for when the League airships were still slightly ahead of the Taku, so by the time everyone had finished falling, the ships would be under them. Knichou really hoped the quick math he was doing was correct enough. Just a bit longer, to be safe. That was when Knichou heard - and felt - the blast. As those around him were still unsure if the Taku had just fired a shot or been hit by one, Knichou sprang into action. There was no more time to wait or second guess. Knichou pressed a button on his gauntlet so his voice would sound out from the Taku's intercom, "This is it, people. Ulkarr, begin clouding their vision, Nale, get Irna and Skorm safely onto the largest ship. Vulimai, you're with me, we're going to take one of the smaller ones. Berys, evasive maneuvers once we're all clear. Good luck everyone, I'll see you all in Karzahni." He switched off the microphone and extended a hand to Vulimai. "You ready to go? There won't be a chance to back out once we're in the air."
  12. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Knichou looked towards Triage with a sigh. As much as he wished he could say something inspiring, Knichou couldn't avoid giving a frank analysis. "Your call, Doc - I doubt those on the Taku and those on the boarding parties will both go unscathed. Up here you have a better chance of surviving, as long as the Taku doesn't get shot down. If you go with the boarding parties, we'll be wounding their crew and getting wounded ourselves, and there probably won't be the space or the time to get full use of your expertise. If we fail below, your work will still be needed by Metru-Koro, and if we succeed we'll still be trapped in an already damaged League airship, under fire from their wingmen. The extra risk of us crashing these League ships with ourselves on board isn't something I can ask you to take." The Toa of iron looked around at the others in the bridge. "Alright everyone, we're getting close. Berys, slow us to an idle and keep us above the flight path of that larger ship in the lead. Keitara, stay up above and keep doing everything you can to keep us undetected. Ulkarr, stay here and be ready to cloud their windows in darkness when I give you the signal. Kat... you can handle yourself to jump down and slow your own fall. Go after we drop. Everyone else... follow me to the cargo bay, let's get ready for our dive." Knichou exited the bridge and slid down the ladder to join the others who were already in the cargo bay, including Triage's unusual friends who had arrived in their own vehicle. ~~~ In the cargo bay of the Taku, various crew members shifted nervously as they waited for the battle that they never signed up for to arrive. Mega approached the Ta-Lesterin Exuze, who was peering out over the edge of the open cargo bay doorway. From their altitude, the light of Metru-Koro could just barely be seen if one looked at a low enough angle. "Well, most of us aren't fighters either... I guess if we start taking hits, anyone that can keep us in the air would be a help. From the explanations the Cap'n's made, all our kanoka power is clustered in levitation engines on all sides of the ship, and if we lose too many of those we won't be able to stay airborne. If those get destroyed or disabled we'll need people who can attempt a quick fix, or at least keep any fires from spreading, if you know what I mean. Any tools and spare parts should be in the room under the bridge."
  13. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Bridge of the Taku The passengers of the Taku nervously watched the battle unfold in the distance. Streaks of blazing light exchanged between the league airships, followed shortly by the intense cracks of their report. Because the sky had grown even darker since when these ships were initially spotted, the faint illumination of the glowing projectiles was appreciated by the Le-Matoran helmsman as he kept the Taku on course. After being pelted by cannon fire from the three other ships, it eventually became clear that the traitorous league ship would not survive. 'Toa Jorak' may have failed to stop the attack or incapacitate any of the other League airships, but his presumptive sabotage had at the very least damaged the other ships, and by the very nature of his maneuver, Jorak had destroyed the largest League vessel. It did somewhat relieve Knichou's conscience that he wasn't the only person ready to risk it all in a suicidal, hastily made gambit. Jorak's kamikaze made Knichou's plans only slightly less suicidal. A four-on-one fight had become a three-on-one. Still an immense gamble (Especially given the Taku was by no means a warship), but as long as the Metruans kept the element of surprise, it was now a winnable (Well, survivable) fight. As the league airships finished their infighting and began to regroup, Knichou began paying closer attention to their positions. He made sure Berys kept them on course to be above the enemy ships when they would eventually get close enough to cross paths. Knichou couldn't be sure that the Taku could catch up to the smaller enemy airships if they tried to swing around from behind, so a direct pass over may be necessary, at the very least for the first drop. In that case, the slower the Taku was moving, the larger a window the boarders would have to successfully land on top of their targets. The captain ordered Berys to slow down the ship's lateral speed, and weighed his options while he still had the time to do so.
  14. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Bridge of the Taku "Well, Captain, I may not know what metrus my disks are from, but any disks I have will be in the storage room below us, take whatever you need," Knichou responded. He hoped Vulimai would know how to use a disk in such close quarters. At Ulkarr's comment, Knichou simply gave the shadowy being a nod. The Toa of Iron ignored Tekmo's question, however - Knichou didn't know if he could properly explain the van situation yet, and even if he could, there were more important matters at hand. As Knichou thought of the upcoming battle, he felt a chilling cold come across him. At first he thought it was the nervousness, but Nale's comment and his armor subtly shifting to have more insulation confirmed the phenomenon was physical and not mind games. "Strange. It's not normally this cold at this altitude..."
  15. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Bridge of the Taku "I can guarantee your feet will eventually hit something solid," Knichou responded with a chuckle. "What are you thinking of? We don't exactly have a lot of weaponry here - there will be some spare kanoka below if you have a launcher."
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