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  1. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Elevator Nale sprinted ahead to call the elevator early, so the doors opened right when Knichou and Stannis got to them. "Go ahead and get in, I can hold them off if they get any closer. It'll cost me some goodwill with Metru-Nui law, but..." Knichou looked directly at Nale as her voice trailed off. "If you plan on leaving without being in chains I suggest you get to docking level 6 quickly -" The engineer entered the elevator and selected the floor his ship was docked in. "- if you aren't there before we're ready for takeoff, you're on your own." The glass doors of the capsule began to shut. "Thank you, Toa Vella," Knichou said before the elevator pod was sealed and started climbing upwards by the flow of the chute. Through the crystalline doors Knichou and Stannis could see the squads of Vahki crawling towards Nale. The only thing that wasn't stressful about this situation was the chirpy Le-Metruan tune playing in the background, just loud enough to mask the sound of rushing chute fluids pushing the pod. In a surprising move, Stannis addressed Knichou directly, the Toa turning to look at the matoran instead of whatever it was in the distance that Stannis tended to be in a staring contest with. ”Tell me, Knichou, how was Nynrah when you last saw it?” "Well, uh," Knichou stammered for a moment. Is now really the best time for small talk? Has this fossil already forgotten what kind of danger we're in? Knichou wondered for a split second. If Stannis was able to stare down a dark hunter, why is it that when he was in the elevator he appeared to be the uneasiest? Knichou wasn't sure, but he took his mind off of that to finish answering the question. "It's... been several centuries since I was in Nynrah, but the last time I was there it was beautiful as always. For all the rumors of what comes out of our forges, some true, some wildly exaggerated, the island itself is extremely pastoral. The beaches and cliffs and beautiful and the villages are big enough to have the sorts of common luxuries you may want but small enough to not consume the environment around them, unlike this metropolis." The Fe-Matoran took his lightstone rifle out of his backpack, taking the time to top off its magazine with two more lightstones. He made sure to turn on the attached laser sight while fidgeting with his weapon. "I suppose my equipment isn't the most subtle - I was a Nynrah Ghost, as you almost certainly suspected," Knichou continued. "Did you ever visit my home island in your travels?"
  2. Yeah when things go that far back it's hard to remember everything that has happened. Well, Nichou didn't do all too much immediately after the companions disbanded - at least, I think (I still need to do some review of those days). After Makuta was defeated and Arc 2 began, Nichou went to Po-Koro and befriended a kohlii player along the way, who unbeknownst to Nichou was actually a spy. After a bit of time in Po-Koro he went to Ko-Wahi to see the Massif and has been there ever since, building housing for refugees of Ko-Koro after it was captured by the makuta-worshipping types. When I put it like that it doesn't sound as long and as much as I thought it was but then again there's that 3-4 year time gap in the middle where I wasn't active on BZP.
  3. I gotta admit - this is a shocker to me, probably only topped by Franco's return given he was presumed dead for years. I'm glad more people are coming back but I never expected we'd be getting visits from those who started RPing when the forums came back in 2011 and stopped less than a year later. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining by any means - I love it when people come back, I'm just extremely surprised. You've missed quite a lot in the past almost 8 years. I can probably help recap some, since I went inactive in the RPG around 2014-15 and had to catch up to finally rejoin in 2018. Dece was the only character of yours that I remember interacting with - it'd be interesting to see what happened to him ever since Stannis's Companions disbanded (Which I don't think you were around for. The companions traveled a bit longer after you became inactive, until Stannis, Aurax, and Lepridan got drafted by Takua for big league plot stuff). Stannis (EW), Nichou (Me), and Lekua (Baltarc) are the only other former members of the companions that are still being RPed currently.
  4. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Undercity streets "Find what you were after?" Well, the toa had caught up to him. Good. He might need the escort, in case the Vahki knew what he was doing. They weren't out of danger yet. "I think so, but I'll have to check once I get back to my airship," Knichou replied, focused on manipulating the iStone. It looked like he was opening a panel on the side, or something. "My airship is docked a few levels above, we just need to take the chute there and we'll be able to get out of here. I'll explain what I know once we're in the clouds." After a few moments of tinkering, Knichou pulled out an iStone component and discreetly put that in his backpack, keeping the iStone in hand. The group continued to walk towards the transport hub where chutes led up to the docking towers. Almost there...
  5. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Undercity streets The female toa knelt down to his level. That move was rude in polite conversation, but clearly she was trying to be discreet, as she began to whisper. "What do you expect me to do? My plan was to get you two away from the scene, not do CSI on it." Knichou was going to offer a reply but cut himself off - she had a point. He also knew he needed to put his pride aside; the more time they spent arguing here the more the window of opportunity closed on them. The toa sighed. "Go get your thing, I'll make small talk with the Vahki. But once you're done," she lowered her voice, "we are getting out of here." "That, I can agree with," the Fe-Matoran replied, as he began to walk towards the body. Hopefully the toa could grab enough of it's attention that Knichou recovering 'his' property wouldn't be noticed, at least long enough for them to make a run for it. We just need to get to the docks and we're home free... Knichou knelt down in front of the body, taking care to keep himself between the body and the Rorzakh at all times so it would have difficulty observing his actions. The stench was overwhelming. Immediately Knichou noticed something strange - Nuparu's left hand was gripped tightly shut as if to protect or hide something. Knichou opened the hand to find a strange, small crystal. When he picked it up, Knichou felt a strange tingling sensation. Of course! A Ko-Metruan memory crystal. While Knichou has never used one before in his line of work, he had read about how Ko-Metruan scholars would use them to transfer and store their knowledge. Nuparu must have taken it out of his pocket in his last moments, but couldn't tell Knichou about it until it was too late. Knichou would have to investigate the crystal later, as he quickly patted down the bloody robes to find where Nuparu's iStone was. After reaching into his robe's pockets to pick up the device, Knichou the crystal into his backpack and began to walk away from the scene, assuming the two toa would follow. The elevator to the airship docks was just down the road and that was Knichou's ticket to freedom. Knichou still held the iStone, and while walking to the elevator he made sure to power it off. The last thing he needed was to get hunted down by any trackers that might be installed in the iStone of Metru Nui's chief engineer.
  6. It's always fun to start something fresh. The BZPRPG has a lot of history and balance but sometimes you want to stretch your legs for a little bit, give your alternate dimension characters guns and power armor and an airship, and go wild for a bit. I'm honestly surprised at the pace of things so far. Feels like 2011 all over again, in both good ways and bad ways.
  7. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets Well, that could have gone a lot worse. Of course the Vahki show up immediately after they can be any use, only to become another nuisance. Apparently the new toa vouching for them helped ease vahki tensions more than Knichou's off-the-cuff bluff, and that meant that now Knichou had an escort of sorts. The trio began to walk back towards the crime scene. Once out of earshot of the vahki, Knichou started talking. "As you might have suspected, this was no crime of passion or coincidence, this was an assassination. If we want to find out exactly why this happened I need to take a closer look at that body. I'm Knichou, an engineer. There's more to this situation but I can't talk about it now, I'll give you the full story somewhere less... public." The group was now coming up on the plaza where Nuparu's smoking corpse lay under a Vahki waiting for a cleanup crew. Several matoran passing by on their way to work slowed down in awe of the sight. Customers of the local pizzeria at the end of the block couldn't stand to finish their meals after what they'd seen and heard. The one good thing about the vahki presence was that it kept any other curious citizens from getting too close to the body, but that was a double edged sword. They'd need to get permission from the Vahki before Knichou could search for 'his' iStone. Ideally, the toa would be able to keep the Vahki distracted enough that it wasn't peering over the matoran's shoulders the entire time. "Alright Toa, can you two do the talking this time?" Knichou asked. The Fe-Matoran thought back to how the Po-Toa just stood silently during the entire almost-arrest. "Well, either of you, but probably you..." Knichou gestured to Nale. "... have more experience talking your way out of a Vahki problem.
  8. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Undercity Streets “Surrender, matoran. Violence is prohibited. Return to work functions.” Knichou stood up and slowly placed his lightstone rifle back in his backpack. He was glad that the Toa helped him fight off that strange beast, though unfortunately that meant that the dark hunter they were chasing must have escaped. It also wasn't quick enough to prevent the vahki from being a nuisance. Knichou knew that getting them to leave him alone would require being... diplomatic. Vahki negotiation required some somewhat strange tactics. "Sorry for the trouble officers, a dark hunter was preventing me from working efficiently," the Fe-Matoran began. "I signaled you with my equipment but this Toa of Stone was able to fight off the Dark Hunter for me. Your assistance is no longer required." There was some shouting from the crowd but Knichou ignored it - he was thinking of everything he could to talk his way out of this problem. Luckily another Toa joined the duo. Apparently she forgoed the traditional toa tool for a large rifle. Knichou could respect that. Hopefully she had some extra sway with the cops. "Stand down, Rorzakh units," she said pulling up beside Stannis, hand raised. "I can take care of this. I'll escort these two back to work duties, personally." "Yes I have urgent business to attend to - but in order to access my airship and continue work I need to get back to Nuparu's body - I left my iStone there when I began pursuit of the Dark Hunter, and without it, I'm locked out of my airship controls," Knichou lied.
  9. My personal theory is that dark hunters receive orders by iStone - just like in John Wick, when TSO has orders every assassin in the city gets an annoying text message on their flip phone equivalents.
  10. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Undercity Streets Knichou sprinted several meters behind the Toa of Stone. The matoran hadn't seen who took the shot, but he knew it wasn't this Toa (Why chase someone else with a spear if you have a face-melting laser gun?) and this Toa probably saw whoever was the perp. Knichou was still on his way but over his heavy breathing he heard the Toa begin to converse with the other being around the end of the block. "Hello. Dark Hunter, I presume?" Knichou was getting closer to the voices but he still had to concentrate to single them out from the noises of the city streets. "You presume correctly, Toa. I suppose this is the part where you demand my surrender?" So this is a dark hunter plot, Knichou thought while continuing to run towards the controntation. "No" Knichou switched the safety off his lightstone rifle as he was just a few meters away from the entrance to the alleyway Stannis and Vyarik were at. Almost there, time for some payba- Knichou's train of thought was rudely interrupted when a strange being barreled into him, sweeping him off his feet and sending him tumbling across the street. Knichou was too concentrated on what was going on up ahead he hadn't even considered that another dark hunter would attack him from behind. Apparently this dark hunter was trying to grapple Knichou, but grabbing someone at full sprint was not the easiest of maneuvers, and Knichou's inertia had a different plan. A shot echoed throughout the street. Knichou's lightstone rifle had prematurely fired during the fall - he was no combat veteran, and 'getting tackled by a dark hunter' was not something he spent time practicing at the firing range back home. A lightstone crackling bright with electricity flew up towards the ceiling of the cave structure, bursting against it into a colorful display of crystalline shards that slowly fell back to the streets. Well, at least that waste of a shot probably got the Vahki's attention. Knichou was dazed for a moment as he turned his head to see his foe. One ugly son of a muaka. Whatever this thing was, it wasn't any species Knichou had read about. All the more reason to let some poor archivist figure that out with an autopsy. Four shots left, better make them count. Knichou sat up, took aim with his lightstone rifle, and fired another shot at the strange beast.
  11. https://i.imgur.com/tHjwNpa.gifv Yikes, I don't think Knichou's going to want to get that pizza anytime soon...
  12. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Undercity Streets “If it’s not painful, could you tell me of the beauty of your island? I’ve heard the legends all matoran hear, of course, but what is it like to live in paradise?” the Onu-Matoran asked. "Well, a lot of those stories are slightly exaggera-" Knichou's sentence was cut short as he turned towards Nuparu to see his mask melt to slag in front of his eyes. For a brief second, Knichou felt the burning heat of the air between them and saw the intense glowing of Nuparu's mask. Knichou's Adaptive armor immediately reacted, increasing insulation and tinting the eyeholes of his mask to protect his eyes from the intensely bright flash. Knichou wished it hadn't. He wished the light had overwhelmed his senses and caused him to squint. Instead, he could only watch and listen as the matoran he just met liquefied in front of him. It may have only been a split-second but it felt like an eternity. There was no background, no big picture, only a thousand unforgettable details assaulting his senses at once. Nuparu's knee's buckled and his hand clenched on to Knichou's arm with a ferocious and desperate intensity. Knichou dropped to his knees to catch and support Nuparu. The two inventors locked eyes in horror as Nuparu struggled to breath his last words. "There's not enough time-" Then the Onu-Matoran's eyes cracked and burst into flames. His jaw opening to say the next word suddenly dropping fully. The grip Nuparu had on Knichou's arm, a split second ago as sharp as a muaka's bite, was now limp. His mask was no longer a bright purple, purple, only a white-orange glow distorted by the flowing haze of superheated air and the oozing smoke of vaporized paint and dirt. Through the intense tinting of Knichou's kakama's lenses, everything else looked like it was in darkness. The burning face etched itself forever in Knichou's memory. Knichou glanced at the engineer's heartlight. Dark. Nuparu was truly gone, after just a matter of moments. Knichou carefully lowered the engineer's smouldering corpse to the street, and stood up. His armor shifted back to normal, the insulation and tint no longer necessary. Well, his armor wasn't fully back to normal. Instead of white and grey, his armor now had spots of ash, soot and blood. His mask no longer purple, but purple with an uneven, misty coat of blood red, like if his kanohi was in a freak tie-dye accident. Knichou could do nothing to save Nuparu, but his murderer must be around somewhere. A Toa of stone rushed across the courtyard in the direction of the blast, spear in hand. Knichou took his lightstone rifle out of his backpack and sprinted some ways behind Stannis. Because his lightstone rifle charged its projectiles too slow to charge them effectively in combat, Knichou kept his lightstone rifle charged at all times, so the projectiles in the chamber and the magazine were visibly crackling with energy and glowing brighter than usual. While perhaps not the most subtle way of carrying it, his adaptive armor insulated the rifle from other objects in his backpack so it was safer and less awkward to carry that way in everyday settings. There's a reason dark hunters rarely use these - it's a lot harder to be stealthy when your gun is glowing the whole time.
  13. IC: Knichou, Nuparu's Workshop, Onu-Metru “I wonder as much." Wait, he isn't - "It’s all too conveniently timed" - sure of what it does - "This wasn’t originally my design. The Toa Mangai found it early on in the war, I was told. I was tasked with completing it, but…” - either? Knichou was surprised at this revelation - he presumed Nuparu's question was a test of Knichou's knowledge. Some way to ascertain how quickly Knichou could reverse-engineer what his invention did. But clearly Nuparu was struggling with the same questions Knichou had about this device's purpose. Perhaps it was still a test, but clearly nothing about this meeting was as simple as it seemed to be on first glance. “I’m not sure it’s in our interest to complete it. Lhikan said -” Knichou raised an eyebrow as the Onu-Matoran quickly pulled the emergency brakes on his train of thought. Lhikan said? Is that why Dume demoted Nuparu? The potential implications... “I’ve said too much. Thank you for looking it over. Maybe Turaga Dume will decide you’re worthy of picking up where I stopped. Look at me all out of sorts. Was there anything else you were wanting to ask me about?” Knichou was silent for a moment, the Fe-Matoran considering his next move while trying to keep his mind from theorizing too much about what he had just heard. Clearly there were many crucial details Nuparu did not want to reveal - perhaps if Knichou was able to gain more of Nuparu's trust, he would learn more. If Nuparu was just demoted, then that meant that Dume might send someone to repossess that device and any documents related to it - clearly it was one of a kind, and Dume was highly invested in its completion. Now might be Knichou's only chance to learn more from Nuparu before he was completely removed from the project. Perhaps being further away from the source of Nuparu's stress and regrets would make the Onu-Matoran inventor more less uneasy... "Well, there's a lot I'd like to discuss about how you were able to design the Vahki's speech systems, but I also haven't had anything to eat since I arrived at Onu-Metru. I saw this pizza place a few blocks away - from what I could tell it cooks it Po-Metru style. Prince Piakka? Pro Pekka? Papa Pedro's? I can't remember the name, but it sounded funny. Would you want to grab a bite to eat there and talk a bit more before I left?"
  14. IC: Knichou, Nuparu's Workshop, Onu-Metru Knichou was surprised to hear about Nuparu's demotion - clearly it either just happened, wasn't meant to be public yet, or both. It was unfortunate timing that Knichou did not find him sooner. The news of an Artahkan refugee ship was good - perhaps more of his former co-workers heeded his warnings and made it out like he did. Nuparu led Knichou to the back of his workshop, where a rather large and intricate prototype was left unfinished. Knichou paced around the device, examining the structure, looking for details like control panels, clusters of wiring, kitbashed parts from more well known equipment, anything that would give a basic idea of the machine's function. "On first impression, it looks like this device is meant to channel the power of multiple kanoka into... whatever is in the center of it. I could only guess as to why - depending on what kanoka you're using, there could be wildly different reactions. Maybe it's meant to be a teleporter? Perhaps it's for using regeneration disks to fix the target? Whatever purpose this device was required for is clearly tied to the disks it's meant to be used with..." Knichou's thoughts drifted to that annoying broadcast from earlier. "... this wouldn't have anything to do with Dume's message about searching for the great disks, would it?"
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