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  1. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku In the Taku's cargo bay, Exuze responded to whoever was complaining. "Cap'n's orders, ma'am, we don't want this van to slide away." ~~~ Knichou blinked, eyes shifting between Triage and Nale. "Wait... what?" Knichou was going to say more but Arnex's voice came over the bridge's intercom. "Captain, the vehicle is secure." "I'll worry about this later, we're running out of time as is," Knichou said to Nale and Triage. He stopped what he was doing and swiveled his chair so he would be facing the Taku's controls. He pressed a button on the armrest and his voice began transmitting throughout the entire ship. "Okay everybody, you're going to want to hang on to something, we're taking off." He grabbed the controls, throttling the levitation engines to maximum and shifting the collective backwards. The passengers would hear more muffled clanging as the ship began to rise and tilt upwards at a sharp thirty degree angle. Once the ship was in this position and rising, Knichou put the main engines on full thrust, and the Taku began rising as fast as it could, propelled upwards by both the levitation disks and the exhaust from the chute engines at the rear of the airship.
  2. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku "Wait, what?" ~~~ Having aligned the crane with the center of the Van's roof, Arnex lowered it fully until the crane magnetically attached to the vehicle. A moment later the arms of the claw lowered and magnetized as well. Arnex carefully used the crane controls to raise the vehicle slowly up inside the Taku, then moved it laterally until the van was hovering over the floor of the cargo bay. Exuze and Suhaku were on the lower deck, giving Arnex hand signals as she slowly lowered the vehicle in place. Once it was on the ground, Suhaku began attaching cables to the floor in front of the van, then flew above it to attach the other ends of those cables to the floor behind the van. Hopefully that would be enough to prevent it from sliding out the back of the ship when they took off.
  3. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku Knichou gave Kat a nod. As much as he hoped to capture the airships, he knew in his gut that Kathrine would need to blaze a path through those ships. The captain then looked at Skorm and the person he just identified as Irna. "Both of you go, and stick together. No less than two on a ship, you'll need to watch each others' backs. Let me worry about getting both of you aboard." He looked around the room. The time for talk was over. The enemy ships would be upon the village any minute, the time for action drew near. In his heart, Knichou did not know if he was ready. His stomach was struggling under the weight of the responsibility of the lives of those in the room with him and all those huddling in the village nearby. He turned to Berys, who has been patiently watching the proceedings as the engine idled. "Alright, Berys, we're gonna need to gain alti-" Knichou was interrupted by Triage bursting into the room. "Captain, we have a van situation," An eyebrow was raised as Knichou stopped mid sentence. Triage continued before Knichou could fully parse the previous statement and respond. "I've got a vehicle out here that needs to come aboard, my friends are in it. Mega's group." So she really is sticking with her word on staying around for the fight, Knichou thought. He was glad Triage had made it back. Knichou hoped he didn't need Triage for what was about to happen. While Triage's statement was confusing, there wasn't enough time to question what the Karz was going on; Knichou needed to get in the air, and fast. He pressed a button on his wrist, and his voice boomed throughout the ship. "Arnex we've got a vehicle nearby, grab it and bring it up aboard, be careful for passengers. Exuze and Suhaku, be ready to bolt it down, as soon as it's in we're pulling maneuvers." The Onu-Matoran adjusted her posture in the seat of the crane controls. Looking at the cameras from the crane, she quickly saw the strange van underneath the ship that hadn't been there earlier. It would be a difficult grab, but she maneuvered the tool over the center of the vehicle, and went down for a grab.
  4. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku "It's...quite the plan... but whatever we do next, you know how I feel, Knichou. I trust your judgement." A slight smile grew on Knichou's otherwise deadly serious face at Nale's words. It was relieving to that his most trusted advisor on board thought his crazy plan was just crazy enough to work, but not too crazy. Knichou nodded at Ulkarr. "Good, you can flood their pilots with shadow we get closer, then. Until then, we can relay on Keitara's light powers and the dusk around us to hopefully prevent us from being seen." The ex-Ghost then turned to look at Skorm with a curious expression as he learned Skorm was a League deserter. "Good idea. You can lead one of the boarding parties when we get there." As soon as Keitara said she would need to get on the outside of the ship to cloak the Taku, Knichou pressed a series of buttons on his gauntlet, and the circular hatch on the roof of the bridge unlocked and opened. Before she could leave, Knichou spoke up to caution her. "Don't go yet... you can climb on top once we level off, Keitara. We're going to do an... unconventional take off here shortly."
  5. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku "Don't worry about the plan being perfect, we'll have to make do with what we can come up with quickly since this timing was such a surprise. As far as what to do on the ships - do what you think is best when you get on board. As long as we are preventing them from firing on Metru-Koro - be it by destroying it, disabling weapons and critical systems, or incapacitating their crews - we're saving lives. If you think you can capture the vessel mostly intact, that would be ideal, but reality won't be ideal - we don't know how strong their crew or internal systems will be, so you'll have to adapt and use whatever tactics fit best for taking that ship out of the fight." "For boarding, I have my armor's flight, and Kat has shown herself to use her powers well for surviving a fall, but perhaps for the rest of you, Nale could use her magnetism to give you a less risky landing? I don't think we'd have time to prepare any equipment, we've wasted enough time as it is. Either way, we can worry about the details of that when we get close enough - because that depends on how close we can get. That's where I see you and Ulkarr being critical to my plan." "For the best chance of this plan working, we need to get directly above their ships, preferably without them noticing and taking evasive action. Kei, do you think you know your powers well enough to bend the light around the Taku to mask our approach? Ulkarr, could you use your powers of shadow to plunge the command decks of the enemy airships in darkness to further keep our approach undetected?"
  6. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku "Pridak has an army, Kat. More than enough to crew a few airships. This is nothing compared to the fleets at the height of the war."
  7. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku Knichou responded first to Keitara's original question - he was well versed in airship mechanics by now and a factual answer was the easiest to get across first. "Airships use levitation and weight increase kanoka, sometimes distributed evenly throughout the hull, sometimes in clusters called 'levitation engines' like on the Taku. Most airships will have a supply of spare disks somewhere on board too. If you can't capture the bridge of the ship, you can always cause havoc by disabling the machinery connecting it to the bridge, or by manually causing the disks inside to misfire against the hull. Disabling the ship's weapons will also work for that, since that forces them to retreat. But obviously, the more ships we can capture without destroying, the better, since we can use their guns to destroy the rest and take them back to Metru-Koro to be use for defense in the future." After taking a short breath to recover from that technical rambling, Knichou addressed Nale's concerns. "Even if we aren't killing the crew - every crew member trying to fend us off is one less crew member firing at Jorak, the Taku, or Metru-Koro. It's definitely dangerous, but going hand to hand lets us disable those ships without destroying them and potentially killing all those inside." "As for your question, Kei, we have a cargo crane in the back, and I can create anything metal we'd need. We also have our own backup supply of levitation and weight increase disks. I don't know if I like where you're going with this, though... if we keep the Taku close to them they'll just fire on us, and I don't think we could withstand that damage for long. If we're all on their ships, they can't risk firing their best weapons at us out of fear of harming their allies, and they'll be too busy fighting hand to hand to fire them anyways - it completely nullifies their weaponry advantage, and depending on the size of the crew we can outnumber and overwhelm them."
  8. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku Knichou was relieved when Vulimai confirmed that Keitara may have been right to assume this apparent League traitor was an ally - the Toa of iron was always overly cautious about that sort of thing. As soon as Nale finished speaking, he turned to respond to Vulimai. "So what do you need my ship's radio for? You can contact your inside man already. None of this changes the fact that this is our best opportunity to strike and get a decisive victory. Even if you convince them to retreat, they'll just return once they have consolidated their armies even more. Jorak turned this from a last stand into a battle we can win. We have one allied ship that can put up a fight, all we need to do is - wait." He stopped mid sentence as the pieces fell in place and the outline of a decent tactic emerged from the clutter of Knichou's mind. Everyone in the room waited in either anticipation or confusion. "Nale. That's perfect, I could -" Knichou held his tongue before completing that sentence, already racing off to his next thought. "I think I know what we need to do. What's the League's advantage in this fight?" Knichou did not wait someone to answer his rhetorical question. "They have more airships, and those airships have more cannons. How can we turn their advantage against them? Jorak already showed us how!" Knichou looked around at the assorted team, searching their faces to see if this plan was as crazy as it seemed. To Knichou, it was just crazy enough that it might work. "The Taku may not have weaponry, but we have all of you..." Knichou gestured to the assorted beings in front of him. "We don't need to get you on board our allied ship, Keitara. We need to get all of us aboard as many of their ships as possible. If we can take out the crew or sabotage each from the inside, we can not only win this battle, but give Metru-Koro an actual fleet to defend itself with so Pridak will think twice before trying to attack the matoran here again."
  9. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku Knichou looked at Keitara with a confused expression. "I... don't follow. You're not suggesting you should go to - we don't even know for sure that that other ship is on our side yet! It could be Ehlek trying to pull one over on Pridak for all we know!"
  10. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku More beings filtered up to the bridge. Kat was already shown to be ready to fight, Knichou could count on her to go along with whatever plan he thought up. Skorm was an unknown element to Knichou, but he appeared to be patiently awaiting orders as well. From where the Toa entered, Knichou presumed this was one of Kei's allies, hopefully he could be trusted. The matoran spoke up in response to Knichou. Guard Captain, huh? Knichou payed close attention to the matoran's words. Apparently there were four enemy ships total, with one betraying the other three? This was a surprise to Knichou, but a welcome one. A four-versus-one suicide mission had just become a three-versus-one-versus-one brawl. The battle was now winnable, but only with careful maneuvering and decisive actions. The Taku needed to get in the fight before the League's backstabber was annihilated, when there was maximum chaos to conceal the Taku's approach. He nodded in agreement with Nale's assessment, then turned to answer Vulimai. "The time for diplomacy has passed, what are you trying to accomplish by contacting their traitor? He chose his fate, nothing will stop that fight, and using the radio over an open channel would only bring more attention to us. The only way we can help is by getting to those ships before they are finished fighting with one another." As soon as he had countered Vulimai's proposition, Knichou went back to tallying up the manpower gathered in the room. Light, fire, magnetism, iron, shadow, lizard. Maybe this newcomer was another of iron or magnetism? This could work...
  11. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku As Vulimai climbed up the rope ladder to enter the cargo bay, Exuze and Suhaku directed her to the bridge on the upper deck, assuming she was another volunteer. Vulimai arrived to see Knichou mumbling to himself in the captain's chair, Nale standing tense nearby, and Keitara emerging from the crew quarters attached to the left side of the bridge. Knichou's eyes darted between the three warriors in front of him as his mind continued to race. Knichou addressed Keitara's question first as he stroked his chin in thought. "Keitara, glad you made it aboard. Orders? Depends on what people I have to work with here, and what we're up against. Speaking of who's here that can fight..." Knichou turned and pointed to Vulimai. "Who the Karz are you?"
  12. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro North Gate, Bridge of the Taku As the rest of the crew hurried to their positions, Nale was the first to reach the bridge. Knichou cringed slightly at her initial comment. Blasting off on her?!? Flyboy?!? I'm never going to get rid of this nickname, am I? His wincing abated as she shifted to speaking of the more urgent matter at hand. "Yeah, they're early, and they know this is the only airship defending and it has no weaponry. As far as our plan..." Knichou took a seat in the captain's chair and spun himself around to face the open door to the bridge where Nale stood. He placed his hands together and rested his chin on them as he thought out loud. "If I was Pridak, I wouldn't send infantry - he knows from the observations this morning that we have reinforced walls manned with guards, but no meaningful air defense. He also clearly wanted the element of surprise, which almost certainly means using a fast force of air power or light armor instead of trying to ship large amounts of infantry or artillery over the moat..." Knichou frowned as he continued to speak, his mind racing while the analysis continued. "He has surprise, numbers, and firepower on his side... we need to mitigate those advantages and amortize our disadvantages if we want to win. As I see things now... we only have one advantage for certain." Knichou's eyes peeled away from the void to shoot Nale a concerned look. "We have nowhere to retreat, no hope of peaceful surrender. We have nothing to lose. They are fighting for their king, but we are fighting to survive, and there is no greater motivation than that."
  13. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, North Gate Knichou only slowed down when he neared the gate and could see the Taku. Nale stopped soon beside him. Before he responded to her question, he made sure to glance around to ensure nobody was nearby. "He - he gave me the... mask of creation. I was going to ask for it, but clearly he already knew nothing could be held back to defend the Matoran. As for what I'm going to do with it? I can only hope it's something that isn't stupid." Not giving Nale time to ask more questions, Knichou began running again, this time at a more reasonable speed, towards the front of the Taku. When he was still halfway out, the Toa of iron leapt into the air, causing an eruption of sand. Bright flames spurted out of a jetpack that materialized on his back as the Toa gracefully flew in an arc to land on top of the bridge with a loud clang that startled those inside. He opened the hatch and dropped into the room, closing it behind him. He turned to Berys. "Rig for silent running - shut off all lights, divert all available power to kanoka and thrusters. Leave the cargo bay doors open. Keep radar on, I wanna know where these ####### are coming from. Be ready for immediate liftoff on my orders." The Toa of Iron pressed a button on his armor to connect his voice to the Taku's intercom. His voice echoed throughout the ship. "Arnex keep on that crane, Exuze and Suhaku, make sure everything back there is strapped in. Karai, keep on those engines. Whoever else is aboard the ship, get up to the bridge ASAP, I need to know what I have to work with here."
  14. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut The Toa of iron stood up, as shocked as the others in the room at the sound of the horn. Was this the League's assault, a day early? While Knichou hadn't exactly expected any honor among the god-killers, a wave of doubt rolled over him as he wondered if he should have been rushing to speak with the Turaga instead of waiting his turn for a meeting. He wouldn't have time to finish talking with Sans, for Sans to give him the resources to give the Taku weaponry before the battle, and not enough time to ask Sans about the - Knichou blinked as the Turaga took the mask of creation out from a hidden sack. He refocused to listen to the Turaga's words. The stunned engineer nodded at Sans's promise, mouth too numb to verbalize his agreement. His hands were shaking as he felt the smooth surface of the Kanohi against his fingers. The mask of Artakha, the man who had given him shelter in his exile. The man who ruled the second island Knichou had been too much of a coward to defend from the League. Artahka, the master of creation, lord of the most plentiful and beautiful realm of the matoran, a man with untold, legendary power, who was murdered by the hand of the Barraki. Knichou had trouble believing it until he saw the mask for himself. As Knichou watched Sans leave the hut, his widened eyes turned to Nale. He looked down at the mask in his hands, then back to the Toa of Magnetism. He opened his mouth wordlessly as he placed the mask inside his liquid metal backpack. A large gulp later, he spoke. "Taku. Now." Then he was gone, a puff of dust and sand following in his wake as the Toa of iron sped off towards his ship with his Kakama.
  15. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Inside Sans's Hut As the Turaga finished his introduction, Knichou sat down on a couch in front of the Turaga's desk. While his heart may have wanted Nale to sit by his side, her presence in the back of the room was still reassuring. A steady guardian watching over the negotiations and preventing any interruptions. When Sans finished, Knichou realized he wasn't quite sure where to begin - there was a lot on the Toa's mind and the order in which Knichou presented his requests would be important in easing Sans into Knichou's larger requests. The Toa was surprised to hear Sans say he needed Knichou - this might be easier than Knichou originally thought it would be. "Well, there are a few reasons. First, some context; I just returned from Po-Koro, where my crew and I helped deliver supplies, fend off an attack by marauding native skakdi, and care for the wounded. I left for Po-Koro after staring down the League airship that brought those ambassadors earlier today. Both these experiences have made me realize just how unprepared my ship is for these circumstances." Knichou leaned forward in his seat and looked Sans in the eye. His voice was as serious as it had ever been. "You're right - you need me and my ship to help defend Metru-Koro, especially given the threat of a League attack tomorrow. My ship is the only piece of air power even remotely allied with the matoran here, while Pridak has as many airships from his army as survived the crash, as well as all the resources of Metru Nui to repair and build more vehicles of warfare. So you need me, but I can't do this for free, and I need this village's support. I need it in all areas - weapons, personnel, and materiel aid. Without that we can't hope to defend Metru-Koro and the other refugee settlements from the threats all around us. Will you give us what we need?" Knichou expected this rather reasonable request to be received well by the Turaga, but he wanted to ensure an agreement on this before he made his next point, so he stopped there. OOC: @Azibo
  16. IC: Taku Crew, Metru-Koro North Gate, The Taku In the bridge of the Taku, Berys was spinning around in the co-pilot's chair, bored. The Le-Matoran was not a fan of waiting around for his captain to get business taken care of on the surface. Cap said he just wanted to talk to one guy, right? What was taking him so long? The crew on board had long since finished any equipment checks that were needed, and Berys really wished there was a radio station like in Metru-Nui so he could at least listen to music while slacking off. The only things transmitting over the airwaves of Zakaz were intermittent bursts of traffic occasionally breaking up the static rumbling voice of the universe.
  17. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut Seeing two beings leave the Turaga's hut, Knichou decided to finally enter, with Nale following right behind him. Hopefully the Turaga would be receptive to what Knichou was going to ask for. "Hello Sans. I've come to discuss several things, many of which are urgent." The Toa of Iron paused, waiting for a reply before he would continue. OOC: @Azibo
  18. Well, that's a shame. Very sudden announcement, I'm... surprised and confused. Good luck out there.
  19. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut "We're parked outside the North gate, it'll be hard to miss. As far as allies go - anyone who is willing and able to fight can come aboard. Depending on how the League attacks, we'll be able to drop them off quickly to the part of the front that needs them the most, so the more we have, the more people can exploit the positioning advantage my ship will give them."
  20. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut Knichou shifted his grip to Keitara's hand and helped her rise, as the Fe-Toa stood up himself. He was unsure what to say - Keitara was recovering from her catatonic state, but Knichou didn't know how much she really remembered, or how to even tell how much she remembered. At the very least, Keitara believed him, which was good. Whether she would still trust him after he told her more about her past, Knichou could not guess. "I... I don't know. I still need to talk to Sans, but I should be heading to my ship when that's done. Whenever you're ready, you can join me there, along with any of your friends who are willing to join us in the upcoming battle. By then I'll have a plan for that, I'm sure of it. Once we're there we can talk about our upcoming plans... and I can say a bit more about what you don't remember."
  21. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut The Toa of iron flinched as Keitara gripped his hand. He wasn't sure what to do, he just knew that leaving would definitely make the situation worse, while staying only had a chance of making everything worse. He was still trying to wrap his head around how Keitara had survived, if she had even died in the first place as all the casualty reports said, or what experiments might have been performed on Keitara that would have caused this. Nale's comment was definitely not helping Knichou's stress level any. Of course she had to adopt Mega's nickname. I should never have brought that up... "Kei... are you okay?" Knichou asked. It had an obvious answer, but Knichou mainly wanted to ensure Keitara could hear and respond to him. He wasn't a doctor by any means - Where the karz is Triage when I need him? - but knowing the patient could understand was probably a good first step when dealing with the aftermath of what Knichou could only assume was a brain injury. Whether it was from experimentation by other Ghosts, directly from her death, or a side effect of whatever resurrection process was used, something clearly was wrong in Keitara's mind. She wasn't the same person Knichou knew, and even then, Knichou hadn't seen or spoken with her since the incident, which felt like a lifetime ago now.
  22. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut The Fe-Toa watch the confused Toa of light crumple in front of him in more ways than one. He felt shame. Shame for failing Keitara, just like he had failed her in the past. That shame was amplified once Whisper began to speak. The tentacle monster was right. In his rush to speed past discussing his past failures, Knichou had broken Keitara. Of course he broke someone's spirit, the one thing in the universe that even Artakha himself couldn't figure out how to fix. The ex-Ghost got down on one knee and carefully reached out with one hand to steady Keitara's trembling shoulder. "It was my fault. You never deserved what happened. I should have reached out before the war came. I should have been there. I don't know how, but you're alive, and we can make things right now, even if you don't remember everything. Do you understand?"
  23. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut Knichou really didn't want to have to explain everything to Keitara right now, but she was right that Knichou might be the only person who knew her past, and that convinced Knichou to divulge further details. Knichou took a few moments to plan out his words - while this wasn't exactly a secret, Knichou didn't want to reveal too much, because that would lead to further questions that might lead to things that Knichou definitely didn't want to talk about, let alone in the presence of so many others. He looked at the dirt, and began to speak. "Keitara... I was a Nynrah Ghost, and you were my apprentice. You died defending our home island from the League, at least... that's what I heard. It's... more complicated than that, but now might not be the best time to talk about it the details." Knichou was no longer looking at the ground, finally beginning to give eye contact again. "I really need to speak with Sans. I own the only major airship here, the Taku - it's at the North gate right now. Once I'm done talking to Sans, we can talk more about this there."
  24. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut "Don't strain yourself if you can't remember. I don't know exactly what's wrong with you, I wish I did..." Knichou struggled to think of what to say. "We... were friends. That's all you need to know for now," Knichou spoke with a firmness to that statement that he could never truly believe. He had often wondered if she forgave him for the accident, or if she saw or was forced to see things the way the tribunal did.
  25. IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut Knichou shivered for a moment as Keitara tried to steady him by placing a hand on his shoulder. "Y-Yes. You being alive is good. Just... paradoxical..." He lifted his head to look Keitara in the eyes. "Do you really not remember anything? Does the name Knichou mean nothing to you?"
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