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  1. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza, Aboard the Taku “Yes this is Po-Koro, what is the situation at Metru-Koro?” Where to begin? There was so much to explain to Po-Koro: the attack, the death of Sans, the state of the village, and more. Before Berys could verbalize any of it, Po-Koro followed up with another transmission. “Taku, Taku, there is some sort of massive maelstrom ravaging Po-Koro. We are only in the fringes, but it’s devastating the wasteland … Taku, there was just a massive roar. I … any help you can spare, please.” Berys sighed, unsure how to respond. The Le-Matoran nervously activated the microphone to repond. "Captain not here, not ready to fly Taku yet. Will update if things change, over." He slumped in his chair, trying to stay calm. What was he supposed to do? Commandeer the ship to fly into a giant storm before he had even a chance to inspect the battle damage? On a hope that there was something useful to do, and that they arrive in time? They had just flown ot Po-Koro that day, and it was not a reassuring sight. Maybe Po-Koro already doomed themselves by not evacuating when they had the chance. Either way, the response was out of Berys's hands, any rash decisions would just lead to more danger, but with him to blame, instead of Knichou, Po-Koro, or Nale.
  2. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza, Taku Cargo Bay With Exuze and Suhaku carefully placed on the two stretchers and attached to the cargo crane, Arnex used the controls to lift up the pair and place them on the ground below the Taku's cargo bay opening. "Thanks," the Onu-Matoran shouted down to the cargo bay below, giving Zsann a thumbs up. OOC: @Taka Nuvia @ZippyWharrgarbl IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza, Bridge of the Taku Back on the bridge, Berys answered Ulkarr's question. "Yes, we can radio Po-Koro at any time. I was waiting on captain to come back first, though..." The pilot spun his chair back around towards the controls, and flipped some switches to activate the radio and turned a dial to tune into Po-Koro's frequency. "Po-Koro, this is the Taku, please respond, over." OOC: @Harvali @Tarn @Toru Nui
  3. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza, Bridge of the Taku Berys sighed, cradling his head with his hands as he stared at the floor and considered the options. "Either I wait for Pridak's land army to arrive or help steal super-weapon... not much choice." Resigned to his strange role in this worrisome new world, Berys looked back up at Triage. "Metru Nui... not bad place to die, and better to die in sky than in ground raid, methinks. Is that all? Big mess downstairs I should clean."
  4. IC: Taku Crew, Metru Koro Plaza, Taku Cargo Bay Arnex finished dragging the pair of stretchers beside the van and then responded. "Hopefully Triage sealed them up well enough. Just put Exuze and Suhaku on the stretchers, I'm sure you can lift them. I'm going to bring the crane over, and once they're strapped in, you'll need to attach these ropes on the stretchers to the crane's hook so I can use it to slowly put them down outside the ship." The Onu-Matoran climbed up the ladder again and got into the seat of the crane controls, turning it on and beginning to slowly move it over the stretchers. OOC: @Taka Nuvia
  5. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza, Bridge of the Taku "Quick-soar to Metru-Nui?" Berys responded, incredulous. After a moment of gauging how serious Triage was, he threw his hands up in the air in exasperation, his tongue slipping out of frustration as he spoke more sternly. "Knichou's plan crazy, this worse-suicidal. Deep-think: why fly to Pridak's guns?"
  6. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro Plaza Berys observed Yaushe flip the switches on the dashboard in fascination. To have one's body be a ship... the implications of it all were intriguing. ~~~ Back in the cargo bay of the Taku, Arnex slid down the ladder to get down to the lower deck. After a few moments of searching, she found two stretchers left over from the Po-Koro battle, and dragged them over near the van. The Onu-matoran turned to Mega and Zsann. "Can you help me get Suhaku and Exuze on these stretchers so I can set them down on the crane?" Arnex gestured to the turaga and lesterin that were nearby. "Metru-Koro should have better facilities for treating wounded. Well, I hope it does, otherwise..." Arnex didn't want to finish that thought. OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl@Taka Nuvia ~~~ A short while later, Triage and Ulkarr returned to the bridge. Berys was leaning back in the co-pilot's chair, still exhausted from the battle. The Taku's pilot spun around to see the duo, and his facial expression shifted from relief to dread after Triage's ominous introduction. "What?" OOC: @Toru Nui@Tarn
  7. IC: Knichou, Metru Nui Moat The Toa of iron waited on the inflated platform for Tekmo and Vulimai to join him. Unfortunately, his hopes for enough time to think up an elegant solution for the group to escape the present situation were dashed when he noticed the massive raft beginning to sink as it was slowly corroded by the toxic ocean. This was not helped by the massive boom of the Wombat's wreckage exploding in what appeared to be a catastrophic overcharge of the plasma cannon aboard. Knichou had to act quick, and so while Tekmo and Vulimai sprinted across the massive construct, Knichou closed his eyes and thought of the safest way to get his allies out of here. Knichou had seen Toa canisters before - many were manufactured on Artakha, and Knichou had even bought one from craftsman on the island. Knichou had disassembled and reassembled the canister in order to study the vehicle's life support system and to attempt to make it completely safe for Matoran to use. When he bought the Taku to escape the oncoming League fleet, Knichou set aside a room to house this Toa canister as a sort of escape pod, which eventually Stannis used to infiltrate the Coliseum undetected. Calling upon this knowledge, Knichou focused intensely on bringing the object into being. Reality warped in front of Knichou and a canister materialized from thin air. The Toa opened his eyes, and sighed in a mixture of relief and pain. Knichou felt tired. Too tired. Way too tired to try to fly all the way back to shore. He knew a single Toa canister would not be enough to fit everyone. Pushing his mind to the absolute limit, Knichou used his kanohi once again to conjure a second Toa canister. He was driven with an unreasonable determination, that once his work was done, he could finally rest, no matter what happened. As Tekmo and Vulimai finally reached Knichou, they saw the exhausted Nynran's knees buckle as he collapsed to the surface of the inflated coffin, completely unresponsive. In front of him were two Toa canisters.
  8. IC: Knichou, Metru-Nui Moat, Floatin' Knichou watched as the crippled wreck of the Wombat fell to its doom. In the darkness, Knichou could make out Tekmo jumping out of the airship with a makeshift parachute and Vulimai hanging onto him for dear life. The duo recognized that the floating air bag was the only thing preventing them from a watery grave, and drifted towards it. Before they could reach it, the much faster moving Wombat slammed into the head of the Keitara sculpture. The rest of the inflated structure immediately puffed up in an opposite direction to the impact as the air was forced out from underneath the Wombat's crash. The massive structure held for now, although unbeknownst to the Metruans, soon the Wombat's hastily engineered self-destruct would make a second attempt at piercing the thick layers of hide keeping the pressurized barge afloat. Knichou maneuvered himself to land at the feet of the coffin-shaped contraption, awaiting his companions to join him. The Toa of iron wanted to check that they were wounded before going further - and he also wanted some semi-stable ground for once, so he could focus entirely on how to get them back to Metru-Koro. ~~~ Back over Metru-Koro, Berys looked behind him as Ulkarr stood back up again. "I am restored. Now, please, get me off this flying mechanical contraption. This body would not survive the short way down." "G-Good idea. Can you take us down, Ship-Ghost-Lady?" If the Taku could roll it's eyes, it would have, but nevertheless the spirit possessing the vehicle willed it to increase it's weight to slowly drift downwards above the plaza where the survivors of the battle had gathered. The airship's anchor dropped into the dirt nearby, and Arnex quickly rushed down to the cargo bay opening to descend the rope ladder. The two injured crew members didn't make any move to leave the ship - right now there wasn't much to do besides hope the pain would go away. OOC: Yaushe bunnied with permission from @ZippyWharrgarbl
  9. Yeah, the entire aspect of nearly-instantly befriending a flying animal that happens to decide to give you a ride feels extremely implausible, and I'm glad EW brought it up. One of Pixar's rules of storytelling is "Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating." This summarily explains why the 'useful' outcome of the rahi providing a way out for Okuo here is unsatisfying to me, even if it may seem on a surface level to be 'balanced' by other unexpected 'bad' things happening to Okuo in the same post (His vehicle breaking down due to battle damage, him getting shot by a rhotuka, and crash landing in a place he didn't want to go). While a push and pull, give and take attitude works well in many situations (Such as PvP, where allowing a hit to do some damage, etc. can provide for a much more realistic and satisfying encounter and encourages both sides to give each other some leeway), doing it with unrealistic results doesn't really work. Overall, to me, the way Okuo gets out of Metru-Nui feels very contrived and overly complex - the same result could be accomplished by Okuo using the hoverboard to get out of Metru-Nui, but getting spotted by the same guards or beset by some other obstacle on the way that causes him to lose control and get lost in the Fau Swamp. That would feel more realistic and more likely an outcome than surprisingly being the Kahu whisperer. Okuo riding the rahi out is an implausible solution to a problem that's created in the very same post, there are plenty of ways to do effectively the same thing while not breaking a reader's suspension of disbelief as hard. Well, kind of? Yes, generally speaking, in many instances throughout the past two games, NPCs have been portrayed to be weaker than some (myself included) would prefer, but also a lot of these situations are involving characters whose skills are combat-related, or is overall done in a way that makes sense within the world given the powersets at play here. As far as meta-gamey decisions for characters to end up in the right place at the right time, that is certainly irritating and shouldn't be normalized. Even if Okuo's unlikely actions in this post don't directly change the outcomes of the larger story or his involvement with other characters (As I said, there are ways to get out of Metru-Nui without breaking your hoverboard, flying on a friendly rahi you just met, then getting shot, then getting saved by the rahi again) the method it's done does feel in stark contrast to a lot of other characterizations of the world and it's rules, as EW stated.
  10. IC: Knichou, Metru-Nui Airspace The Nynran felt weak to his bones as he looked down at his creation. He let go of the Wombat and jumped, using his armor's flight system to stay hovering in the air. The flames from the jets sputtered, and Knichou's control over his flight was distinctively less agile than before. The Mask of Creation felt like it almost had a mind of its own, and Knichou wasn't sure how it was interfacing with his adaptive armor's systems. He wanted to switch back to his Kakama, but he also knew there was no point in hiding the mask of creation anymore - anyone who had seen what had just happened and knew of the legendary kanohi could put two and two together. Knichou struggled to stay hovering while he watched the tentacled beast fly away. Knichou didn't think he saw that many tentacles or the wing when the being crashed through the walls of the ship and dived downwards, but he wasn't sure. Best to avoid contact with the sea in any case.
  11. While I don't really remember ever interacting with you (No offense, there are lot of subcommunities on this site, and it's been years since things were very active), major props for going out on a limb and saying out in public what most people (I hope) have thought in private at one point or another when revisiting this site - that our younger selves all too often made many stupid mistakes due to various factors (Who knew a bunch of teens would ever do or say things they'd regret?) Recognizing one's actions and views from long ago were mistaken is good, as it shows how much one's character has grown, and I think it's important to normalize accepting that growth. I'm sure I'm not saying anything you haven't been thinking yourself for a while now, but I figure the best feedback for someone speaking out into the void is to reciprocate with some void-spewing of my own. Stay safe out there!
  12. IC: Knichou, Metru-Nui Airspace, Cannonball? Knichou struggled to keep balance on top of the airship as the unusual being smashed through the hull and proceeded to destroy Knichou's hopes of capturing the Wombat. As more and more systems failed, the effects of the Wombat's levitation kanoka began to wear off and the ship quickly lurched downwards. Knichou knelt down, grabbing on to the ship's armor plating with one hand, stowing his rifle in his amorphous backpack with the other. The engineer's mind raced. There was no way to prevent this crash, and there were two allies aboard, potentially wounded. Yes, they had signed on for a suicidal mission and knew the risks, but if Knichou left them to their fates and used his armor to fly back to Metru-Koro, their deaths would linger on the Nynran's conscious. What would Stannis think? What would Nale say? What would Nale do? Just over a week ago, Nale ran into Knichou’s life after Nuparu died in the Nynran’s arms. She stood her ground against an entire squad of Vahki, voluntarily dooming herself so that Knichou and Stannis could escape from Onu-Metru. Stannis and Arkius defended Knichou as he got to the Taku, but Stannis rode back down the elevator to save Nale even though Knichou had already written her off as a lost cause, already in custody of the robotic law enforcers. Stannis did what Toa were meant to do, even if Knichou didn’t understand it at the time. Knichou barely knew Nale then, just as he barely knew Tekmo and Vulimai now. Knichou couldn’t have known in Onu-Metru what Nale would teach him, or what he thought of her now – not that even now the engineer understood what he thought of her now. If Tekmo and Vulimai had a chance to become even a sliver of the ally Nale was, doing everything and anything possible to save them was justified. Tekmo and Vulimai volunteered to jump because they knew Knichou would get them down safely, and Knichou had to live up to that promise. Or at least try... When the giant who crippled the airship proceeded to perform a cannonball dive, there were many new holes left in that section of the ship. Knichou put both his hands flat against the hull of the Wombat and closed his eyes. He felt the metal beams of the ship, all the armor plating and rivets. He reached out and felt where the inner support structure of the ship still existed near the center of the airship, and willed those beams to separate, one by one. Splitting the beams was crude, but it's destructive and imprecise nature made it easy for Knichou to accomplish. Within seconds, the Toa of iron had sheared enough bars in two that the ship began to buckle under the growing air pressure from the fall. The ship began to morph into a 'V' shape as it's structural integrity failed and it was bent by the air pressure of the fall, but did not easily split in half as Knichou had hoped. Perhaps there was now a big enough hole where the ship bent in two that was big enough for Tekmo and Vulimai to jump out... But Knichou didn't think he could catch them and slow down enough to prevent a deadly impact in the time between them exiting the airship and the airship smacking the waves below at terminal velocity. Knichou didn't believe that he could save them both. Unless... Knichou had neglected to use his most powerful tool throughout this entire battle, and now he believed it to be the only way to prevent the deaths of his allies. He now regretted not trying on Artakha's legendary Kanohi earlier, but hopefully he could begin to understand it just enough to build a safe landing for his allies before their impact. ~~~ Two matoran were busy inside a verdant alcove. Vines slithered up the limestone walls that surrounded the oasis from all sides. Hundreds of feet above, soft light filtered in from an opening alongside a sheet of crystal clear water. This water splashed against a pond in the center of the stone floor that was surrounded by moss and small patches of dirt. Water drained out of the pond, trickling outwards towards a matoran-sized fissure in one wall that shone with the outside sunlight. Beside the pond was a hastily constructed ladder and a massive inflated bag in the shape of a circle. Rings made of red paint radiated from the center of the circle, forming a target easily the size of two Toa. The cavern was littered with various equipment – air compressors, steel poles, extra leather, and a few portable lightstone lanterns overlooking a pile of rough blueprints. Knichou looked upwards towards the top of the ladder, where a small diving board was welded on with support beams. "This doesn’t seem as good an idea now that it’s all built…" He mused aloud before beginning to climb up. A face bobbed up from the nearby pool, fed crystal clear water from the falls. Apprentice weaponsmith Keitara, Kei to her friends, would rather have her heartstone removed than miss out on her forgemaster's tests. Besides, if he shattered a leg again she was a decent enough hand at medical matters. Various self-surgery scars attested to this, much to the concern of some. "Ya look great, Kni! The impact cushion's holding up nicely. I'd say 'Knock 'em dead,' but since I have the feeling yer the ''em' in this instance maybe not such a good idea? How about 'unconscious?'" She cupped her hands to her mouth. "KNOCK YOURSELF UNCONSCIOUS, FORGEMASTER! YOU'VE GOT THIS!" ~~~ Knichou was running out of time, he saw the silver sea rapidly approaching as moonlight glistened off the waves. He used his free hand to detach his Kakama from his face. It felt strange without it on, the wind blowing against his face, the lack of a heads up display (Of all the times not to have an altimeter!) and the slight weakness in his body. Knichou placed the Kanohi in his liquid metal backpack and felt around for the other mask inside. His hand brushed against the distinctive crown-like protrusions from the top of the Mask of Creation, and he quickly found a grip on it and pulled it out in front of him. ~~~ Knichou chuckled under his breath as he climbed the ladder, trying as hard as he could to stay focused on the rungs above him instead of the ground moving further below him. It was a long climb, so he had plenty of time to worry about if the changes to his armor’s configuration were correct. He hoped that he hadn’t made any of the dozen accidental minor errors that could cascade into a major system failure. Reaching the top of the ladder, he carefully positioned himself on the platform and looked down. Now it really didn’t feel like a good plan. He slowed his breathing, and pressed a few buttons so his adaptive armor would begin logging what it did during the test. “Well, here we go. Flight configuration fall test two, beginning in three… two… one...” The Fe-Matoran jumped off the diving board, spreading his limbs out wide. His stomach trembled at the sudden movement of the fall, and Knichou felt the primal rush of fear. Except in this instance, his plan meant taking ‘fight or flight’ literally. Soon after he had left the ground, the protodermis in his armor shifted it’s distribution to be more aerodynamic. Fins sprouted from various limbs to stabilize the engineer, and miniature jet engines materialized on each limb, with a large jetpack on his back. Despite the rush of fear, the satisfaction of success was visible in a smile on Knichou’s face for a brief moment. This time, the propulsion system built itself on time, and the engines fired up with a deep roar. The Nynrah Ghost moved his arms in front of him, positioning them so their force would push him upright to begin a proper landing. The force of the engines on his arms was much more than he expected, and instead of spinning himself upright, Knichou had begun an uncontrolled vertical spin. He tried to right himself but it was too late – the disoriented engineer slammed into the landing pad. In an instant the air bag had gone from a flat, squat cylinder to the shape miniature crater, the outer edges of which were now as high as a Toa. The room was deadly quiet for a moment – even the birds and insects within earshot had stopped chirping.’ ~~~ In the tapestry of diverse art on the face of the Kanohi, Knichou’s eyes were drawn to the secretive symbology of the Nynrah Ghosts one of the cheeks. The former Ghost then looked into the dead eyeholes of the face of the king who had given him shelter in his exile. No time to think! Turning the Kanohi around, Knichou pressed it against his face and felt the power of a demigod flow through him. ~~~ Keitara's breath caught in her throat. Hauling herself out of the water she barreled over as fast as her matoran frame could carry her. Flailing and wiggling her way into the squishy mass she called "Forgemaster? Forgemaaaaster! Kniiiii? You okay?" Keitara climbed atop the inflatable target to see Knichou laying motionless on his back. “Well that... could have been worse...” With a groan, the Ghost slowly began to lift his torso up into a seated position. “I think I need to recalibrate the thrust curves...” Kei nodded. "Yeah. The engines are taking too long to render, though they're looking great from where I was." The Ghost plopped herself down, pulled a flat device from a waterproof bag at her hip, and tapped a cylindrical metal sensor on irs back against Knichou's armor. A few seconds later a diagnostic report appeared on the scan tool, and she passed the tablet to her Forgemaster. "Welp, you're getting closer! If there's anything I can do to help, lemme know! My project's off for approval and you know that takes months if I'm lucky. So for the time being it looks like your apprentice has a free calendar. Maybe between us we can hammer out the kinks in the descent procedure, hmmmmm?" Knichou smiled and stood up. “Once we fine tune this enough, I’ll never have to be afraid of falling again.” ~~~ Knichou felt strange, as if someone else was thinking for him in the back of his mind. He knew what the metal of the hull could be be. Spears, spoons, fishing poles, interlocking bricks – things he had not even built before were clearly visible in all stages of creation at once, as if he had invented them himself long ago. The ex-Ghost knew this wasn’t the only thing this mask could do, he knew from the legends that it could build what he wanted. The Toa closed his eyes and envisioned what he knew he’d need to save Vulimai and Tekmo. He thought back to the memory of what he had made, and how he had made it, hoping that somehow that would somehow convince the Kanohi to grant his wish. The inflated crash pad. Bigger. Tall as a building. Scaled up thickness too so the ship doesn’t slice clean through. It will need to be in the path of this crashing ship... Unbeknownst to Knichou, a massive construct began shimmering into existence in the sea below. If anyone was watching, they would see patches of a large object glow out of nowhere and everywhere. They would see an obstruction and the ocean behind it, and the more one tried to focus on it the more out of focus it became. It was a blur of an object, the presence of which was felt, not observed, as it came into existence. Words and thoughts could not describe what it was. While that portion of reality was in flux, it merely was. There was no reason, no cause, no effect – the world moved on around the materializing construct as if it did not exist, and the object ignored all laws that Ko-Metruan philosophers had observed to exist. For a brief moment in time that confounded any who experienced it, the comically massive inflated bag both was and wasn’t there. Even the nature and shape of the object was in question throughout those few moments, as the neophyte master of creation unexpectedly and unintentionally refined his design. Then we’ll need something to get us to the shore – no point surviving the crash if they’ll be stuck on a floating coffin... For a mere instant, Knichou felt a sense of loss in his gut. The whispers in the back of his mind hushed even further, and Knichou felt a wave of exhaustion wash over his mind and body. Knichou opened his eyes as he almost lost balance, only to see a massive elongated hexagonal structure floating on the waves below. And was that… his apprentice sculpted into the top face of it like a dead empress? Sonuva- OOC: Ginormous floating coffin-shaped bouncy castle with a pharaoh-esque sculpture of a matoran Keitara on the top face is now right where the Wombat is going to crash land. Keitara bits provided by @TL01 NUVA
  13. The Stannis twist and orieus/inu backstory is clearly the coolest thing I've seen in a while
  14. IC: Knichou, Zakaz Airspace, Atop the Wombat Now Knichou was really frustrated. Arguing a machine was not something he enjoyed, and even though the last time he tried to talk his way around a Vahki was unsuccessful, he still had to give this a chance to as to not risk further delaying any negotiations. He knew he had to lead the Vahki to his conclusion logically, so the engineer took a second to gather his argument. "According to the chain of command, her command supersedes those of your captain. While her command was to cease hostilities and not specifically movement, the act of moving this ship back to Metru-Nui with unwilling prisoners aboard is still inherently a hostile acti-" Knichou was interrupted by the sound of the hull breaking behind him. He pulled the lightstone rifle from the hole and whirled around to see a massive glowing head roaring in rage. "What the Karz are you?"
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