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  1. IC: Dorian stood between Praggos, Skyra, and her new plushie, spinning his train whistle in his right palm. He looked like he was trying to come up with ways to do tricks with it. "I probably shouldn't be walking into a gun store," he mused out loud. "I'll meet you guys at Sentinel headquarters. Buy me something pretty, Sky, you know what I like. Praggos, you hungry? I'm buying." -Tyler
  2. IC: I want to hit this wall until something scarlet comes out of ears I don't bloody well know if it will be mine or his His heel clicked against the icy floor impatiently, synchronized with bored, scornful bounces of the side of his face against the perch of wall he was slouched against. Look at that pose. He made Reordin sick. Leaning forward, fingers steepled, going on and on about all the work it had taken to groom his Toa team, the old nonce. "Well, if only the Rahkshi had waited to attack them until they proved themselves to you," the Toa Maru of Ice drawled. "Personally, I don't like the idea of a race of Toa capable of excavating our minds, either, but then I'm not big on your perverse little gremlin either. But Ga-Koro has played host to their initial expedition for months, and Leah's sent regular correspondence. Every letter speaks glowingly of them. They might be high-strung, but they're honorable. No different from the people you were hired to defend here." Sarcasm dripped from his tone. "If Leah vouches for the aliens, that's a start. Enough for me, at least." OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @The UltimoScorp @Visaru -Tyler
  3. IC: They could make drifting off seem so simple. Dor had once been possessed of that same skill - the ability to drift off anywhere, anytime, in order to recuperate. He wasn't sure where exactly his sleep had gone away. He had only really noticed its absence, and tried to fill the void by singing to himself. Like a child did, for protection. Another sunny afternoon, walking to the sound of my favorite tune... Quietly, though, so as to not wake up Krayn. He looked younger when he slept. God he could breed me. -Tyler
  4. IC: Yumi's sudden departure left her younger sister momentarily despondent; for most of the morning they had been so close, cuddling and sharing jokes at Masa's sardonic expense, that letting her sister go now felt like one step forward in their troubled relationship and five steps back. She wanted to follow Yumi like a puppy, content once again to act like her sister's handmaiden as long as she could remain part of Yumi's sunny corner of the sky, before the obvious truth hit her. Her sister would always be a slave to her own wanderlust, and would never be content to stay onboard the Panda or Yukanna and await a brainstorm on how to retake Sado. No, Yumi planned on going and exploring. She likely expected Des to do the same. She wasn't being punished by her sister, she was being liberated by the Rora; she wasn't being abandoned yet again by her family, far from home. For the second time in her life - and the first time any Chojo had ever set foot on a foreign land - Umbraline Desdemona was being left unsupervised. I'm gonna meet a handsome boy! I'm gonna go meet a beautiful girl? I'm going to make new friends! Eat weird fruits! Drink weird stuff! She stood up proudly, drawing herself to a tall, willowy height that now seemed regal instead of spindly, took her first step towards her new, popular phase-- "Wuu-wuaaaaagh!" --and her foot caught on Yumi's discarded blanket. "##### ##### #####!" she yelped in panic, trying to regain her balance as her long limbs flailed, but it was her faithful best friend who caught her. Thanking Zuto Nui for Masa's Arthron, she drew herself back up to her full height and dusted off her shoulders. With a bit more balance this time, she lifted the foot currently draped in the scarlet blanket and placed it back onto the couch, neatly folded over once, before turning back to Masa with a look equal parts grateful and suspicious. "...What are you, Masa?" "Blind, my Chojo." Masayoshi's mouth tightened in mock obedience, but her hand tightened around Desde's shoulder with just enough pressure to make the glass-boned Umbraline princess squeak. "Great." She threw up an awkward, simpering thumbs up at her sworn sword. Masa lifted one back. "Glad we're on the same page, Masa." On her way up the stairs, she heard her uncle's assistant snicker. Thankfully, she was much more coordinated as she crossed Yukanna's deck and hopped onto the docks of Ga-Koro; suddenly, she was no longer the stick insect Desde, but Umbraline Desdemona, exotic princess on the prowl for action! ... Where do I find the cool people? That was one of Yumi's skills, not hers. Oh no. Oh no! She wandered deeper into the Koro, looking for something that screamed cool. OOC: Do you scream cool? Come be friends with Sado's favorite imouto! IC: "I can show you girls where to wrestle dirt worms!" Whitehot chimed in, perhaps ignorant of the broader context of Daijuno's earlier distress or Sinshi's pointed line of questioning. "Do you have any embarrassing baby Sinshi stories?" -Tyler
  5. IC: Jasik gave Kilanya a curious look as she spoke. It was hard for him to even remember the woman she had been before Yusanora's assassination had upset their lives. Surely they must have met at functions before, galas or diplomatic functions. Yomiken had probably considered Kilanya a prime candidate for marriage at one point. Had they even met, shared a dance perhaps, during the Chiisai Ryuu's announcement party? Jasik couldn't remember; the details of that night had largely blurred in his brain right now, resurfacing only in occasional, unwelcome dreams. Her markedly neutral pronunciation of support towards the Empire, with little mention made of the Dastana's secession, must have been a similar shock to them at the time, right? Had she always been so full of surprises, a maverick at heart? "Our troops are at their best," he responded, full of confidence as ever. Once it may have been dismissed as the easy confidence of the young and rich and proud, the kind Kulrik had trafficked in despite his idiocy, but he had fought with the Soulswords and Mindarms of Iki for months and knew the measure of almost all of them, down to the individual level. He spoke of them with a battle commander's pride. "And I don't doubt you can hold, Kilanya. But our bodies are tricky things. Most people never bother to take care of them. First Sons, especially." He remembered telling Masayoshi the same thing, dragging Inokio's own bloodied husk in his wake as he presented the Executor's assistant with her best, most detestable lead yet. He bit back a laugh, remembering the look on her blind face as she realized what was thudding down the stairs behind him. "And in the end, it's our bodies that kill us. Most of the time they creep up on us to do it. Just keep an eye on it. So I don't have to." -Tyler
  6. IC: IN arms ZZZZ name WE sac RI fice IN arms ZZZZ name WE sac RI fice-- Deuandra's gaze tilted over to the ovuk-taht puffing necromancer, currently slouched over her shoulder with her sharp chin nearly thrust into the chemist's collar. Vana found herself down here more than anyone, even Khy;Barr's lord, to the point where Deuandra had accepted her presence as a fact of life. Whether that was enough to qualify her as a "best friend" was something that "Dee" was dubious of, but Vana certainly seemed to think so. "It won't stop glowing," she deadpanned, turning her attention from the face inches from her own to her work again. It was hard to hear Vana, or her own voice, over the buzzing of the hornets in her skull-box, but that just meant that her latest attempt at cooking was leveling out. "Do you need a re-up, Vana?" -Tyler
  7. IC: "Oh, no," one of the Marines groaned. Her partner beside her remained silent, but Gelna had been stationed on the mainland for most of her career, and had intimate dealings with the crew of the Infernavika - so the Sand Toa's face, handsome though it may have been, raised memories of inane interrogations and endless, bombastic proclamations of love and joy. Even if she could no longer place the name as well as that of Captain Lohkar, or his first mate and rival Raknar, she found it hard to forget a face. "Nice jump," she drawled, clearly not paid enough to deal with an ex-pirate today. "But I'm not letting you any closer to my walls." -Tyler
  8. IC: For all his irreverence and skepticism in the face of the Toa Kalta, when confronted with the Akiri even Reordin Maru gave the Onu-Matoran a salute. Tarkahn had been fairly chosen, no matter Reo's disdain for politics or even voting, and was due the same deference as Ambages, Matoro, and Nuju before them. The Sanctum Guard ran deep in his blood, a fact that had earned him Korzaa's trust and respect over years of shared disdain, and in the face of an authority figure he actually accepted the Toa Maru of Ice was still capable of respectful decorum. For a moment. When his salute dropped, arm flopping to the side as limply as any corpse, Reo found a lone patch in the office where he was comfortable. The floor was unfettered with any of Tarkahn's junk or half-constructed equipment, and no weapons or adornment hung against the wall to impede his trademark, affected slouch. It reminded Reo uncomfortably of the abandoned, scorch-marked shop that the Piraka had left behind in their madcap escape from Ko-Koro. Some of the tech he had requisitioned there had undoubtedly helped his home Koro advance, and Tarkahn would certainly know more what to do with it than him, but still... He wished he had a cigarette. Occasionally he found two fingers drawn to his lips, pursing around an imaginary smoke, and though there was a certain comfort in going through such motions it was hard to replace the actual feeling. It was another freedom Takua had found glee in taking away from him. He smiled ruefully. "I live but to serve you, my liege," he drawled. -Tyler
  9. IC: "I guess sometimes the world can be beautiful, too." -Tyler
  10. IC: "I don't know what to tell you, babe. Start a band. Start killing people. Buy another coat and do detective work, brooding in the rain. I don't know. But the second you walk in there and admit that you have no other options, they'll have you by the spine. They'll never let go." The Toa of Iron peeked up from his whistle, gaze mostly hidden behind a scarf caked in dust and two drawn-up knees. He watched Krayn rub his shoulder with veiled sympathy, cocking his head at the older Toa's pained motion. "The Sentinels are an institution. They work in the same ways as the Gukko Force, they'll frustrate you the same ways, and in the end they all fail you. They fail in the same places at the worst times. I watched them fail to stop Utu and me. I watched them fail to do a thing to take down Bad Company, whether I helped or not - and I watched them fail Tuara. You might think you're alone, but you, as you are--" he flicked Skyra's knee to illustrate that she fit his point too "--you're just free agents. Unless you go to work for Po-Koro - which is not the place you remember, so don't think you're fighting to bring it back. You won't be cashing checks for Tillian Juturna or Naona. You're going to be working for an army, without any of your friends, for an Akiri you barely know. And the same people who wanted a meathead Kolhii player like Hewkii to turn a recluse, make him think he could burn half the island? The ones who can take down six Turaga in the same day and sink Xa-Koro into the sea? There are a lot more out there. They're richer than before, cruel as ever, and Akiri still listen to them. I barely trust Jaller, but the rest?" Dorian bit his lip for a moment and shook his head. "Ambages' money went into a lot of pockets and won him a lot of favors, even beyond the grave. I know it's not the way you see the world. I wish I could see it the way you do for a change. But that's how institutions really keep the lights on. Working you to death is just a bonus." Dorian bit his lip for a moment and continued. "Listen to me. You, my beautiful, frown-lined king, are a goddamn Aggressor. You stole back Onewa. You chased the Mark Bearers longer, further, harder than anyone. When Ko-Koro needed help, you went because you had to. Badge, no badge - no one can take that away from you. And no one can take you off that ship without killing everything it stands for. If they say a badge is the price of admission, then they might as well rename the ship and send it off to fight pirates again. Because wherever you're standing, to me, is Aggressors HQ. If I really didn't think so..." he trailed off for a moment, eyes still feverish from loss. Perhaps Dor had realized he had begun rambling again, like he had on the Fowadi. Like he had so many times before in the presence of the Aggressors. "...I would've just kept walking, baby." Dorian tugged down his scarf to reveal a smile as fragile as blown glass, a throat that gulped as he finished talking, and teeth that grazed his bottom lip and clung there as they looked at Krayn Inzaka. "I spent my life fighting for awful things because they gave me a home," he whispered, smile trembling at the corners. "Trust me. You regret it when you die." He winked. -Tyler
  11. banned. banned. banned. banned. banned banned banned baNNED BANNED Max is a rock star and without him this would have been a lesser experience, and I'm excited to get to invite more of you on as these podcasts go on throughout the arc to chat and chime in on The Discourse. A special thanks to Krayzikk for guest starring in this first one. -Tyler
  12. IC: Dorian's eyes weren't on Skyra as she had her romantic panic attack, though; he was still staring at the whistle in his lap resolutely, with only the tops of his eyes trained upon one of the Toa in the opposing seats. Most of the looks he had shot that Toa over the years had been flirtatious in nature, or at least appreciative; now the determination not to be embarrassed by his gift had shed, replaced by determination of a friend's motives. "You're not really getting talked into the Sentinels, are you?" he asked Krayn, eyes flicking over to Dehkaz before shifting his attention back to the former Gukko Force lieutenant. -Tyler
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