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    Super Smash Bros Brawl, PM me your friend code. I also like the Legend of Zelda Series. I also like Bionicle, of course! My favorite character is Kopaka. He is awesome. I also enjoy the Legend of Zelda game Twilight Princess. <br />Intrests: Eragon Book series. Linkin Park. Metroid Prime Three Corruption. Running around and killing imaginary people with machine guns and torches and diamond swords. Becoming future mass- muderer. Commiting homocide... Loading... Nintendo. my BOOK! Atmosphir (check that out!). Food is the second most important thing in my life. Most important is friends/family. Metallica. Video game music. Cheese. <br />Obssesions: Wii. Rotary Blasters. Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Transformers movies. Pie. Pasta. Age of Mythology. Chicken. Cake. Ice Cream. Meow. Cats. Lamps. Getting Rick Roll'd (That happens a lot to me!). My Mocs. My friends Mocs. Chicken. Cauliflower. Apples. WiiMote drawing. Killing lots of imaginary people with machine guns and torches and diamond swords and rotary blasters. <br />Bye bye. Hope I don't think you are imginary and kill you.<br /><br />Dazi<br />Master of Sonic<br />Shming! (means "your face")

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  1. .:XI1X-9IOO:.

    New Name.

    Yes, yes, it is cheesy... Speaking of a new name, I changed mine too! (In celebration, of course...)
  2. Now... Mesonak FTW!!!! AKA Mesonak.
  3. And I am planning at BeInGz tHez nOobIshz PeOplez ThAtz wEz wIllz bEz fOrz thEz rEstz oFz timez aNDz SPACEz OHz YESz NOOBZZ AREz AWESUMZ lOlZ yaYz!!111!!11!11!11111!1!!! ... ... Also, Mesonak, thats cool that you are doing that. Its awesome. How do you actually do it? Or am I and noob? lOLz yAYz!1!!!!111!11!!1!!! Is it a special program or something? ... ... Also, cheese is yummy.
  4. lol Yes you did forget me. xD Anyway, Im having an awesome day too!! Hooray for awesome days!!
  5. That was cool. Calypso's powers were awesome!! Also, Rahkshiking reminds me me of Ghor for some reason. Ghor has the plasma beam and stuff... And Ghor has a shield generator that is turned off on his back. 0.o Good work!!
  6. Loved this. The battle scenes were well thought out, and well written. Frostfreeze is also a cool name too. Go Levacius and good work Mesonak! I'm on my toes for more! :D Also, I think this is your 100th entry!
  7. iM iN uR bAcKyArD, wAtChInG u WaTcHiNg mE wAtChInG u WaTcHiNg mE wAtChInG u SpRiTe uR sPrItEs. ... dOeS tHaT mAkE sEnSe?!?1?
  8. .:XI1X-9IOO:.

    Name Change!

    Pure Awesomeness. Best name ever! (Well of course I'm gong to say its awesome I came up with the main words)
  9. I don't think its out anywhere

  10. It's taking WAY too long for the mto release the New Play Control! Metroid Prime over here.

  11. Welcome to BZPower!

  12. Why is everyone using the emoticon??
  13. I like it! (Thank you for saying I'm awesome)
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