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  1. I thought that the gang was on the loose, there was nothing we could do, we could try to get an instrumental but why, we know we're gonna lose... ...But perhaps we can get a solid remix of the instrumental... good luck to those who try!
  2. Did bzp get hacked again? I can't believe it
  3. You have a great memory! I forgot that that saga had an ending with a cliffhanger like that, but it's all coming back to me now...
  4. IC: Quoribay sprinted through the warehouse and jumped down the trapdoor. He found himself in a new world of subterranean hallways - there looked to be several side rooms and turns - from this entrance the treasure he sought could be in any direction, hiding away in a multitude of storage closets. This situation was a textbook example of why he doesn't normally pull the "break-into-a-warehouse-that-is-already-being-broken-into-to-find-loot-you-don't-know-the-location-of" strategy. Unfortunately before Quoribay could decide which hallway he wanted to commit to, a large yellowish-orange skakdi sprinted around the corner. Quoribay didn't have a clue who Fyura was, but "angry running skakdi" was a universally understood introduction. Did someone see me enter? He didn't think anyone in the warehouse proper had been paying attention to him, given that they were too busy focusing on killing each other up there. It was way too soon for an alert to have been received down here, and if any remaining guards had seen him they would've just trapped him in the basement, not attack him while he's still at the only exit. Quoribay stood still underneath the manhole, hoping the skakdi just wanted to get topside and wasn't after him. There wasn't really a point in running away, the only ways to run would be to the battle above or through the maze he found himself in now. He took a step back from the trapdoor and called out to the skakdi that was rapidly approaching. "What happened down here? Is everything secure?" If he played the part of a dumbstruck guard well enough, he might be able to blend in and get more info on where any cash was cached.
  5. The real reason we're still on BZP is the friends we made along the way
  6. IC: Given the calm silence that permeated the chapel a mere minute before, Nichou was pleasantly surprised for a joke to be one of the first things Brykon said to him after introducing himself. Nichou chuckled at the toa's remark, a well-placed moment of levity after the few minutes of prayer and self-reflection of those in the chamber "Thank you, I'm glad to hear how much my work is helping them. I have much practice creating furniture, sculptures, and trinkets, but architecture is a skill I did not have much training in before now - the only work on buildings I did before I came here was when I helped during in the reconstruction of Onu-Koro after the rahkshi attack at the end of the war. I've learned a lot during my time here - by walking down the street I can see just how much my buildings have improved over time. Knowing the difference that each home makes in the lives of the refugees inspires me to make each home better than the last." "It's a shame they lost their original homes, but maybe one day Ko-Koro could be rebuilt. That's the true victory - even if an army is able to drive out the makuta-worshippers and mercenaries, the final way to defeat Makuta's destruction is to create - rebuilding and repopulating Ko-Koro. If such a thing is possible is the question all the akiri must be asking themselves." "How do you think this war with the new Ko-Koro will end?"
  7. In the latest update, there's a new item in the "create content" dropdown menu that is either broken or serves no purpose This button opens this dialog box. I've been looking into this on my own time, and it looks like there might be a feasible solution to this (At least, outside of any easier method there might be in the actual forum's software) because it looks like a decent amount (if not all) of the color problems is due to the CSS (In particular, the '(insertrandomstringhere)_framework.css' held a lot of the important ones IIRC) and if there was some javascript that changed the relevant hex colors in that .css file we could get pretty close to a dark theme even if the forums software doesn't have it supported. I'll need to do more testing myself to see how much I can change just by editing .css on a local copy when I have time for that over the weekend, but it might be that simple
  8. There's some duplication going on with the pop up sidebar - I think it's due to the way subcategories at the top of the normal browser page have a duplicat e within them (First picture) So that whenever that top bar gets replaced with a sidebar on a small screen width display, it converts the large "Support" tab as well as the smaller "Support" tab under it. This looks fine with the top navigation menu but with the sidebar is looks weird.
  9. IC: The first person to address Vrill was a kanohi-less matoran. At a glance, clearly this matoran had been involved in combat recently, but the lack of recognizable uniform or much weaponry suggested this matoran was either a someone who lost all their gear in the battle, a civilian, or someone trying to look like one. "Ko-Koro happened!" Vrill's mind raced as he listened to the matoran talk. Ko-Koro? o h n o "There was a battle, I mean there is a battle there, right now. Many Toa are trying to take it back, even the Maru are fighting!" Vrill continued to listen to the matoran. It sounded like this matoran was still trying to process for himself what in Mata Nui's name had happened in the past few hours. Maru?!? Did they find the hostages? "I was living in the city, a captive. When I heard the fighting, I made a run for it. I got caught up in the scuffle. One of the rogues even stole my Kanohi." Vrill kept silent, but his stare intensified as he thought of the multitude of disastrous outcomes that this Ko-Koro battle could have. His heart was still heavy with the mystery of how many of his comrades died on the initial attack, as well as some of those within his own unit that must have inevitably been "disappeared" by the Koro's mercenary goons. "I hope there's spare ones here... Could you help me find one? And maybe take me somewhere warmer?" Vrill extended an open hand towards the matoran, and in his palm a small heatstone materialized. "Take this. Stay warm. The guards here will take care of you," the toa of crystal responded. Leaving other toa to assist the Le-Toa (Vrill assumed the man who looked like someone who took a dumpster dive in Le-Koro would make her feel more at home) Vrill then moved to check on the last passenger - some strange looking female toa strapped into a seat... with a parakuka on her back? Vrill knew all too well how dangerous anything with a parakuka was. This pilot and matoran were lucky that this toa was unconscious during their flight... a panicked transformation in flight could have been the end to them all. "We have a parakuka here! Be careful!" OOC: That's Soraph as that last passenger
  10. IC: A fresh glass of ale slid across the bar to the silent toa of crystal, who responded with a courteous nod in the bartender's direction. Vrill took a sip while he stared at the newcomer entering the gates. This new toa seemed rather embarrassed at the disheveled appearance of his armor, as he not-so-subtly shifted his clothing around to look less like he left his equipment in a mahi pen for a week. Looks like this guy hasn't seen a koro in a lon- Vrill's train of thought was derailed by the telltale screeching of a... kahu? The bird's strained calls turned out not to be, as Vrill initially theorized, a sign that he had been drinking too much, but instead the noises of a real kahu. A real kahu that apparently held more people than recommended by Le-Koronan air traffic safety standards, one of whom immediately performed an emergency dismount with the finesse of a matoran after having a bit too much Salamander's. In his months in Ihu-Koro, Vrill had never seen an entrance quite like that. Time to investigate... The toa used his powers to seal his glass (Never let good ale go to waste!) and fused that glass to the crystalline outer layer of his armor, before jogging out of the bar and towards the gate. Some guardsmen were approaching the scene, while a few others sprinted inside the koro to get a doctor. Once Vrill got to the landing site, he was able to get a closer look at that toa from earlier - his armor was mostly made of wood, practically rotten at this point, with enough dents and scrapes in it that it looked a failed experiment at training a rahkshi to be a carpenter. While this toa looked like he literally lived under a rock, he did jump at the first chance to help a stranger out, so perhaps his heart wasn't as rotten as his armor... ...Although, I'd bet almost any cold-blooded killer on the island would rush to the aid of a swooning Le-Toa who looked like that... Vrill was no doctor, so he left treating wounds to the professionals that would arrive any minute, and turned to the others who arrived on the Gukko - who each looked like they took a beating just as bad, with too many blood stains within that crew to tell who was bleeding or who was trying to stop it. "Who are all of you and what caused this to happen?"
  11. Hey, looks like blogs work! Mission accomplished
  12. Yeah this will take some getting used to... Hopefully broken things get fixed... Those 2011 dataclysm flashbacks are stronger with this new flashier look after a while of waiting...
  13. The GMs have been taking care to craft a great transition to the BZPRPG's next arc. A lot of people are involved in making the main plot's arc conclude, and this creates a situation where the amount of people needed for some events (The ko-koro fight, the matoran told to go to kini nui, the infernavika's travel to ko, etc.) means that things can be easily held up for a long period of time by one or two people, and it isn't immediately clear often times who needs to post next when a lot of characters are involved. Combine that with the responsibilities of players like school, family, and work, and things take a while. I'm sure that once the next arc begins, we'll all have some breathing room to start crafting more new player-led stories again but right now I feel that a lot of people are waiting for this epic endgame before creating any new huge plotlines, especially depending on how the events unfolding in the arc's conclusion change the game world.
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